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I Was Down In The Dumps So I Made Myself Something: Morning Babbles

Image:are vintage-inspired rings: I used metal glue, stretch rings, and charms from thrift and craft stores. Seen First On Bits and Babbles Blog

 I Was Down In The Dumps So I Made Myself Something

Oh, hey, I know today is Monday, and it can be a bit of a mess. But never fear when I am down, I don't clown around when it comes I making myself something to strut around town. Lol :) Go ahead and laugh, you know you want to.

Oh lighten up, life is too short not to be enjoying a slice of it. Yesterday, I was speaking with a client who expressed their boredom with daily life. She proceeded to say how she's doing the same thing every day and how her life is so dull. Yada Yada Yada. 
Not to be rude her story was boring the heck out of me, and I am not ashamed to admit that is how I was feeling on the inside.

Hear me out for a moment. My client's complaints were not deadly or unmanageable. I almost slapped her and said girl, just find something different and exciting to do. But I know she would have hit me back, and I wasn't really dressed for a catfight at that moment. Besides, she would have won by a good hand slide. :) But, I wasn't scared..ok, yes, I was.

Image: Tangie blet sharing how she makes bracelets using beads and stretch cords seen first on bits and babbles blog

 So instead, I shared how I make stuff when I am bored or feeling down. You see, life is not going to make us happy we have to make ourselves happy. And I finally have that down in my spirit. No need to get mad or sad because the world is propelling forward, find your passion, and make it happen.
Image: Tangie Bell is showing the final look of how she makes arm bracelets seen first on bits and babbles blog

Yes, it is easier to complain and dislike others for working their magic sticks. But, honestly, being sad will only delay. When I am not feeling my best, or I want to give up. I take a stroll through the craft store and find something to make. 
The funny thing is I do not want anyone tagging along with me. As a matter of fact, I want to stroll the aisles for new crafts and DIY ideas all by myself. When I can't find my mojo, I look for it in my hobby. I can make something on a whelm, and I love that. Because it gives me a sense of belonging, and it fulfills those moments when I am feeling a little cray-cray. You know crazy:) (No pun intended)

Lately, my do it yourself lifestyle has been in full swing, and I love it. Also, I got rid of things that did not add value to me. I am getting older and wasting time on unfilling things, and people is a no go for me.

Things in my life that are overwhelming, I move it out of my way, and it is a daily thing that has to be done.  I try to focus on ideas and hobbies that are geared toward my goals in life.

After talking and laughing with my client, I discovered she wanted to do something different than the job she is doing. But, she has no support. Ha Ha, I broke out in a laugh so loud it almost made her mad. Until I explained.

I have spent two decades asking for help, and it was wasted time that I can't get back (true story).
I thought my gifts were enough if people I knew saw me working hard toward something.
But, in reality, they are the watchers who will watch you fall, get back up again, and fall 50 more times.
But, that is ok recently a sermon came one Sunday that shook my entire thought pattern. The people we put on our list is not the Calvary team. That shook my spirit to the core, and from that day, I started making quiet changes. 

The plans God has for all of us is to prosper in everything we do that is of good. So, I work on my own stuff and enjoy every moment of doing things that I love, and that brings me complete joy. I never knew why I was so gifted with my hands but couldn't get anything done. It was because I was pulling onto the wrong people instead of planting seed into my gifts. 

I wasted years, and I do not want to see anyone else go through that. So, if you are reading this and you have a gift or talent start working on your stuff right now.

Do not worry if I support or family supports; get to working and start now.  Your gifts will open doors even you can't close. Did you catch that I sad YOU instead of haters?

Because no one can stop you but YOU, I finally got that after all of these years. But I hope you get it after reading today's post.

One day I will share more, but until then, Get Up Do Something For Yourself!

There you have it when I am down in the dumps I make something. Did you catch that?

The pictures above are vintage-inspired rings: I used metal glue, stretch rings, and charms from thrift and craft stores.

The bracelets are made from beads of my choice and stretch cord. 

If you would like to see the full video is listed for both projects. 

I love using my hands as a hairstylist, jewelry maker, youtube, and since I couldn't sell books, I started a blog. Did you catch that? Keep going:)

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie 


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