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That Weekend Feeling! Oh And A Little Bit Of Easy Homemade French Toast

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That Weekend Feeling! Oh And A Little Bit Of Easy Homemade French Toast

I am a real country gal who loves to eat a lot of good ole' southern food. So, I am no stranger in my kitchen when it comes to cooking for my family. It is not often we all can get together for something good and yummy. So, when the weekends come, I am overjoyed to hit the pots and pans with my cooking.

Image: Bananas, watermelon, eggs, bacon, orange juice and french toast. Seen first on bits and babbles blog
 It is something about the weekends that makes me feels and happy on the inside. It may be I am off, and I can kick my feet up and do nothing. Shhh! Please do not tell my clients I really anticipate being away from them. :) lol jk but every now and then I need a break.
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Last week I planned a day where I was doing any and everything I wanted to do. But this weekend I decided to prepare a breakfast feast with my family. Yep, this mama will be in the kitchen, cooking up a few things. I know that is a normal thing for every family around the world, but I am trying to make it a point and keep the momentum going.

Life is hard and hectic through the week, so gathering around the bar with my kiddos and the hubs is a must this summer.

So, this weekend I cooked up a simple french toast breakfast that was meant to feed an army of about 13 people.

Hey, I figure if I am going to cook, I might as well go all out!

Ok, I may be being a bit dramatic, but hey breakfast is the best part of the day, right?

Image: French toast cooking , recipe
Here is my quick recipe for making homemade french toast that your family will love you even more for.
I like to use croissant bread because it gives my toast a crunchy, flaky yet chewy texture.  

Mix eggs in a bowl with whipping cream, vanilla extract, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

Cut bread in half and dip into the mixture until coated. Preheat skillet and pile onto a hot plate and cook both sides until thoroughly cooked. 
When done place in oven until all other food finish cooking.
Image: Fried eggs seen first on bits and babbles blog
On this day, I prepared boiled eggs, and over easy hard fried ones, my family loves choices.
Also, I cooked bacon and cut up some watermelon for a refreshing ease down from eating a heavy morning meal.

Image: Plate full of food : Melon, Eggs,and french toast. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog

Image: Orange Juice seen first on bits and babbles blog
 Let's not forget the ice cold orange juice to top everything off.

There you have it a quick weekend and french toast recipe.

In conclusion: My life is not perfect, but what I can make perfect is how I plan my weekend feelings with my family. Cooking is normal, and I am supposed to cook for my family.

 But, cooking and having a sit down with the ones I love made my morning perfect. Life is fast, so I decided to slow down and place one good ole' morning into slow motion. 

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie