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Friday Look: Yellow Mellow, Polka Dot Scarf & Flat Tennis Shoes

Image: Tangie Bell sharing her yellow outfit of the day on bits and babbles blog.
Oh good morning Friday, so glad to be here. Today is nothing short of dressing downright casual for work. Yes, today will be all about being, relaxed, comfortable yet chic and casual. Can we talk about this yellow dress that was actually a big blob of fabric that I grabbed from the thrift store?

I am no seamstress, but I surely saw a little bit of vision in how I could rock it for a no dress up day. Since spring is here and I know its all about those bold prints and colors. In which I may add it is not my favorite season. But I do not want to be left out in the cold not looking somewhat on trend. 
So, I decided to pull out a few of my last year pieces and add with a few thrifts pieces. I see no need to spend a lot of money on clothes that will only last less than twelve weeks. Yep, I am stingy like that (ok I mean I am an excellent budgeter when it comes to buying clothes). No need to spend all my coins. ijs:)

Image: Woman sharing her outfit and style details on her blog to inspire and motivate other women of a certain age over 40
When it comes to dressing down, I love grabbing a scarf to tie around my neck and around my hair.
Image: Woman (Tangie Bell) is sharing and showing off her outfit and style tips to inspire and motivate women over 40

Yes, a girl can never have too many headwraps that can be versatile and look stylish at any given moment. I scored these little baddies from Amazon, and I love them more than I love all the many other ones I own.
Am I the only one who wears their favorite piece of clothing over and over again? I hope not because restyling is what's up and I love it. Gotta save those coins 
Image( Woman Tangie Bell aharing how she styles her yellow dress, scarf and converse shoes. As a way to inspire and motivate women over 40

Last but not least I know I may be late on the tennis shoe game, but my daughters talked me into buying a pair of the Converse tennis shoes the previous year? And I couldn't be happier because they are black and white and goes well with ever almost everything I wear.

I was skeptical about buying them because I thought I may be a little too old to wear them, but my converse tennis shoes turned out to be a great investment. I think it pairs well with the look of looking like a bum mom today. What do you think?
 I am wearing a two dollar clutch I got from the thrift store also.

Oh, and I must say I changed the straps on my mellow yellow dress by cutting them off and adding two chains I bought from Joann's craft store. This look is intended to be free flow and comfy to wear. And that's my style over 40.

There you have it a quick Friday Look Of The Day.

Would you wear any of the things listed in today's post?

Side Note: Spring is a very short season so why not thrift those items that you will only wear a few times. 

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie
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  1. I would wear everything in this post! And I told you that you could never go wrong with a pair of converse!!