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Today I Am Looking At Life With A New Set Of Glasses On!

Image: Woman holding book in front of her face at the library.
 Today I Am Looking At Life With A New Set Of Glasses On! 

Ok, I don't actually have glasses on but roll with me I am going somewhere.

 Lately, I've been on a roll with getting up and out on my days off to catch a breath of fresh air. I have so much to tell you guys, it is unbelievable. But, it can't be in one sit down of a post read. 
Besides life comes in small nuggets so why do most people, including myself, try to consume it all in one big lump sum.
So, last week I stumbled across this book titled The Year Of Living Happy. Finding Contentment and Connection in a Crazy World. 
  Now I haven't started reading it yet in its entirety. But, I was able to get a few inserts that made me want to dive deeper into a quick read. 
 The main point summed up was all about finding your real inner being in happiness. I will give no spoilers, but what is happiness to (You) and me?

I can't speak for none of you guys, but this is the year of getting my happy on.
And, lately, I've been into stretching my mindset a bit more. Trying to get out of my regular daily routine.
Yep, so if you are reading this post today, find something that inspires you to enjoy small bits of Happy.
Image: Woman holding books with Tupac face on it at the library. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog
 So, long story short, I went to the library and got caught up reading and looking at books. I even found a documented book written about Tupac. I am always intrigued by his story because he accomplished so much in such a short time of his life. Yet his story is so, violet, brutal and sad to me. With all his money and fame, I feel as tho he never got out the ghetto mentally. 
If you have read any books about him or seen any documentaries, what do you think?
 I went to the bookstore at 11am and left at 6pm and surprisingly I wasn't tired at all. I caught a new revelation on a bunch of things I need to do in my own life. I am talking about busting a few moves up and down the elevator. Yes, when I got a little sleepy, I just walked around and rode the escalator for a little crazy fun.

Life is worth living, and I am always looking for that open the door to living my best life. Yep, I was experiencing a real eye-opener, and my spirit on the inside woke up.
Image: Magazine rack at the library. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog
What is true happiness, with all the fame and money if there is no happiness, then all that other stuff means nothing? This may sound crazy, but I look at life differently now, and I am finally going in the right direction. 

I sat in that library for hours with my shoes off eating oreo cake and drinking cold coffee. And I must say doing nothing was the best feeling in the world.

I am not trying to be the spokesperson for being happy but honey when I a few blissful days I am going to enjoy it and yell it to the top of my voice.

I know this will be the year I will be reading a lot of books and drinking a massive amount of coffee.

What inspires you? Tell me about the latest book you have read? How are you looking at life today?

Today, I am looking at life with a new set of glasses on...stay tuned! 

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie