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Gotta Start Enjoying Life Before It Withers Away

Image: Popcorn at the movies picture taken by Tangie Bell for blogpost on Bits and Babbles. Popcorn was Orvile Redenbacher
Gotta Start Enjoying Life Before It Withers Away

So, it is officially Spring, and I am upset about all the soggy rain and humid weather at the moment. Ok, that sentence may be a bit dramatic, but I am coping with my feelings to the best of my knowledge. (insert laughing emoji right here). Besides the rain and thunderstorms every day, I just saw on the news that we may be getting 340 hours of more rain over the next 10 days. What! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? 

Image: Tangie Bell holding nachos at the movie theater. Showing and telling about life story on Bits and Babbles Blog

Now that I am over being so drastically annoying to myself allow me to carry on with today's post. Yes, I am upset with all this rain, but what can I do about it? I know I must find the positive in it all, although I am more concerned about the rain messing up my blonde hairstyle every day. Yep, the other day, I looked as if I was in the middle of a catfight because the rain got me real good while running from my car to my job's door.

Yea, I know that's life! This weekend I wanted to stay inside and do absolutely nothing, but it wasn't long before I felt sad and funky feeling for no reason. My plan for this month is to stay in until the weather gets better. How dumb is that? I really should know better than to think I have 40 more days of my life to waste waiting on the weather to change. This is why, as I get older, I may need help with making real-life decisions. Because I really do make rash ones every now and again.

I hope you guys know I am joking at the moment. :) Any hoot it was muggy this weekend, so I decided to get up shower, get dressed, put on a bit of makeup and go to a movie and eat all the junk food I could possibly stuff down into my belly. Sorry guys I am not kidding one bit. :)

Can you believe I went to see the Avengers: End game and yes it was good. But I am not too happy about a few of my beloved and loving characters. You know that sext Iron Man and Captain Marvel who beat the hell out of Thanos. Oh wait, I will not give away any spoilers, but that was the best three hours of my life wasted over hot nachos, popcorn, and cola. And yes, my tummy was rumbling half of last night. But, guys, it was worth every happy moment at it's finest. 

Image: Picture taken at the movies of Avengers Endgame shown on Bits and Babbles Blog

Oh, but I must add when all the Avengers showed up everybody was cheering in the theatre, honey Black Panther stole the show. Ok, that is all I am going to share and say. After leaving the movies with my family, I was feeling awake and alive, with a bit of happiness in my steps. 

Although I wanted to stay at home and do nothing, I also know I gotta start enjoying life before it withers away. You know it is easy to work and come home, but it is just as easy for me to step outside in the rain and find the joy in it all. 
Life is to short, and we all only live once. I am happy I got out this weekend, and I am glad I had a fun conversation to talk about with my husband and our girls. 

Last but not least, can we talk about how comfortable I dressed for the movies.
Image: Outfit details worn by Tangie Bell shown first on Bits and Babbles Blog

Image: Earring and outfit details from Tangie Bell on Bits and Babbles Blog

Image: Outfit of the day worn to movies by Tangie Bell and shared on Bits and Babbles Blog
You know I thought I was looking fly at forty-something years old? I wore my Fenty shoes by Rhianna 
Off the shoulder dress
Michael Kors Pures -got from local Boutique
Earrings- I DIY
Shades -Target

In conclusion: No matter what is going on find one reason to get up, get out and enjoy a simple life:)

How was your weekend?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

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