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A Little Bit Of Old Fashioned Time!

Image: Milk shake at Honky's Burgers in Oakcliff Dallas
A Little Bit Of Old Fashioned Time!

Hello, Friday so glad to be strolling by and enjoying this fantastic weather at the moment. I do not know about anyone else, but who is ready for Fall? Whew, I am eager to hang up my shorts for a pair of Texas cowboy boots. You know those kinds that have the sharp spurs on the side and clack on the floor when you walk. :)  Yep, those! :)

Image: Inside Honky's Burger Restaurant . Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog
A Little Bit Of Old Fashioned Time!

Anyhoo, there is not much going on in my neck of the woods.
 Except, I finally made a little bit of old fashioned time for Rico. If you guys could see this big ole' smile, he has right now. 
Image: Inside Honky's burger bar in Bishop Arts District
 Rico and I both have decided to keep open a small window for our planned and unplanned date nights.
In reality, who has time to date every week? Whew, girl, I am tired. #nojoke
When it comes to our schedules by the time we get home, one of us is always tired and unmotivated.  #me #reallife
 LOL:) life is so funny when it comes to finding time for the things that matter the most. #family #husband #wife #kids etc,yadda yadda

Image: Tangie and her Husband eating onion rings at Honky's burger bar in Bishop Arts District
I usually cook dinner for the whole family during the week, but this time today Rico wanted to cook.
Ya'll, I would rather eat out, because this man can not boil hot water for grits. But that is another story within itself.:)

So, I convinced him we needed to have ourselves a little old fashioned time over burgers, onion rings, and malted shakes.
I finally realized something about myself this week, I am a country gal from the south, and I prefer food, and laughter over anything in life. And going to a hole in the wall for dinner was right up my alley.
I prefer a small place where I can just sit down and be comfortable with my headwrap on and little corner where Rico and I can chit chat it up.
A Little Bit Of Old Fashioned Time!
 I remember back in the day a burger meal for two people would cost only 10 dollars. Ha, now it can run at least 25 dollars for two people. Those are the things we laugh about now while making sure we eat every piece of the bread from our burgers.
A Little Bit Of Old Fashioned Time!
 The older I am becoming, the more I want to cherish the little things in life that require doing absolutely nothing.
Rico and I can't always get out on a Friday for a date night. So, when we can't, we will always find a way to eat ice-cream in bed while watching movies. Seriously no joke! That is called simplifying life. Lol :) #makeitwork
A Little Bit Of Old Fashioned Time!
When I look around the world, many people are stressed, and for good reasons, Life is happening fast, that is why it's vital to carve out a little bit of that old fashioned time. You know those parts where you sit down with the loved ones and reminisce about the good ole' days. 

If I could change one thing about life as I know it now. It would be to find more meaningful things to be happy and joyful about. 

One thing Rico and I have both agreed upon, we must make way for having grown-up time together.
That may sound lame, but carving out windows of time is vital for a couple's sanity.

Although, I wanted to crawl up under my bed for sleep, getting out and crossing over the Texas bridge woke my mind, body, and soul up.

The funny thing about life is every person's journey to life's fulfillment is going to be different.

Having a burger and shake night is not all that, but it is if it brings two people together with smiles and a week's worth of chatter.

This weekend I am off, and I plan on using my time wisely. If I need to rest, I will do that, and if I want to dance in the streets, I am going to do that as well.

And that is how I plan to live my life from this day forward. On my own terms and the way I want by any means necessary.
Therefore, I encourage all of you to start doing the same. After giving of yourself on your jobs and to other's every day, try to save a little time just for yourself. You can thank me later.

 I have finally gotten the true meaning of just living life:)

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

Have A Blessed weekend

xo Tangie 


  1. Yall look like yall had a good ole time!!! Im about to simplify my life as well! Good post!

  2. I know cherishing the smallest of moments are the absolute best!!


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