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The Funky Truth About My Style Goals: Being Mix-Matched And Different Is Really Cool!

Image: Tangie Bell posing for blog pictures and eating donuts . Seen first on bits and babbles blog. She is sharing her jewelry details also
The Funky Truth About My Style Goals: Being Mix-Matched And Different Is Really Cool!

Life comes with a whole lot of ups downs and around the world changes. And so, I am learning the same ups and downs, and around comes with my style as well.

I am no fashion stylist or even a rip the runway model, although I can jump sharply when it's time to go grocery shopping. Yep, ya girl can really coordinate when it's time to thump apples and oranges in the aisles of the supermarket. But, last week, when I took a trip to the store, I passed a mirror, and I took a good look at myself.

You know I have no moments where I will self-evaluate myself, myself, and I. On this particular day, I was looking at my clothes and comparing myself against the wind of the world.

You see, I am on the internet just as many of my readers are. So, it is always a struggle to look good for Instagram, Facebook, youtube, real life, and so on. I've learned over the last few years, what is online is never-ending, and it is all smoking mirrors. 
The more I stroll certain social media sights, the more I realize everyone dresses the same, do the same things, and it is quite boring. 
 To be honest, I am bored with myself, and from that day, I just set myself a few style goals. I am in no way bashing social media because I love posting on them myself, although I am not a selfie-taking person. I just want to do more and be more of myself no matter how mixed up it may be. 

Sometimes I want to dress funky, spunky and not my age and I am so cool with that.

I am not sure what being 40 something looks like, all I know is I don't fit that look of Jackie O.

No disrespect but I am a southern country gal who loves to wear lots of
jewelry with a head wrap and a pair of shoes that may come from the Goodwill or the sales rack at Macy's.

So, being on-trend has never been my thing I just love to dress happy even when I am a little all over the place with my style.
Image: Woman ( Tangie Bell) holding donuts and sharing her outfit of the day

I find my most comfort when I do not try to style up my life, but rather dress my life up to fit my style.
It's almost summertime, and I want to be at the beach, kicking sand and eating some good ole' food with my family. So, I am in the process of clearing out my closet so I can get rid of the things I am not wearing. But, I have all the intentions of wearing lots of overalls, mix-matched shoes, and jewelry.

The funny thing about style is, in reality, no one has the guide. I stand for whatever a woman wants to wear, no matter what age she is in life.

I am looking at the woman in the mirror, and I see a black woman who is over 40 something, with thick thighs and broad shoulders. I  am ok with who I am and how I look, so I will continue to dress all the place because I am different, and I am cool with that.

And with that type of mindset, I will continue to enjoy and age gracefully.

In conclusion: The best part about aging is looking good and feeling good about everything in life. So, enjoy your life and style by any means necessary. Because you only live once and style comes and go. #YOLO

What will you guys be wearing this summer? Do you have any style goals?

I also have an Accessory Of The Day Video up on Youtube. Go check it out  I am sharing 4 different accessory looks I wanted to wear for my donut date night with my girls:) 

The Outfit I am wearing came from Old Navy
Earrings -Zara

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Beautiful simple fit, I love it! Love your blog by the way...

    1. Thank you and come back we family now:)
      xo tangie

  2. I am going to wear lots of dresses and rompers this summer! It's still may yet it feels like were already halfway through june! Ha! I just want to be casual and cute! My style goals for this summer is to wear bold colors and prints! Gotta keep it fresh and upbeat!

    1. IKR me too..dresses and rompers for the comfort. Bold prints are in so I am loving it!
      xo tangie


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