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5 Things I Learned Last Week While Eating Boiled Eggs, Shrimp, Snow Crabs & Fried Cat Fish

Image: Fish, Corn, Boiled Eggs, Shrimp . Tangie Bell is sharing on her blog Bits and Babbles
5 Things I Learned Last Week While Eating Boiled Eggs, Shrimp, Snow Crabs & Fried Cat Fish

I am such a southern country gal at heart. I come from a long family line of people who love to eat big and talk even bigger over a plate piled high with food. You know it is nothing for my family and me to eat greens, cornbread, fried chicken, sweet taters and sweet potato pie. Oh and please do not let me forget the dessert and our famous sweet Lucy which is made from(kool-aid).
Image: Plate Of Food shared by Tangie Bell on the things she learned last week.
 So, when Mother's Day came a creeping, I knew we were about to be eating some good ole' food. My family knew I did not want to go out and eat because I hate when restaurants are super packed, I feel it brings out rushed and lousy service. But, I also knew I did not want to spend my whole day cooking and sweating in the kitchen. 
Image : Plate of Catfish shared by Tangie Bell on her blog bits and babbles. About the 5 Things I Learned Last Week While Eating Boiled Eggs, Shrimp, Snow Crabs & Fried Cat Fish
So, I took it upon myself to tell my family what I wanted to do and that is going to church and eat take out at home. Seriously, that was my plans I only peace quietness and rest. But, after coming up with a menu, I decided I wanted a seafood boil. So, my husband ordered my favorite jumbo shrimp and snow crabs. And, I fried the catfish at home, with boiled eggs and corn. 

 May I add it did not take long and it was no trouble at all. 
Image: Seafood boil shared by Tangie bell on her blog bits and babbles 5 Things I Learned Last Week While Eating Boiled Eggs, Shrimp, Snow Crabs & Fried Cat Fish
 My daughters set the bar for me and decorated with the gifts they went out and purchased. My husband gave me money, and I bought a lot and made a video.  You can see that on Youtube:)

Yeah, this year I really took advantage of being a mother, mommy, mama, or just plain mom.

Image: Tangie Bell sharing her Mothers Day on her blog Bits and Babbles.
My girls bought me a boss lady cup, cookies and another pair of flip flops from Wally world. I have the black and mustard ones, so they got me the denim ones. 

Although we sat down and prayed before eating all of that day's spicy food. It was the conversations and hugs that I learned something new at the table. And yes a person can learn something while eating fried fish, shrimp, snow crabs, sweet corn on the cob and boiled eggs.

What I learned was far more than being a mother. It was about a family coming together and laughing over food and drinks.

I miss those times with my siblings but, I am learning to keep the closeness going with my girls.

5 Things I learned this weekend

Time: It moves fast, and we can never get it back so enjoy those fast-moving moments of laughter and happiness.

In The Moment: Learn to live in the right now and enjoy what is taking place at that very seconds. All the laughter with our mouths full and the passing around of the platter and plates.

Learning Something New: I learned something different about each one of my girls, and it opened my eyes to a new way of seeing each one of them.

Repeat: I learned it doesn't have to be Mother's Day or some sort of Holiday to eat at the bar together. Most times we eat at different times, but this weekend I've decided to bring back family sit downs. 

Enjoy The Little Things: My focus has been to enjoy more of the small things instead of trying to wait on something big to happen. At the end of the day, it's the small steps that matter before the big leap happens. #realtalk

There you have it 5 things I Learned.

What have you learned today?
How was your Mother's Day?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xo tangie


  1. I have learned that life is beautiful and more special when youre surrounded by family, good food, and friends! Im glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day! It was awesome!

  2. All I can say right now is YUM YUM YUM to all that delicious food!! I hope you enjoyed ur Mother’s Day


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