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Eating That Good Stuff For My Bowels + Walking At My Own Pace

Eating That Good Stuff For My Bowels + Walking At My Own Pace.

So, I've been thinking about what can I do to switch up the way I eat every single day. And I have come up with some good ideas that have really gotten my bowels churning.
I am no health nut, but I do have a few favorite things that make me happy when I need to clear out my belly. Being a woman of a certain age, I never knew the struggle that would come along sometimes when you really need to poop but can't. Yep, that is where I am in life at the moment, and honestly, it is real life for millions of people. 

But, honestly, I am ok because I have added a few new things to the way I am eating the daily. I love my soul food because that is my lifestyle, and I can not change that. Nonetheless, I do realize I have to stay on top of incorporating some fruits, grains, and fiber into my system. 

The funny thing is I know this, but I still slack in that area of doing the right thing at times.
If I can master the small task of adding fiber to my system, I will be A-ok. :)

The hardest part for me is finding what tastes good and works for me.
Last week I bought a few new things that I have to shout about because my tummy is feeling so much better I could scream.

So, I got myself some new Quaker Oatmeal in a box. I know people will say use organic or steel-cut, but this way works just fine for me. Besides, it fits with my busy schedule, and I love it. When I have time, I will do the stovetop oats, which is very rare.

Lately, I have been making my oats in the microwave, with cut up apples, bananas, cinnamon, and nutmeg sprinkled with flax seeds. Today I also added cookie butter and raw pecans for that extra crunch. I know that may sound gross, but it is so yummy, and I have had this warm mixture three times a week.

Also, I have been drinking more water and prune juice daily. 
Sidenote: If you heat up a small glass of prune juice by day three, you will be all pooped out.:) lol no pun intended!

I am not on a weight loss journey I am focused more on eating better foods. You know my Dr says I can eat whatever I want in moderation but add better choices several times a week. It's funny I was eating but not always enough of what I needed. I will confess since I've been chomping down on more fruits and grains, I do feel better mentally and physically. So, now, my mornings consist of eating oatmeal, cereal, with some sort of fruit, and my flax seeds. 

The funny thing about my life is every time I say I am not going to do, I find myself doing it anyway.

Can you believe I have been walking over the last few weeks? Yep, ya girl has been getting up and getting some outdoors fresh air early in the morning. The treadmill was becoming dull, so I had to switch it up, and it is working. 
I've made it a no-fuss and no stress routine that is fitting my lifestyle perfectly.

Rico (the hubs) has been getting up with me at 5 am just to walk and talk. I think that is also given me a little motivation to keep doing what I am doing. I just have to get used to getting up at five in the morning.

I am not trying to lose weight; I am focusing on getting more mobile in my life. The more I move my body around, the better I feel every day.
At the end of the day, I am taking small baby steps toward living a happy, healthy, and whole life. 

No matter what is going on in my life, I am on a new kick and enjoying every minute of it. I am looking at my life with a new pair of shades, and I've decided to walk my own pace until I get to where I am going. Oh, and I will continue to add the right stuff to my life.

Have a great weekend,

Until Next See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie


  1. Flax is amazing for any stomach pains that happens when eating certain foods. All you have to do is sprinkle it on any meal and drink loads of water in order for it to work effectively!


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