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Wearing My New Boots: Enjoying The Simple Life By Any Means Necessary

Image: Tangie Bell blogger on bitsandbabbles blog is sharing a story behind her boots. The boots are from Old Navy Store
 Wearing My New Boots: Enjoying The Simple Life By Any Means Necessary

So, I bought myself a pair of new booties, that was tucked away behind a stack of regular priced markups at Old Navy. Yep, I am that southern country girl that loves a good sales or clearance rack purchase.

 Hey so does that make me a country Bama? :) LOL no pun intended my mama used to tell me I acted country for no reason. Being from Louisiana, I guess that can happen. But anyhoo I grabbed my new boots at a reasonable price earlier this year, and I am wearing them out and about on today. 

I know this may be sandal weather, but here in Texas, we put on our boots every day with shorts and dresses. I recently went to a clients wedding, and she wore a long white dress with cowboy boots. No joke and the style was really pretty paired with her wedding assemble. After the party was over, I asked my client why she wore boots and not the traditional wedding shoes. 
Her response was so simple and classy; I almost cried.

My client's voice: I work all week, and I am on my feet all day cutting and shampooing hair. So, on this particular day, I really want to dress casual and wear my boots while my feet are not swollen. And when all yall leave, I plan to really enjoy a simple life with my man by any means necessary.

Image: Two Dunkin Blueberry Teas. Tangie and daughter talking over lunch at Dunkin Donuts

 Yep, she left me speechless, but I danced all night with my feet hurting in a pair of shoes I hated wearing. If I had of know, I would have worn my cowgirl boots as well. So, if she ever gets a divorce and remarried, I will be showing up saddled up in my snakeskin boots.:)
Life is funny sometimes, but I am learning to roll with all the things that happen. I am finding lessons in everything that comes my way and it fantastic.

Yesterday my daughter invited me for a little mom and daughter tea at Dunkin Donuts. So, that was my opportunity to pull out my little black boots and strut my stuff.

Image: Tangie Bell enjoying a Blueberry Tea from Dunkin donuts and sharing deets on Bits and Babbles Blog.

I know we sat for hours and laughed at everything that made no sense at all. On my way home, I realized our laughs were not supposed to make sense because life is not that serious. Living the simple life is just that: SIMPLE.

So, from this day forward, I am wearing my boots and living life on my own terms by any means necessary.

In conclusion: No matter what is happening in life find those tiny things that can cause you to live life with joy and laughter. 

Here's to a beautiful SUMMER.

What inspired you this week?
Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

Outfit Deets: Black Boots Old Navy
Blueberry Tea: Dunkin Donuts


  1. You are a Wonderful Woman! Spending time with your kids is so heartwarming!


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