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Gotta Start Enjoying Life Before It Withers Away

Image: Popcorn at the movies picture taken by Tangie Bell for blogpost on Bits and Babbles. Popcorn was Orvile Redenbacher
Gotta Start Enjoying Life Before It Withers Away

So, it is officially Spring, and I am upset about all the soggy rain and humid weather at the moment. Ok, that sentence may be a bit dramatic, but I am coping with my feelings to the best of my knowledge. (insert laughing emoji right here). Besides the rain and thunderstorms every day, I just saw on the news that we may be getting 340 hours of more rain over the next 10 days. What! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? 

4 Ingredients: I Use To Remove City Pollution, Bacteria, And Dirt From My Skin

Image: Tangie Bell showing all the items she will be using to do a at home diy mask
4 Ingredients: I Use To Remove City Pollution, Bacteria, And Dirt From My Skin
 Working on my skin has become my top priority and trust me when I say it has been a learning experience. Since being in my late forties, I can no longer use the same skincare I used when I was in my twenties. Yep, I was that person who thought I was going to keep my same youthful skin forever. Although my face has changed, I now need a more gentle and fragrance-free skin care regimen.
Over the years, I have been dealing with eczema, so I am always looking for a little relief besides taking and using steroid creams.

Quick OOTD: Styling Myself Happy And Sharing It With You!

Image: Woman (Tangie Bell is sharing her Outfit Of The Day and how she styled it for Easter Sunday
Quick OOTD: Styling Myself Happy And Sharing It With You!
A quick peeks into my babbling style.
Lately, I've been loving going into my closet and restyling my old clothes. Yep, life is funny like that sometimes. So, this Sunday I wanted to wear a new outfit I bought just for Easter. But, when I woke up at 5am, I decided to dress down and wear what I wore last year. My sudden urge to dress a bit comfy came when I got up to get dressed. I knew we were going to sunrise service, and I really did not want to dress up at all.
Ok, honestly, I bought a floral dress, and I was dreading putting it on.
I planned to be in a top hat, stocking, and heels. Yes, I was dressing quite dramatic for morning service. When it was time to get dressed for the day, I felt drained, so I literally threw that floral dress back into my closet and grabbed my black and white dress. 
I was dressed in 10 minutes flat, with tights underneath, earrings, big purse, and Tom shoes.
My mood instantly changed, and I was super happy with my outfit of choice. Although I pulled out an old dress, I spruced it up with a few new pieces I made at home and purchased from Wal Mart.
 Can we just take a moment to look at this big weekend handbag I snagged from Wally World the other day? I am head over heels in love, and I knew it would pair well with my style for Sunday service.  I can never go wrong with popping on a black purse with my favorite dress. 

Image: Tangie Bell sharing deets on making DIY earrings and Finger Rings

As for jewelry, I wore a pair of  DIY earrings I made myself. Click Here To Make Yourself Some
A ring I made, and you can see both those on my Youtube channel and my watch came from Hobby Lobby. Click Here To Make Finger Rings
My tights, black and white dress is from Target.

Image: Tangie Bell sharing her shoes, and quick OOTD
To complete my look, I put on my black Tom Ford shoes. After putting all the pieces together this morning, I felt happy. Because I wore what I wanted, and I took very little time getting ready today.

After church, I went outside and played with my girls, took pictures, and I wasn't worried about what I was wearing. Over the last few months, my style has changed again. In the sense of wanting to look cute but comfortable with a bit of chill. Yes, putting on new clothes can make a woman feel amazing, but dressing up and feeling good no matter what I am wearing is pure happiness to me. I love clothes don't get me wrong, but when it becomes a chore I am dreading, I will pass. 

The moral of the story is: Dress yourself Happy. Yep, it's really that simple. I support a woman who can wear what she wants how many times she wants.

It ain't no expiration date on nothing we do or wear:)

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

Would you wear my chosen outfit for the day?

A Little Sassy Earring Lookbook In A Video!

Image: Woman Tangie Bell sharing her earring lookbook with viewers. How to make them with just an earring hook.

I can not express the many ways and funky styles that can be made with junk pieces and a hook. Yes, I am always speechless at the crazy stuff I find to put an ear hook on and call it an earring. 
The other day I was bored, so I decided to film myself adding hoops to trinkets and to my amazement I made some really cool things.

Trying A New Funky Style: WalMart Accessories: Handbags, Shoes, Earrings & Try On

Image: Tangie Bell showing off all the things she purchased from WalMart. She is doing a haul and tryon . Yellow shoes, handbag and sunglasses
Trying A New Funky Style: WalMart Accessories: Handbags, Shoes, Earrings & Try-On  

Oh my goodness, today has been the best day ever! I have been looking for a few more pieces to add to my spring wardrobe and WalMart came through, I can't believe it. No, seriously, I am one who uses my trips to Wally-world as a means of getting underwear, groceries, and household toiletries.
Am I the only one? :)

Weekend Bits And Favorites: My Most Worn Accessories This Week: Mature Style

Image: Woman shopping at thrift store for more jewelry and accessories
I can never figure out what I am doing day to- day. (insert laughter right here). But I will always know what accessories I will be wearing on a weekly bases. Seriously, I am obsessed with mixing old pieces of jewelry with new items I find from any store, or I will make it myself. If I am not creating something from a DIY, I am browsing the local stores, markets, and thrift venues looking for unique pieces of jewelry.

Friday Look: Yellow Mellow, Polka Dot Scarf & Flat Tennis Shoes

Image: Tangie Bell sharing her yellow outfit of the day on bits and babbles blog.
Another weird pick from my babbling style!
Oh, good morning, Friday, so glad to be here. Today is nothing short of dressing downright casual for work. Yes, today will be all about being relaxed, comfortable, yet chic, and relaxed. Can we talk about this yellow dress that was actually a big blob of fabric that I grabbed from the thrift store?

