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My Summertime Struggle With Mix-Matched Skin

Image: Woman ( Tangie Bell) trying on Mac Makeup. seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog
My Summertime Struggle With My Mix-Matched Skin

Do you struggle with discoloration during the season changes? If so, how do you feel about it?
Over the years, I have been dealing with mix-matched skin undertones, which sometimes occur from the sun and the season's changing.
Ok, this may not be a big dilemma for some people, but it is to me.

Image: Woman at Sephora explaing how the get a skin assessment before buying makeup. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog
This morning before work, I applied my regular Fenty makeup in which I absolutely love. But I noticed it went on a little different. In some spots, I was darker and lighter in other areas. I only had one hour before heading off to work, and I had no make- up on. When I noticed all the discoloration, I decided to remove all the matte foundations I previously applied to my cheeks and neck.
Image: Woman showing Tangie Bell how to read her skin match for makeup. Seen First on Bits and Babbles Blog
After getting fully dressed for work, I made a quick stop at my local beauty store Sephora. Y'all I thought I was going to run in and run the store out with another shade of foundation. Unfortunately, I ended up getting a full assessment of my face. 
Image : Woman at Sephora rubbing a sample makeup match makeup counter . Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog
Who knew this would be such a necessary struggle. Since Fenty only comes in a liquid, I opted to find my shade in a full coverage powder. (insert screams right here) Seriously, matching my face was almost near impossible, and I was floored. 
Image: Woman trying on Makeup at Sephora Beauty Counter
Here's the deal I wasn't mad at anyone, I just want to apply a light coverage of make-up on and dart out my door. After being at the beauty store, I felt I was needing and requiring too much from the attendant that was so nice in helping me.
I love going to Sephora because they matched my first foundation application, but that was in the winter. Fast forward to the Summer, my skin has darkened down two shades, which makes my skin look blotchy in sections. When I was younger, I never experienced such skin changing. Over the last few years, I can see darker around my eyes, lightness on my cheeks and 2 shades mixed on my neck. Ugh, I was feeling a hot mess, and I had 30 minutes left before the start of work. My face was undone, and I needed to be made up for my first client.
It is the way I do it as a hairstylist. I truly believe in looking put together before helping another woman look all dolled up.

I learned that in Beauty School, and it has always stuck with me. Who wants to go to a beauty bar and all the stylist are not looking the part.
It is a silent fact that hairstylist hair and make-up must be done even in a modest fashion.

Moving Forward, I tried on three different brands of powder foundation before the beauty consultant says we do not have your match. I almost starting crying but she suggested I try Mac makeup. Thank goodness it was right around the corner.
Image:My Summertime Struggle With Mix-Matched Skin. Seen first on bits and Babbles blog

Image: Tangie Bell trying on Makeup for skin disorder. Seen first on Bits and babbles blog

Image: Woman at Mac Studio trying on Makeup for discoloration on skin. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog

Image:My Summertime Struggle With Mix-Matched Skin. Two women sampling makeup for skin texture. Seen first On bits and babbles blog

Image: Tangie found her makeup to match her skin tone at Mac Studios. Seen first on Buts and Babbles Blog

Image:My Summertime Struggle With Mix-Matched Skin. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog

Image:Tangie Bell trying on Mac make up before purchasing
I wasted no time running in and telling the attendant what I was struggling with. The lady took me straight to the Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in cool tones. I tried on NC 45 it was not enough coverage so I tried NC 47 and that shade was too dark for my texture.
Finally, I tried NC 46 and boom it was the perfect match, and it gave me excellent full coverage. It even covered.

After 45 minutes of looking for makeup, I had 15 minutes to dart out the door for work. Can you believe my face looked all blotchy and sore from trying products on and off? I was not upset at all because I found my perfect shade and I was ok this time going to work looking bare-faced.

My end thoughts: I know this may sound goofy to most people, but I am weird like this. I want to look good and feel my best as much as possible. I am not a fashionista or real outfit stylish, but I love getting up and fixing myself up to look nice for the day.

I find when I look good I put my best feet forward for the women that I come in contact with. Besides, why would I become a hairstylist if I do not take care of my hair, skin, and personal hygiene? A woman never has to go out and buy makeup or clothes if she doesn't like doing so. That is why I love restyling old clothes and I will re-wear an outfit to the ground.

 What I Learned: This time around, I will be better prepared for my skin changes, and now I have my color matched for winter and summer. I wonder if I will need to change again for the fall and spring, oh my goodness, I hope not.

Image: Tangie Bell showing her Mac purchase make up NC 46

Image: Tangie Bell showing the purchase she made from Beauty store

I will be showing a full look in a later post.

Do you struggle with skin discoloration in the summer? Leave me comments, and I will chat back?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I FEEL LIKE I STRUGGLE WITH DISCOLORATION ALL THE TIME! Especially during the summer time! I think alot of it has to do with the sun hitting different parts of the body at different levels of exposure!

    1. That is when it happens for me as well. Thanks Carey for commenting!
      xo Tangie

  2. This would have made a great video Tangie. I miss you on youtube that is my media outlet of choice. You are very creative and produce great content, I was tickled pink when you returned now I cant find you, but I do love your blog also. Keep up the great work it has been very helpful to me. Blessings!

    1. Hello Eboni I am glad YouTube is your media outlet. But, I am not done with YouTube at all. I work super long hours and I barely had the time to make a video for that platform. I was a blogger first and my intentions were just to add videos as an extension but it started conflicting with my real job. But,my team and I got some stuff up our sleeves. Will keep you posted. Thanks for commenting:) xo Tangie