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Weekend DIY: Making Spring Earrings + Tips And Hacks To Selling Anywhere

Image: Woman making earrings and sharing her tips and hacks to selling anywhere
Weekend DIY: Making Spring Earrings + Tips And Hacks To Selling Anywhere

What a wonderful weekend I've had this weekend. Yes, I got a little extra rest, but I also squeezed in a bit of time to make some Spring DIY earrings.
Since I needed to wear pink today, I decided to make myself a pair of mix-matched earrings.
But I couldn't make one set I ended up making two pair, and only one was my favorite.

For the most part, I love spring, but I am not ready for all the flowers and pastel colors. I seriously tried to incorporate those textures and prints into my accessories. No matter how I tried, I felt it wasn't for me at all.
But that doesn't take away the fact that most people love to wear all the colors of Spring, even those at my job. All this month, my coworkers and I will be wearing something that pertains to having Spring vibes. Although it is not required to participate, I thought it would be unfriendly not to, so I've decided to make something for my ears. The reason being so I can still wear my black attire, and I think pink accessories look better on me than wearing a full out of colors.

Let me know below if you plan to wear any flowers or bright colors this season?

So, let's jump right on into the making of my choices in my earring selection. You guys know I am into making quick and simple things that anyone can make in 10 minutes or less. So, this post is no exception to that rule.

I love going into the craft store and finding things that are easy to put together. The best part is no one will have the same thing when I make it myself.

So, it was a no brainer for me when I saw the blank slate tiny key rings. I knew I had to grab them for two reasons.
#1: It was going to be easy to remove the snap locks off the ends
#2: I know that the eclectic style and the two different pieces will be a conversation piece at work

Image: Woman adding earring hook to earrings to make DIY project at home

So I grabbed a pair and removed the ends on both pieces. Then I opened the jump ring and placed one earring hook at the end. 

I do not think it can get any simpler than that, and I think I may love them after all.

Image: Beads, charms and needle nose pliers. To make jewelry and earrings at home
 I was only going to make myself one thing, but I can never do that. I saw before leaving the store that iron orchid had a few cute earrings already hanging. Just in case you guys didn't know the craft store sell, don't just sell things to make just for DIYs. 

You can now find an array of items that have already complete for purchase. Every time I go into a craft store, I find cute necklaces and unique earrings. 

I love it when I can do a remake or restyle on something that is already complete, and that is what I did to this small pair of earrings.
I keep a lot of loose beads and charms in a stash in my closet. Because I never know when I am going to need them. This weekend proved me right; I was able to grab a few a place onto a pair of iron orchid silver flat earrings.

It is effortless when it comes to adding pieces to a piece of jewelry that I want to add a little spice too.

Image: Adding beads and charms to make earrings at home. Plus hacks and tips to selling them online
 First, I laid out all the pieces I wanted to use on my project. I tried the beads first, but I think I needed to use smaller beads because the medium beads were a bit too heavy.
Imge: Diy Tips and hacks at home. Beads and charms being placed on earrings for a stylish look
So, I opted to add only one charm, and it turned out to be the cutest little thing I ever put together.

Image: Woman showing the complete design of making her own earrings at home

Although it was not a big deal, by adding a small trinket to my earrings, it then changed the way it looked. Yes, it took the style from basic to where did you get those earrings. I am always happy to tell them I made them.

Besides, I do not think it can get any easier than that at all. Moreover, this technique can be done on any style of hoop earrings.
So, the next time you are in your nearest craft store, go ahead and pick up a few beads, and whatnots that can make something unique and creative.

Image: The complete look of making earrings. Items used jump rings, earring hooks and needle nose pliers
Last but not least, this DIY may seem a bit simple and a little corny. But I've attended crafting events and have seen these type styles selling for no less than 20 dollars. It's not about how small something is or how many trinkets are on the item. It is more about time and packaging that plays a big part into someone charging a modest fee,
Honestly, small earrings to me sell faster and quicker than a large piece of jewelry. 

A Few Tips And DIY Hacks
  • DIY's can be sold online and at craft stores
  • Small items can be sold at a more significant price sometimes. 
  • It is possible to make a profit off your work on Etsy, square space, Amazon, and more.
  • Adding trinkets and beads could increase the sale of an item.
  • It takes no experience or know-how to sell items at the flea market, craft shows, and to family and friends.
  • Making jewelry can be a great side hustle when taken seriously
  • Make it yourself jewelry is unique to the buyer.
  • You can find your style and tweak it.
  • It is cost-effective to make things yourself.
  • With the internet being so broad, selling online is easier now than ever.

Last but not least, I made my own jewelry pieces are fun, and I love creating from time to time. So, when I am bored or just want to make something unique. I always find joy in making my own jewelry pieces to wear for myself. 

Go ahead and make something creative?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

Stay tuned; something will be unveiling in about 16 more days. It's happening in March, and I am excited about it. Thanks for stopping by:)


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