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4 Ingredients: I Use To Remove City Pollution, Bacteria, And Dirt From My Skin

Image: Tangie Bell showing all the items she will be using to do a at home diy mask
4 Ingredients: I Use To Remove City Pollution, Bacteria, And Dirt From My Skin
 Working on my skin has become my top priority and trust me when I say it has been a learning experience. Since being in my late forties, I can no longer use the same skincare I used when I was in my twenties. Yep, I was that person who thought I was going to keep my same youthful skin forever. Although my face has changed, I now need a more gentle and fragrance-free skin care regimen.
Over the years, I have been dealing with eczema, so I am always looking for a little relief besides taking and using steroid creams.

It took me some time to figure out by trial and error what works for me as my skin has been changing.
I have become addicted to mixing homemade mask when I cannot use my regular store-bought skincare.
Image: Woman showing all the ingredients used to do a mask at home in the kitchen. Aztec clay, egg,honey, water,plastic bowl, plastic spoon and mixer
 This week I needed a deep pore and tissue cleansing from all the city pollution, bacteria, and dirt that has accumulated on my face. I knew I needed a deeper cleanse because using regular wash was only making my face feel clammy. It's not that my skin wash wasn't working, it just means I needed a deeper pore to cleanse. 
 So, after leaving the gym, I came home and grabbed all the things I already have in my kitchen. I am using Aztec Clay, Honey, Egg, and Water. I do use apple cider vinegar because it opens my pores and I am allergic to it. But most people use Aztec clay and apple cider.

The benefits of the 4 ingredients I use:

Aztec Clay: Good for wrinkles, acne, removing pollution and dirt from pores.
Eggs: Tightens the skin and it has a fatty acid that moisturizes the skin
Honey: Moisturizes also and gives a natural glow
Water: All natural no impurities at all

 Items needed: Plastic bowl, plastic spoon, whipper, egg, clay, honey, and water. Now let's make our mask
I use one to two tablespoons of my mixture, mix in all ingredients, including water until nice and smooth.

Image: Tangie Bell showing how she does a mask for clear skin at home
I apply onto my face and leave on no longer than 15 minutes. Anything longer could cause slight redness. So, keep that in mind when applying. That goes for any mask used.

Image: Tangie Bell sharing her secrets to aging skin and how she masks at home

Image: Tangie Bell sharig her skin xsecrets
 Rinse through to unveil your beautiful, tighten, and super clean skin. Follow up with a good moisturizer.

There you have it my effortless skincare mask secret. Let me know if you try it?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

I got my Aztec Clay from Whole Foods.

xo Tangie