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Rest Relax Repeat: This Weekend I Will Not Take A Bath!

Image: Tangie Bell ( Woman sitting on sofa drinking coffee, strolling the net and sharing her rest relax and repeat ideas
Just a quick Morning Babbles

Good morning darlings did somebody just say rest, relax and repeat? Oh my, I am so down for that type of Friday therapy. Who else is with me? 

I have three things on this Friday's agenda, and that is everything I've named above. 

This will be my first three day weekend in a long time, and I plan to take full advantage of it all this time. I usually have plans to run errands and do things with my family. So, technically when I have a day off, I always feel more exhausted when returning back to work.

Oh but not this time, because I have my own secret plans that are foul proof even my family can't mess it up.

If you want free time to do absolutely nothing, then stay and hang with me a while. SideNote: It is ok not to feel guilty if you do not bathe for a day or feed the family. Lol (YOLO) yep, you only live once :)
But make sure you have some type of leftovers that the littles can consume while you catch back up your mental and beauty rest.

Yall know I am just kidding about the family, but bathe at your own discretion.
I am not here to judge, and I will never smell (oops I mean tell nobody).
Image: sign outside bookstore in deep ellum. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog
 Now, that it's the weekend let's plan something to do that requires a do nothing list to tackle.

I really do want a little bit of peace and quietness over the next few days. Since I knew I was going to be enjoying my time off, I decided to stop at my local book store and grab a few books to read.

Image Book bought by Tangie Bell at Bookstore in Deep Ellum Texas
I purchased the book MoonBath, but I have not read it yet, so I am not capable of giving a good review at this time. But when I do read it, I will come back and let you guys know about it. But for the record, I was going to buy myself a cute and cozy book, but I got sucked in by a local book writer who was selling books at the table when you first walk in the door., So, I had to support a dream. 

Yep, I did one good deed thus far before starting my weekend of do nothing. :)

Image: Tangie bell sharing her smoothie mix on rest relax and repeat

I got myself some more smoothie mixes so I can at least flush away all the junk food I am about to consume. Yes, I got myself some, chips, spinach dip, and coca cola. Ahhh the good life at it's finest. Did I mention I have Hulu set up to play movies on repeat, you know back to back. By the time you read this post, I would have gotten the last bit of lurking (oops I mean strolling the internet out of my system). 

To get rest, I have to turn my phone on silent or airplane mode. That method helps me get the best sleep ever!

Image( Bracelets made by a woman named Tangie Bell) she is sharing how to make as a hobby

I know my plan may sound crazy, but it actually works. If at any moment I start to feel as if I want to go back to work one-day early, I will just pull out my beads and make myself some jewelry. 

Bammmmm now who has a better rest and relax routine than me? That's my 2 days off, and I am sticking to that story. LOL lighten up I will bathe before my 24 hours are up. Just kidding (lol) or am I?

Ok, all jokes aside life is to short not to enjoy it with a little bit of peace, love, and laughter.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

Enjoy your weekend by any means necessary:) Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:)

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