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Weekend Bits And Favorites: A Few Simple Life Things

Image: eggs, spinach on plate to share a meal
Weekend Bits And Favorites: A Few Simple Life Things
Hey Yall here is another weekend bits and favorites list for the week. You know I have been working on some stuff and getting a few things lined up.

 And by doing so, my eating habits have been taken a back seat. Of course, you know I know better? 
But hey what can I say I am trying to do better.

In fact, I just recently learned how to make an egg scramble two different ways.
One being the lazy way which happens to be my favorite.

Image: Scrambled eggs

First I take some garlic butter and sautee some spinach in it with a little salt and pepper. Then I add about three beaten eggs and scramble. So simple right? Yes, it is. And I went an extra mile by adding cherry tomatoes and more cracked pepper. I laid it on a half top of crusted bagel bread. 

The second way is to add eggs to a hot skillet and add all your toppings, onions, ham, cheese, etc.

Allow the egg to cook on one side then fold over one side of the egg onto the other side. This technique is my least favorite because I can not get it right no matter how I try.

But hey I learned how to make something different with my eggs. So, I am proud of my efforts.

Image jewelry pieces

Another thing that happened was I found myself a few more rings and bracelets from the thrift store. I can not wait to share those new pieces, we are in the process of cleaning them, and I am so happing about my findings. 

Image : Woman trying on Jewelry

But as you can see in my top pictures, I have some pretty good pieces. I've recently found a peach ring that has a beautiful faux pearl set in a vintage style ring holder. It is absolutely stunning on my hand. 

I was finally able to grab a few minutes to give my skin a little self-care. On yesterday I went all in on my skin by giving myself a full facial. I even did my crusty lips and oh boy was it needed.

Image: Woman drinking Tea at Dunkin Donuts
 Lately, I have taken advantage of the 2 dollar teas at Dunkin Donuts. Netflix has been on repeat at my house, so I've watched the Grinch movie I know 30 times. But, hey it ok it keeps my house in a Christmas mood although it's springtime.
Image: Woman showing her converse tennis shoes
Oh, and I have been wearing my converse tennis shoes every day to work. 
A few other things:
Planned a simple Father's Day that will require lots of food and relaxing.

Image: Book of appetizers

Also, I was in the Dollar Tree this week and stumbled upon a few recipe books. I was intrigued by the appetizers one, so I had to grab it.
I really want to make slow and easy meals, including quick snacks.

Last but not least:
I went shopping with my daughters. I just learned each of their styles have suddenly changed. 
Rico has a new love for eating ice-cream in bed after work.
So, that has started me to eating Mr.Edwards lemon icebox pies in bed as well.
We have convinced ourselves it is a way to reward ourselves. And you know what I am cool with that?
In conclusion: Everyday life is moving at a fast pace, so when I can sit and chill with my family and husband, I am all in.

There you have it a few of life's little simple things. And yes, I am learning to live my life in the moment and in simplicity. 

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie