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Making Ugly Earrings Out Of Boredom!

Image: Tangie Bell showing how she makes ugly earrings. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog
Making Ugly Earrings Out Of Boredom!

Oh boy, here I go again with my boredom antics. Yep, I get that feeling from time to time. I figure it can happen to the best of us at any age. Ha! But I have a good solution for my dilemma. I am feeling a bit antsy. 
Image: All the items being used to make ugly earrings. Craft embellishments-scissors-ribbon trim-ribbon crimps-pliers. Seen first on bits and babbles blog
I keep a stash of odds and ends, you know broken scraps and ribbons around my house. Don't worry, I do not just keep trash; I am a DIYer, and surprisingly little bits of scraps can really come in handy.

It is no surprise to my family and friends when I am not doing hair; my second love affair is making jewelry. But, I must be honest I've made my share of ugly jewelry over the years, and I am not ashamed of that one bit. Because I find people I know love it, so it has grown onto me as well.

If you have been following me for a while, you already know I have no style goals, and Ido not follow the rules of fashion. Yes, girl, wear what the hell you want! I may be aging, but I am not dressing like no old lady, no pun intended, but I only have one life, and I am going to enjoy every moment of it by any means necessary.

Whew glad I got that off my chest.:)
This week I made something I just may like a little bit. I took some button trim, and a pack of craft embellishments, and I went down. 
I made at least five different styles, and I did it all out of boredom. 

Image:Tangie Making ugly earrings with metal charms and ribbon trim. Seen first on Bits and babbles blog
Here is a sample of what one set looks like. You can see the full tutorial on Youtube. Be prepared to be amazed at how many looks I came up with that were so ugly they actually looked a bit cute. If you squint your eyes.:)

What do you do when you are bored?
Leave me comments below.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

P.S All Items Used Came From My Local Craft Store Hobby Lobby
Items Used
Scissors-Pliers-Craft Items Of Choice-Ribbon Trim-Chain-Ribbon Crimps-Earring Hooks -Key Chains


  1. All of your DIYs are remarkably Stunning!!


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