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Two Yellow Circles: Four Gold Links And A Few Thoughts From The Streets

Two Yellow Circles: Four Gold Links And A Few Thoughts From The Streets

Hello Yall, I am feeling all types of yellow hues today. It has been raining cats and dogs down here in my neck of the woods. So, I am trying to find a little energy to hit the streets with my daughters.
You know it is summer, and they think we should be going and doing something every single day.

So, today, I am coming to this blog with two circles, four gold links, and my babbling thoughts from the streets. Trust me, this is a real chatty one today, but hey, I am always finding a new lesson tucked away in my life.

Honestly, as I am aging, I have finally realized no matter how old I become, I will never stop learning something about this old life of mine. 

The other day my daughter Moriah wanted to go to the library, and I was just too tired after working 9 hours that day. (P.S.)Try not to judge me because that is real life for me sometimes. :)

So, I sat down for about two hours before I started thinking about its summer, and I have to face the fact I may be out more than in my home. Since it was already evening, I knew the library would be ideal for an outing, and it is FREE!
Dear Lord, I can't ask for nothing better than that at the moment.
In roughly about 30 minutes, I jumped up off the sofa and got myself re-dressed. Yes, I took a shower beforehand this time. Lol (:) 

I didn't have to think hard about what I was going to wear because I keep a slip-on dress in my closet and I will restyle that one item over and over again.
It's summertime who really has time to dress up? Besides, I am going out to lounge around at a public library, and I want to be comfortable.
Plus, I have mastered how to re-wear my daily, mom, and wife outfits. 

Tip: I shop on the sales and clearance racks all the time, so when I find something I can fit, I will purchase two or three of the same thing. Yes, I am that crazy lady who buys all the XL sizes.
The struggle is real when it comes to buying stuff that fits me. I rarely wear pants because I want comfy, chic, and quick to jump on in and head out the door. Trust me, I get dressed faster that way. 

No seriously, I slung on my same ole' denim dress that I love so much. I have styled this thing; I know 30 different ways, and each time I look like a different woman. This time I popped my crossbody bag on that I got for a few bucks off She-In website.
I am wearing the same black bracelets that I made myself. The silver ones came from JCPenney and Macy's in the mall.
Since I was wearing a brown handbag, I jumped right on into the new brown open-toe booties that I got from Cato's fashions. 
I decided not to put on any makeup except my usual red lipstick by Maybelline matte.

Wearing a red lip color really hid the fact of being tired and restless.
Then,  I grabbed the big oversized yellow bumblebee shades that I got from Francesa's, and I popped those bad boys on.
Although I did not want to be seen by no one on the streets, I knew these would get a little attention. Yep, and I wore them anyway right on out the door. I love how accessories can make me look pulled together, even when I am feeling a hot mess. #thatisreallife

Oh, and did I mention I went all out with my earring candy, I decided to wear a pair that had two metal circle ring on each side. I looked like I was going to a 70's party. 

I know I may have gone a bit overboard, but hey, I was dressed and ready to go in no time. And I am a firm believer popping on accessories always changes the way I look and feel at times. 

By the time we made it to our local library, it was packed with all the other moms and their little ones. I was upset because hey it's summer and we are all looking for something that will entertain the family. 
Luckily here in Texas, we have a lot of places that have bookshelves on the corner and what a lifesaver that was. It is a small book hub where you can take a book and leave a book. 

So, the girls and I decided to park and sit on the curb of our city and read, laugh and chit chat.
Surprisingly it was a few people out and enjoying a little bit of fresh air as well. Someone was reading the cat in the hat out loud on the streets. My daughter Moriah was just sitting down, enjoying herself, which caused me to relax and breathe. It was a beautiful and refreshing day, indeed.

A few streets thoughts:
I realized a few things, once I put on something other than work clothes, I felt better. After stepping outside, the air felt different than it did when I was trying to rush through traffic to get home. It may be a mind over matter, but these were my real feelings. In other words, I may not have been as tired as I was feeling. We were on the streets laughing and talking, so I felt my energy levels rise to new heights, and I actually loved that feeling.

Sometimes, it is easy to feel sluggish when all I needed was a small amount of fresh air. Also, I really didn't need to dress up at all, putting on a few pieces of jewelry and a pair of shades made me look pulled together.
And at the end of the day, it was about going that extra mile with my daughters. And as a mom, that is all that counts. Honestly, this was a big step for me because I stretched myself until I felt better, and I am pleased about that.

Sometimes, being tired all the time is a way to slow down living an enjoyable and relaxing lifestyle. Every day I am learning something new, and I will never be ashamed of admitting it. Besides, I am never too old to learn anything that will bring me a life full of joy.

Have a great Tuesday and do not allow anyone to get you off track.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie

Would you wear those yellow shades I have on in the top picture? Leave me comments :)


  1. I would wear those yellow shades all day everyday! I used to be such a simple suzie BUT lately I have been loving more quirky things and I couldn't be happier about it!

    1. IKR...thanks Carey...sending hugs...ttyl
      xo tangie

  2. Your style is impressive


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