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My Eczema Prone Skincare Routine: What I Use Before Having A Flare Up

Image: Tangie Bell sharing her eczema skincare routine. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog
My Eczema Prone Skincare Routine: What I Use Before Having A Flare Up
I wish I would have known.
Oh, honey, I thought I was in the clear when I became older. Because most of my young childhood, I dealt with acne. Oh and yes it was gross, I think I had the worst and ripest bumps ever. Although every teen in the world thinks that. Trust me, I know because my girls think they have the worst skin and they're the only ones who want to stand in the mirror and pop them all for none other than self-satisfaction.

Yep, that is my life on repeat. (insert roll eyes right here).

But, back to me being 40- something has bought on a different set of challenges with my skin. Who knew I would wake up one day and have to deal with adult acne, or shall I be more straightforward, I deal with eczema from time to time.

If I had to chose I would take a red bump over having a face full of dry and scaly irritated skin that requires special creams, and/or a steroid shot. Yeah, that sounds so gross, but my Dr. ran a test and believes it was triggered by the products I use at the salon.

Yes, I was one of those careless hairstylists who never used gloves. (Insert dumb donkey emoji right here). :)

This has been a hard lesson, but over the last few years, I have been in pursuit of finding new and soothing ways to treat my skin long before I have a breakout.

One thing I've noticed is when my face and hands start to feel dry and prickly that is when I start working on myself immediately.

I am not a physician, but I've learned a few things that have saved me time and money. 

I use three things that help soothe my skin quickly.

Aloe Vera Plant
One Egg White 
Sometimes I use these items separately. But when I want a cold and frothy mask. I mix the egg white, honey, and the aloe plant gel together. 
Once the mixture looks like foam, it is then ready to apply over my entire face.
I leave on for ten minutes only then rinse with cool water. This is such a refreshing way to make my skin feel alive and well. 
I then proceed to add a light moisturizer. 

Do you suffer from dry or eczema-prone skin?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo tangie


  1. I don't have eczema but I do have combination/oily skin and I swear it feels the worst! Like you, I have learned that certain things do trigger my skin and I have went through different products to see what works well for me. For instance, who would have thought that using an oil based moisturizer would break my skin out so bad! I always thought because it says "oily skin" that meant it was for me! Boy was I wrong! But we live and we learn!


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