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This Old Yellow Dress: One Wood Purse, Polka Dot Earrings & A Blueberry Crisp Latte

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Image: Woman Tangie Bell sharing outfit of the day yellow dress purse, polka dot earrings and a blueberry crisp coffee
My Old Yellow Dress: One Wood Purse, Polka Dot Earrings & A Blueberry Crisp Latte 

Can you believe Spring already here? I will better enjoy it as soon as the rain stops pouring here in Texas. Yep, this southern gal is ready to be out and about enjoying the upcoming good weather ahead. Anyhoot I have been really loving the colorful dresses that have put me in a chill mood. Yesterday my husband and I went out for coffee, and it was at one of my favorite places, Dunkin Donuts.
You know its the little things that bring me so much joy and happiness now. 

Yep, I went crazy over their crisp blueberry latte, iced coffee, it was so good, and it tasted just like fresh blueberries with a beautiful creamy topping. I am smiling right now as I tell you guys all about my coffee experience. But there is a little point in today's conversation, and I guess I will spill the beans.

This morning when I woke up, I was not going to wear my old yellow dress. My plan was just to run out and have a quick breakfast and come back home and finish laundry and cooking. But Rico (hubs) said to put on something not so dressy but casual.
I knew he was up to something, but I didn't bother to ask at all. 
 My mind was already full of all the things that had to be done on that day.

Long story short, I grabbed my long slip-on maxi dress and my wood purse I got from the thrift store. I paired both items along with my polka dot earrings from Mango. In 30 minutes, I was dressed and ready to go out for a  brief date.
Image: Woman Tangie Bell sharing in a blog post her new earrings from Mango Store

Image : Wood purse held by woman and shared on bits and babbles blog to inspire.

The funny thing was I got dolled up just for a donut shop. Yikes, I hope I do not sound ungrateful because I was not at all. In fact, it was a part of my husband's plan. You see he wanted me to dress a little casual so we could just sit down for a bit of coffee and enjoy the beautiful weather without being stressed out about having or making plans. We did something so random and spectacular that I was amazed and happy to just sit in a cafe and chat.

Image: Woman holding Dunkin Donuts Coffee and sharing how she loves it on her blog bits and babbles
Oh, the atmosphere was quiet, and it was only one other person in Dunkin doing the time we were there. The moral of the story is life short, so no matter what is happening still dress up casually for donuts and coffee. Yeah, life is funny like that:)
Sometimes it is the small things that can influence a change in your life. 

Getting up this morning and putting on this old yellow dress and grabbing coffee really made my day. Although I still had lots of work to do back at the ranch :) getting out for a bit of air was really relaxing and refreshing.

So the next time you want to stay in the house, just grab something old to put on and run out for a cold coffee and a little bit of fresh air. Believe it or not, it is good for the heart and soul.

What small thing in your life has bought you happiness?

It really is the simple things that can influence others.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

Outfit Deets
Wood Purse Thrifted
Polka Dot Earring -Mango
Coffee- Dunkin Donuts


  1. First of all, Im sick of this rain too! Ha! Im trying to twirl BUT I guess the earth needs its water! Also, that drink was soooo amazing!!! I wish I would have tried the peeps one before it left for Easter! Also, I love that bag!

    1. Ikr...this rain in Spring needs to fly on by. LOL:) but its almost summer can twirl then:)
      xo tangie


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