How I Push The Reset Button On A Daily Bases

Image: Yellow Flower on table with oatmeal and coffee. Woman sharing how she resets her life on a daily bases seen first on bits and babbles blog

When it comes to hitting the reset button in my life. I find it difficult most times because I want to do the same thing day in and day out. I really do feel out of place when I get off my daily, weekly or monthly schedule. As of late, I think I've found a new approach to this thing we call life and living. Seriously, I have learned a method of dealing with all situations and issues that arise. Most, importantly the lessons I am learning are more valuable now in life than when I was younger, and I didn't know how to start something over without cracking and losing sleep over things that I had no control over anyway. 
One thing I now know is life has to have a plan, and without one I find myself coasting and living in the land of the unknown. Today I will be sharing a few bits and tips from my journal that has helped me hit that reset button every day.

Image: Oatmeal and coffee on table.

  • If I need to start something over. I just do it without questioning myself. There are no time limits when it comes to correcting what is necessary for life.
  • I make a list of everything I want to get accomplished in my week, but I leave room for those unforeseen things.
  • I've cleared my plate from doing so many things at one time. 
  • I just added another day to my week of adding more veggies and fruits to my diet
  • Started a new workout routine. The last one was getting bored, and I wasn't feeling happy with doing it the way I was doing it.
  • I schedule a day with my kids and a day that is just for myself. 
  • I've deleted all negative things and started following positive people who are going in the direction I would like to go.
  • Lately, when I miss the mark on doing something off my schedule, I make sure to tell myself its ok, and I can reset this day.
  • I am focusing on the joys at the moment such as good health, a job, a place to live, husband and happy kids.
  • If my plans fail, I can hit that reset button. It is ok to start over as many times as needed.
The start over button is not a one size fits all. Starting over is a lifestyle, and it has to be tailored to the way a person wants to live. That is why I am ok with getting up and starting my day with new lessons and opportunities to do better every day. 

Last but not least, life is simple, or at least I am looking at it that way. When things happen, we have to find a new way of getting back in the race. 

Today is Monday what do you need to start over?

No matter what it is just get up and do it!

Since writing more in my notebook, I see things in my life that I can improve in on a daily bases.

The best part is I can do it and so can YOU:)

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

This Is What I Eat Twice A Week To Poop, Fart, And Release Bloating: Video Included

Image: A woman holding a bowl of prunes, raisins , cucumbers , and oranges. She is showing what she eats to poop, fart and release bloating. Seen first on Bits and babbles Blog written by Tangie Bell

Let's talk about poop, farts, and bloating. Yes, I need to do all those three things to keep my digestive system churning. But to be honest, the older I become, I am not having a functional bowel passing at all. I know most people will think it's because of bad eating habits.

Weekend Bits And Favorites: Monday Motivation

Image: Tadin Tea. Woman sharing her weekend bits and favorites on bits and babbles blog. Today In The Life
Hey, guys, it's been a while since I've shared a few of my weekend bits and favorites. So, today I thought it would a good time to pop in and share a few things. Yall know I love to babble, but I will keep this post short and semi-sweet. :)
Recently, I've been trying to lay low on coffee, and it has been an absolute struggle. But my daughter bought me some Tadin lemongrass tea, and I have been sipping away. Now it doesn't take the place of my vanilla bean hot or cold coffee. But it has been my go-to drink to relax and unwind in the evenings.
I know it is a herbal tea, but I have not tried it long enough to give any health benefits from using it. As for the taste I love it, and it has a pleasant lemon and earthy aroma smell that is soothing when drinking and  I only added honey to mine for a light sweet taste. Let me know if you've tried Tadin before?

Image: Yellow earrings . Woman buying and sharing on her bits and babbles blog
Over the weekend I had a chance to hang with my family at the local market. My intentions were only to walk around and sightsee for fun. But, I couldn't resist shopping and buying things I really did want and need. I love unique jewelry, but when I saw these pom earrings, I had to have them. I know what you are thinking, I could have made these. But, I am supporting the locals and putting money back into the economy. Ok, and I hope that justifies why I was spending That is what I told my husband. 
But, all jokes aside it does feel good to buy from another talented artist. Trust me I know the struggle when trying to sell something, so I love to buy. Besides, it really does warm my heart.

Image: Mascara by Maybelline. Woman sharing her bits from the weekend
One thing I purchased this weekend is a new mascara. I am trying to get away from wearing my lashes so much throughout the week. So, I am trying the bold black great lash by Maybelline. I have not used it yet, but I will do a full try- on and review in a later post. 
I may pick up a few more so I can see which one gives me the most volume. So stay tuned for that also. Let me know of any good mascaras you recommend?
Image: Bracelets: Woman sharing how she made them herself on bits and babbles blog by Tangie Bell

Also, my weekend was very chill, I went to Sunday service with the fam. Later that evening I made myself a new set of arm candy bracelets. If you want to see how I make them click here  Arm Candy Bracelets

Image: Eyelashes, Woman sharing how she cleans her eyelashes at home

Image: Woman cleans her eyelashes and shares on her blog post at bits and babbles written by Tangie Bell

Last but not least I took the time to do a full facial on my face. Then I cleaned my old eyelashes and stored them away for later use. It is effortless to wash them by using a flat paper towel, q-tip, and alcohol. Yes, you can apply make-up remover or mineral water. But, I do not like to waste my product, and the rubbing alcohol does it just fine. Although I am trying a new mascara, I will never depart totally from my lashes. #scoutshonor

Well, there you have it my weekend and a few bits in between. How was your weekend my friends? Leave comments I love talking to you guys.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie Bell