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I May Start A New Hobby: Collecting Dolls Starting With The Hildie And Jo Collection

Image: Mini Hildie and Jo Dolls purchased by Tangie Bell from Joann's craft store to make DIY necklaces . Shared first on Bits and Babbles Blog

  I May Start A New Hobby: Collecting Dolls Starting With The Hildie And Jo Collection
Let's babble about some jewelry and make this project fun and easy to create.

Good morning Y'all; how are you doing on this beautiful and blessed day? I am up, and at it again, my joyful cup is running over, and my gifted hands are ready to make some new moves. It is no secret I love to make stuff and create new things out of old things. Since being a little girl, I could do hair and craft at the same time, and I knew a long time ago, my hands were gifted. I can spend hours in my room when I am not working my real 9 to 5; you can definitely find me making jewelry, amongst other things. 

But, as time went on, and I began to have children. I stopped with my hobby and continued on into the workforce and raising my littles. But, I never lost sight of my desire to make stuff and learn new things. Now that my kids are much older, I've started back, making so much stuff my house is full to the brim with my crafts. I love it so much, and all my free time goes back into what I love. 

Image: Hildie and Jo Dolls purchased from Joann's craft store. Shred first on Bits and Babbles Blog

 I can spend hours in my local craft store, buying and shopping for my little DIY projects. I've finally learned who I am at 40 something, and it is easier to work my real life and my hobby with love and passion. Lately, I have been watching and collecting a few dolls here and there that I have put in my girl's room. Even with buying them used, they can be costly, so that is a hobby one must consider for a minute. But, I think for a woman of a certain age, it is a great way to learn something new and try making them from scratch.

Inage: Sale sign at the craft store. Tangie Bell sharing her ideas and sales she find at the craft stores

I love snooping around my local craft stores looking for the new stuff, and I have always been intrigued by these tiny little dolls from the Hildie & Jo, last collection. 
So last week, I finally picked one up, and I instantly felt a story about each doll come straight through my heart. They were so dainty and adorable, I knew I wanted to make something other than a critical chain. 
Yes, they are so tiny, but each one was designed with pure uniqueness, and I had to buy at least four of them. Each one I picked up, I saw one of my daughters, and I had to make something that would be a keepsake. I grabbed a few chains and other beads so I could make little doll necklaces, and I must say each one turned out beautiful. Now I am in the mood to start back collecting small, medium, and big dolls. I know I should stick to my side of crafting, but I had to tell you guys just in case you needed a hobby. It is never to late to learn something new and exciting. I believe that, and when I started operating in my real gifts and talents, it has become so much easier for me to do it now. I love working with my hands, even when they hurt from time to time. I may never become a full doll collector but be on the lookout for a few mini ones coming your way. I know my lane, and I intend to stay in it until the blessings flow.

In conclusion:  I got some new and fresh ideas that have been waiting to burst from my soul, and I will share them at a later time with you guys, so stay tuned?  This mama right here is gearing up to make some moves, and it will be fun. 

So, if you have something you are passionate about get up and do something. If God gave it to you, it would happen  :) #realtalk Pray about everything and worry about nothing I know bad grammar :) I'm southern and country Y'all! 

I promise if you start a hobby now or later, you will find great joy and happiness doing something you genuinely love. 

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie