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Kitchen Babbles: I Am Pretending To Make Homemade Soup!

Image: Can of corn that will be used in Tangie Bell's pretend homemade soup. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog.
                        Kitchen Babbles: I Am Pretending To Make Homemade Soup

So, according to the news, we all should be expecting a few longs days of rain ahead of us. And just as I've said in a previous post-Texas has been getting hard with tornadoes and hail falling the size of golf balls. But that doesn't stop my family from wanting me to weather the storm and fight my way through our local grocery store to find what I will be cooking for dinner.
May I insert: I am not a bad mother or wife I really do cook almost every day. Ok, every other day but 
I always keep cereal as a backup plan just in case anyone wants something to eat. :) Yep, this mama keeps a plan.
Anyhoot it's almost the weekend, and my family wants me to cook a big ole' country pot of soup with a side of cornbread. Yes, we are country folk; we eat cornbread with everything. :)

Oh, and I am not even kidding.
But after 46 hours of work this week, I think not. I suggest we have pizza for dinner and not the, at home from scratch kind. More like can someone other than me call Pizza Hut and have them bring two large pepperonis and 8 breadsticks with a side 2-liter cola.

But after babbling back and forth about dinner, I came up with the quickest solution. Whatever I can find in a can, it is going in one of my pots, and I am calling it soup. You heard me right: homemade soup from a can. Since I am pretending to make it from scratch, I've decided to doctor it up with my own little twist.
So, I ran to the store and grabbed 4 cans of any soup that said homemade, luckily Campbell's came through. Then I got some bacon bits, dried tomatoes, tortilla chips, and a box of roasted corn. Yes, soup ain't soup if you don't have that crunch from corn. Oh, and I got a pack of chicken tenders to sautee and a box of crackers. I did not feel the passion was in me to cook any cornbread. So, I opted for the cracker box.

Image: Campbells Soup used in kitchen babbles on bits and babbles blog.

Image: A pot of soup made by Tangie Bell seen first ob bits and babbles blog
Trust me, this recipe is straightforward to make, and I love it. This will now be my go-to for a warm and cozy night in.
Image : chips, bacon bits sun dried tomatoes items that Tangie Bell will be using her her pretend homemade soup
First, I used all the cans of soup to two boxes of water. I seasoned my chicken with only onion powder and garlic powder. Note: Please do not use salt or seasoning; you will not be able to eat it at all.
After cooking my chicken, I added all the soup except the corn. I heated the corn on the side with a sprinkle. 

Image: soup in bowl, dried tomatoes on plate,crackers,chips and bacon bits on saucer for home soup shown on bits and babbles blog
 I allowed my soup to simmer on low for 20 mins, then I added the corn on top bacon bits, tomatoes, tortilla chips, and crackers. Ther you have it my version of making a homemade soup that is good for the tummy, and it is a great conversation starter.
Image: Tangie Bell is showing the end results from making her pretend homemade soup

If I can give this soup a name, I would call it a Taco soup. It tastes like I got it from Chickfila. That's my story, and I am sticking to it. 

There you have it a relaxing meal and a good laugh at my expense. 

Life is short live well, and be happy by any means necessary.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo tangie

I guess I will be cooking tomorrow:)
P.S This is now our favorite meal to have on the weekend. Quick, easy, and tummy-filling!

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  1. Now that is how you do it! Because you turned a simple can of soup into a gourmet meal, I will definitely be trying this out soon.

    1. Yes try it is so good and it feeds my large family:)
      have a good day!
      xo tangie

  2. First of all, I didn't know chicken noodle soup could be this good!! My favorite part is always the bacon bits! ha!


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