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Trying A New Funky Style: WalMart Accessories: Handbags, Shoes, Earrings & Try On

Image: Tangie Bell showing off all the things she purchased from WalMart. She is doing a haul and tryon . Yellow shoes, handbag and sunglasses
Trying A New Funky Style: WalMart Accessories: Handbags, Shoes, Earrings & Try-On  

Oh my goodness, today has been the best day ever! I have been looking for a few more pieces to add to my spring wardrobe and WalMart came through, I can't believe it. No, seriously, I am one who uses my trips to Wally-world as a means of getting underwear, groceries, and household toiletries.
Am I the only one? :)

And that is not a bad thing, but I never go into their clothing or jewelry section at all. Until a few weeks ago, when I discovered they have added a DIY area and that lead me into the jewelry, handbag, and shoe section.
Long story short, honey, I got caught up with the styles and the quality of items I got for myself. First of all, my eyes got caught up with the vibrant colors that were in their shoes and handbags. We all know spring colors can be a bit tricky. 
 You know the yellows and orange colors can look more like a kid's Easter basket.

So when I saw WalMart had a few mustard color pieces, I had to grab and match what I could. I am not joking because the shoes and handbags I picked out made me look funky fly and fashionable.
Image: Woman is showing off her new shades she found at WalMart to upgrade her mature style
Now let's talk about the sunglasses, that looks absolutely amazing. I am no stranger to buying cute and affordable shades, but who knew WalMart was so stylish. I could slap myself for not taking the time to explore more things than shopping for my weekly groceries.

Image: Tangie Bell is showing off her new handbag black from WalMart in a haul and try on. This is first seen on Bits and Babbles Blog

I found a large amount of cute and sassy handbags that can style up a quick outfit. I am into natural, breezy comfortable and affordable wear. Spring is only going to be around for one moment, so I want to style myself up for less.

Do you wear WalMart Accessories to leave me comments?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

All Items Were Purchased By Meself:)


  1. That mustard Yellow looks SUPER DOPE!! I absolutely Love it...


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