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Weekend Bits And Favorites: Monday Motivation

Image: Tadin Tea. Woman sharing her weekend bits and favorites on bits and babbles blog. Today In The Life
Hey, guys, it's been a while since I've shared a few of my weekend bits and favorites. So, today I thought it would a good time to pop in and share a few things. Yall know I love to babble, but I will keep this post short and semi-sweet. :)
Recently, I've been trying to lay low on coffee, and it has been an absolute struggle. But my daughter bought me some Tadin lemongrass tea, and I have been sipping away. Now it doesn't take the place of my vanilla bean hot or cold coffee. But it has been my go-to drink to relax and unwind in the evenings.
I know it is a herbal tea, but I have not tried it long enough to give any health benefits from using it. As for the taste I love it, and it has a pleasant lemon and earthy aroma smell that is soothing when drinking and  I only added honey to mine for a light sweet taste. Let me know if you've tried Tadin before?

Image: Yellow earrings . Woman buying and sharing on her bits and babbles blog
Over the weekend I had a chance to hang with my family at the local market. My intentions were only to walk around and sightsee for fun. But, I couldn't resist shopping and buying things I really did want and need. I love unique jewelry, but when I saw these pom earrings, I had to have them. I know what you are thinking, I could have made these. But, I am supporting the locals and putting money back into the economy. Ok, and I hope that justifies why I was spending That is what I told my husband. 
But, all jokes aside it does feel good to buy from another talented artist. Trust me I know the struggle when trying to sell something, so I love to buy. Besides, it really does warm my heart.

Image: Mascara by Maybelline. Woman sharing her bits from the weekend
One thing I purchased this weekend is a new mascara. I am trying to get away from wearing my lashes so much throughout the week. So, I am trying the bold black great lash by Maybelline. I have not used it yet, but I will do a full try- on and review in a later post. 
I may pick up a few more so I can see which one gives me the most volume. So stay tuned for that also. Let me know of any good mascaras you recommend?
Image: Bracelets: Woman sharing how she made them herself on bits and babbles blog by Tangie Bell

Also, my weekend was very chill, I went to Sunday service with the fam. Later that evening I made myself a new set of arm candy bracelets. If you want to see how I make them click here  Arm Candy Bracelets

Image: Eyelashes, Woman sharing how she cleans her eyelashes at home

Image: Woman cleans her eyelashes and shares on her blog post at bits and babbles written by Tangie Bell

Last but not least I took the time to do a full facial on my face. Then I cleaned my old eyelashes and stored them away for later use. It is effortless to wash them by using a flat paper towel, q-tip, and alcohol. Yes, you can apply make-up remover or mineral water. But, I do not like to waste my product, and the rubbing alcohol does it just fine. Although I am trying a new mascara, I will never depart totally from my lashes. #scoutshonor

Well, there you have it my weekend and a few bits in between. How was your weekend my friends? Leave comments I love talking to you guys.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie Bell


  1. I love your weekend Bits!! Keep up the good work, hope you have a Great Day!!

  2. I had an amazing weekend! I was able to get my favorite coffee, catch up on some studying and eat some amazing Frito Pie! And I love your Youtube! Def has some amazing stuff over there!


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