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That Summer Feeling: Lots Of Laughter ,Texas BBQ And Happy Farts!

                     That Summer Feeling: Lots Of Laughter, Texas BBQ And Happy Farts!
 Ok, it is official. I am so ready for the hot, sticky, and humid madness that is about to happen all around the world. It is summer y'all, and the family and I are ready to catch those summer heat vibes.

I think it is safe to say bye to hot or warm coffee and hello to all the ice coffee I can chug down to my belly.
Yes, I have it all planned out to enjoy my family, friends, and lots of food.
I do not know about you guys, but when summer hits, we are ready for a mini-vacation, movies with popcorn, and any outside air we can get. Oh, and not to mention cold sweet watermelon and greasy Texas Bar BBQ. Ahhh, that is the life for us simple country folk.

Since the sun has been out, I've been planning a lot of stuff for my tribe and me over here. You know, on my days off, I do not want to come home and go to sleep, and neither do I want to be in a store shopping all the time.
 Although I am looking at a few sales at JCPenney, Macy's, and more, I know my family doesn't want to do those things all summer. Especially when they are home while their dad and I work to bring home some bacon for them to fry. :)

This year I am stepping out of my comfort zone and doing lots of outdoor activities. 
Every year we go camping, but this year we will be hitting the water. I can not lie I am one blonde head who hates to get her hair all wet, but, this year it's going down.
Yes, this time, I will participate in the water because doing the camp season, I am known to stay in the cabin where it is nice and cool.
I was trying to lose two or three pounds but decided to let go and just go with the flow. I did a little summer shopping for swimsuits, and I will definitely be showing you those cool gigs in a later post. 
Trust me I am going simple with lots of off the shoulder outfits. 

You already know I want quick, slip-on dresses and off the shoulder tops for my on the go life.
Honestly, I am afraid of the dark, mosquitoes, and the heat. Not to mention, I am not a big fan of all those outdoor activities. I am just being honest. :)
Anywho summer vibes for me this year is going to be all about the watermelon, Texas barbeque, laughter, and lots of happy farts. Yep, that is life, and it doesn't cost a dime. It only involves lots of time.
My summer list is fire this year, and it consists of :
Last week the carnival came to town, so after church, we drove up parked and got out. Usually, I will plan for events like that, but I did something a little different this year.
I scaled back on eating out as much at work with y friends, and we set aside a weekend fun jar.

Every week I put money to the side for a quick weekend outing without planning.

So, when we saw the theme park off the freeway, we swooped down and hung around for a few hours.

I may be over 40, but I still love a sky-high Ferris wheel ride with a hot corn dog that is only good from local city fairs and festivals.

 There have been some good movies hitting the theatre lately, and we have not missed one. I will be sharing more on those later.

I know this is about to sound crazy. But last year we spent quite a bit on one vacation. We went to Seaworld in San Antonio, Texas for 5 days, it was fun, yet costly for a family of 6.
Although that trip was amazing, we came back home wanting more because we still were 5 weeks away from school starting again for our girls.
 So, Rico and I got to planning, and after a family vote, we decided on Galveston, Texas, for this year's big vacation with mini things around town as a bonus.
 We will be going on that one trip, but we will also be incorporating small baby things to do in our hometown, as well.
So, stay tuned for those little rabbit holes to pop in and out on the blog.

I am mastering small things to do with my family without spending two arms and one leg on entertainment. I have been keeping them so busy until when we get home, they fall fast asleep.

In conclusion: It is ok to have a summer list full of ideas and places to go and see. But, honey, it is even better when you can get up and go do something small that wasn't intentional.

Life is too short to just be existing, so live a little, live a lot (bigger) just LIVE!
Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Cute!!!!!! Family time is the best time

  2. You sure do have a lot planned and I’m ready! 👀😭

  3. This summer is going to Awesome! So many ideas and things to do!

    1. Good I am glad you have plans:) Have a good day!
      xo Tangie