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Shopping For A 1970 Inspired Egg Sofa + Other Weird Finds

Shopping For A 1970 Inspired Egg Sofa + Other Weird Finds

How many 1970's sofa can one person find in a store or better yet laying out on the street corner? Can you believe the luck I had today while dumpster diving or should I say driving by a few local holes in the walls?
Now, long story short, I love to buy old things and have them refurbished to fit my taste. I did this with my salon and with a few old pieces that are in my home. 
I will share one day in a later post coming soon. 
Back in the day, it was cheaper to find something old and make it new again. So, it has become a secret obsession of mine, and I am not ashamed of it at all.

Fast forward to today, it is a hot commodity to find something old and backdated with the intent to make it look new.
But, now most sellers know the book value, and they are ready to start the bid at the highest price. Even if the item looks a hot busted mess.:0
Whatever happened to the days of finding something for 2 bucks and selling it for 200. :) Now that is funny, but it was a real reality. 
 No, seriously here is a picture of my first hair dryer bought for my salon and my husband it fixed up. Not one client knew it came off the streets, because after repairs and a little elbow grease that hooded dryer looked and smelled spanking brand new. 

 I remember picking up the hood part off the ground and my husband saying I can fix that. And so he did, and it still runs and sounds super light without a noise being made. 
We paid 30 bucks, which saved me a few hundred dollars for a brand new one.
 So who was winning? Me Me Me Me!

Earlier today, I wanted to go look at furniture, and Rico (the hubs) already knew I wanted to hit up every thrift, junk, and dumpster yard I could find. 
Within minutes he grabbed the sanitizer and gloves, then both of us ran to out the door with excitement. Yep, we were acting just like two little kiddos.
I almost went to Ashley furniture, but I wanted something old, almost raggedy so I could restyle it for myself.
After five hours of looking in every crack starting from the Dallas State line, I finally found one item that caught my eye. 
Yall it was dirty and downright disgusting and looked as if rats had eaten all the cotton from the inside out.  I was trying to hold my composer and my smile because I wanted what my eyes had just fallen upon.
It was a 60's time capsule egg-shaped couch hub. That is is just a fancy word for egg drop lounge chair that runs around 2,000. Ouch!
 I could barely contain myself because having one in my possession is a dream come true that I've been looking for my whole life. 
And I found one just sitting in a stank junkyard. 
I will admit this again it wasn't in the best condition, but deep down, I knew the value and beauty I could restore back into this rare gem.
Now when I go shopping with my husband, I already know the budget has to stay around 150 to 200 dollars when looking for used, refurbished items. 
That may sound easy, but it is harder than ever because the 60's and 70's style is coming back around. Honestly. It is costly even when it is not in good condition.

I see more and more people shopping for older pieces of furniture than ever before.
My hubby and I started collecting a few years ago, and that is why I love the orange and yellow look and style that we have to our home. But, as of late, I want to incorporate a few old timely pieces of decor, and I am on the hunt for it.

After one hour of talking to the owner, we could never come to a good ground for meeting our wants of the chair. 
Can you believe the seller wanted 450 dollars for that raggedy ole' torn to shreds egg pub? 
LOL, I was crying because I wanted that monstrosity and he wouldn't bend even for 200 dollars.

I know the value that is in that chair, but I wasn't willing to pay that much for something that was going to take another few hundred to get professionally repaired. 
Although it would have been ideal if I could have paid the 200 and then another 400 to a pro sofa refurbisher. My total would have been around 600 dollars, but I could take that chance. Oh, and did I mention it was going to 100 dollars just to have someone pick it up and deliver it to another store for repairs.
So, my dreams were crushed harder than a mack truck racing down a track strip.

 Today was a sad day for me on my shopping trip, but I did get to see other weird finds that I thought were good buys. 
 I found several little creepy horse rocking chairs that reminded me of my childhood. Almost every family in my neighborhood had some sort of chair that rocked. Yep, those were the good old days when life was simple, and we played with things that kept its value for years.

Last but not least, I was really thinking about putting this red refrigerator in my shop, but the owner had a 600 dollar tag on it. I can not say it wasn't worth it because it was. The inside was big and thick, and it was ideal for holding sodas and water. The retro feel was more impressive than the actual fridge itself. Do you think I purchased this one item?

Although I didn't get the egg chair, I will be scouting for a new one on Amazon. We all know they have everything known to man on this side of the earth.
I can't say my shopping day was a fail because I did find a few other weird things that I need to clean before sharing. But all in all, my trip was amazing, and I am happy I did not overpay for something I really wanted. I played the game right today, and I never budged off the budget my husband, and I set forth. 
My life is weird sometimes, and I love finding odd shapes and things. For some reason, I want to buy mix matched items for my home as well. The funny thing is that way of living is just fine. You only live once, so why not live in a place that makes you feel alive and loved. 

Now that is what I call living the good life #myway and its called #thehappyway

There you have it my attempt to finding something from the 70's era. Do not worry it ain't over and I will try this shopping madness again. 

Would you have paid 450 for that egg capsule hub?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie


  1. Lately, I’ve been so into those egg nester chairs! They are so popular and trendy at the moment!

    1. Yes they are...they look pretty tucked in a corner and I will be getting one. Watch me find one at a good price, and I will be making the inside fur orange, red or yellow. :)
      xo tangie

  2. I would have paid $4.50 NOT $450! LOL!!!!!

  3. lol I would have at least paid 150 - 200 and that was pushing it a bit. I am going by there today too see if it has sold.
    xo tangie