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A Blurry Scarecrow: Cheap Handbag: Laughing Ears And A Rocking Chair: My Scary Style Story

Image: Scarecrow at a Dallas Farm. Woman holding a 15 dollar purse from Forever 21.
A Blurry ScareCrow: Cheap Handbag: Laughing Ears And A Rocking Chair
Do you see what I see?

Is it me, or is it a scarecrow? I am not kidding around when I went into our backfield, there was no one there. No people nor children yelling and screaming. No joke it was absolute silence, in a weird creepy way.

 I never saw a stuffed man upon a stick when Rico (The Hubs) took this picture. But, when we got home to edit my husband saw a blurred image in the background, and of course, I screamed. After ten minutes we finally figured it out as being a possible scarecrow although we both swear it wasn't there at first. 

It is not Halloween, and neither are we close to the Fall season, so why was this thing lurking around? 
I was seriously freaked out so I did what any scary woman would do: I googled it. :)
Yep, I typed What is a scarecrow?
Google answered: A scarecrow is a decor or mannequin often dressed like a human to scare off birds etc.
I wasn't satisfied so I typed: Can scarecrows move?

But, Google gave me no real answer to that question.
So, I am going to believe the scarecrow appeared in my pictures because I was wearing black clothing and it may have thought I was a crow. 

Oh, wait, do scarecrows think?  
Google says, noooooooooooooooooooooo! :)

I was only trying to show off my new fake handbag that I got from Forever 21 for 15 dollars. You know I went straight to the sales rack because that is where all the deals are. 

Image: Tangie Bell showing off her new earrings that have ears, eyes and floating lips
Yall know sometimes I can be a wee bit dramatic and so it is not uncommon for me to wear something that has floating, eyebrows and lips. How cute are my earrings today? I was searching face jewelry on Amazon, and these came up, so I added them to my cart one night when I was half sleeping. So, in other words, this was an unconscious late-night decision. 

But now that I have them on I love my ear candy. Would you wear these?

Image: Woman showing off her polka dot sunglasses while hanging out at the farm in Dallas Texas
 Anyhoo I get a lot of questions about my polka dot shades. Girl, it is an Amazon purchase as well. Just type in polka dot shades, and there you have it. 
Image: Tangie Bell showing how she does her outside chores at the Dallas Farm
 I am a woman who loves a good restyle, you know I will wear one dress with many different handbags and jewelry. 

My favorite headwrap is also polka dots, and yes, you can get it from the same place. I try not to be a hot mess so I will do my chores all dressed up. 
Image: Woman sitting in rocking chair at dallas farm
Even when I am sitting on my porch, I want to look and feel fancy at an affordable price. I know it is 100 degrees at the moment outside, but I can't help but wear all black from time to time. 

I am just trying to look good even if I scare a few stuffed scarecrows.

But, I am still wondering how a scarecrow became a part of my outfit photo session.

I guess I will never know? I assure yall that thing was not there and I am going back so I can see if I missed something. I will keep you guys posted.

That's my scary style story, and I am sticking to it.

Do you believe me or not?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

Which part of my outfit did you like?



  1. Wow that does seem scary but your outfit and style was still poppin 💕


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