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Weekend Bits And Favorites: All Things Relaxation

Tea in cup with orange peels. Woman sharing her relaxing drink in weekend bits and favorites
Weekend Bits And Favorites: All Things Relaxation 

Can you believe we are already on the first day of  March? Thank goodness it has fallen on a Friday because I am ready to share my weekend bits and a few of my favorites with you guys. 
This time I am planning to stop drop and roll into a full weekend of relaxation. I am not talking about having a spa day at all. I want to focus on getting some real rest and sleep from the hustle and bustle this past week. 
So, I am sharing a few things that will help jump start my weekend at about 5 pm this evening. So, grab a pen and paper because I have a list of tips and tricks that you can use yourself as well.

The first thing I plan on doing is turning my phone off for the remainder of this weekend. My body and my mind are saying to stop girl and take care of yourself.

For the past two weeks, someone in my house has had either a cold, tummy ache or backache. 
Everyone except me, so that meant, I've been the on-call nurse, nanny, housekeeper, and cook.

Not that I get a break from those things anyway. But these last few days have been double the work with my family feeling all under the weather.
I have officially made it to Fri-Yay Friday, and I have started on my plans already. 
Below is a list of things just in case some of you may want to try to relax. You know us ladies have to stick together.
Tea on counter. Bedtime Bliss tea by lipton and orange peels on the side. Woman sharing all the ingredients needed to relax on weekend bits and favorites

I can't speak for anyone else, but when I am exhausted, I love grabbing a cup of hot tea. When it comes to buying herbal teas, I am not afraid to invest in the best I can get my hands on. For the most part Trader, Joe's and Whole Foods have some of the best choices. 
A few days ago I stumbled across a good one by Lipton, and I have to share it with you guys.
Let me start by saying I have a love and hate relationship with Lipton teas. I used to drink them, but the flavors were not coming through as of late.
So I stopped buying them for a while. 
Recently my oldest daughter bought home a new one called Bedtime Bliss which means bedtime happy.
The box says embrace your sweetest dreams and brightest mornings with Chamomile, mint and orange peels.
What! That sounds fancy.
After reading all of that, I was ready to make a big cup full. I have to say I did add raw honey, nutmeg, and a few orange slices. Within about 20 minutes I was knocked out sleep and snoring. 
Hands down this tea gave me a sense of calm and relaxation. Not to mention the flavor was delicious. Please let me know if you try it for yourself?
Bedtime Bliss is now a  part of my bits and favorites, and now it is a part of all the things I will be using to relax.
When it comes to rest this weekend, I am pulling out all the bells and whistles. There will be no cooking by me for no reason. Don't worry I have a good survival plan in motion. Yesterday I grabbed all the snacks I can survive on for the next two days.
I will have blueberry yogurt, granola bars, and bottled water. I usually make smoothies, but I have opted for the ready-made ones so I can drink and sleep. I know that sound lazy but hey doing nothing is the plan for me this Saturday and Sunday. 
Don't worry I will emerge from my room long enough to eat. Which will consist of the pizza I will be ordering on one day and the shrimp platter my hubby will pick up the next day. Yes, my plans are bulletproof. :}

One A Day Vitamins. Woman sharing her women"s gummies in weekend bits and favorites. Haul
Since everyone has been a little sick around me even those that are at my workplace. I have pulled out my stash of vitamins to help combat my health and immune system. I also grabbed myself some fresh orange juice and a box of emergency powder. Although I am not sick at the moment, I also know I need to take care of myself because I have been helping those around me who have been ill. And we all know when mama gets sick she has to keep going. So, taking the time to get in a little rest is what this Mama Dr. has prescribed. :) Who's with me?
Image: Melatonin, on kitchen counter. Woman using in her weekend bits and favorites to relax

I sometimes know when I get a moment of quietness. I tend to do everything else besides sleep or rest. So, I have my melatonin pills on stand by. You know just in case I can't get the proper shut-eye needed. 
Image: Nail Polish, Polish Remover, Clear Polish. Woman using in her spa day to relax
When I do emerge from my room, I will be doing my own self-care mani and pedicure at home. I decided not to waste my one of my days off sitting at another salon waiting on services. I spent at least two hours in Walmart and Target picking up everything I wanted to use on my feet and nails. 

For my toes, I picked up a pumice and foot scrub, along with a moisturizer for the back of my heels.
For my nails, I opted to polish them black instead of applying my usual false nails. 
Last but not least I grabbed a bag of mint bath soak so I can take a hot bath for at least 30 minutes.

A few other things I am adding to my long extended weekend is Netflix, a few movies and maybe a simple glass of wine if needed.

In conclusion: When it comes to getting rest and relaxation I've discovered, I have to intentionally make the time that I need. With so much going on in real life it is hard to find my own personal balance. Being in mommy, wifey and work mode all the time can be exhausting and overwhelming. 
So, taking care of my personal well- being has to be a top priority. And it must be one that requires no interruptions or distractions from outside things.

You know making time for yourself is just as important as taking care of those you love.

A few more tips and hacks:)

  • Plan a quick day or two to relax
  • Pick up your favorite snacks that are all yours
  • Make time to take a long bath or shower
  • Tell your family you need time alone to rest 
  • Resting will help you recharge 
  • Play a little soft music
  • Close all the curtains or blinds in your room
  • Turn off phone or place on airplane mode
  • Tune out any negativity
  • Drink lots of fluids
  • Get fresh air if needed
  • Try to add relaxing for 24 hours at least bi-weekly
  • Remember it's ok to put yourself and your health first

Life is it short not to take care of our body, mind, and soul. So cheers to a relaxing weekend or day by any means necessary.

How do you take care of YOU?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo tangie


  1. I absolutely love tea, so to hear about this blissful sleep one is interesting! I really wanna see how it works out because getting a good nights rest is very important

    1. I agree I love it with a bit of fruit and honey.
      xo tangie

  2. I take care of myself by making sure I take one weekend out of the month to make sure that I cater to myself! Oh and I also looooove my sleep and I find that is the best way to rejuvenate myself!

    1. Yes, you know i am finally taking my weekends back. :) It is so important
      xo tangie


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