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Around The City Shopping For My New Fall Style: Earrings, Boots, Hats: Oh My!

Image: Woman ( Tangie Bell shopping for her Fall clothes. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog
 Around The City Shopping For My New Fall Style: Earrings, Boots, Hats: Oh My!

I am about to share a big ole' fat secret with you gals on today. Wait for it! It's the weekend and sometimes I shop, try on stuff and haul it all right here on Bits and Babbles blog. Ha! Just kidding sort of:)

Image:Items in window at Francescas store and boutique in the mall. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog

I am asked all the time where do I find most of my black, white, and long boho/gothic dresses from. Well, I will spill the beans right now, I get them almost all the time from Francesca's boutique store. Yes, they are nationwide and online. Let me just twirl right here:)
Also, another store for cute grown-up basics is Cato Fashion, and I must add it to my favorite place to shop quietly. 

So, there you have it two of my favorite places when I am getting ready to transition my clothes into another season such summer, spring, fall, and winter. Where is your hot spot for shopping? Go ahead and tell me, I will not tell nooooooooobody> :) #pinkypromise

Now, I know it is way too early to be talking about anything fall. But, Ya'll the stores are overcrowded with long sleeves, boots, hats, and sweaters and I ain't ready yet.
Image: Woman Tangie Bell doing her Fall shopping at Francescas store in Frisco Mall
Anywho, honey, I went shopping with my daughters last week for school, and we could barely find anything for summer. Besides, most of the summer stuff is already being pushed to the back of the stores and marked down. 
But, never fear I am always running toward the back aisles looking for the sales, deals, and thrills that may be hidden in the corner of the store. Ya girl never misses anything with a 50% off tag lurking around.

Image: Woman Tangie Bell trying on black soft hats at local store in Frisco Texas
I was trying to focus on shopping for my girls, but I saw so many things that were calling me by name. Ok, not exactly, but I was Sho-Nuff putting me some things together for my secret wardrobe. 
Image: Woman trying on hats and boots for fall
 It's no secret, I love to wear head wraps and scarves, but I also love to pop on cute little hats, big and small. Stay tuned for those accessories, no matter what, I will come tossing up a few hats. 
When I was younger, I wore lots of colors, and I still do. But, I gravitate toward more solid colors that can be paired with stripes, polka dots, etc. 
I used to buy prints and then try to add items to that. But, as I've gotten older, I prefer a quick outfit to toss on that is super comfortable. Honey, it must be a jump on and out the door type of thing. So, I look for solid colors to work with, some call it minimalist, and some call it shopping for the basics. 
I call it a mess, therefore, I am wearing it how I want.
Image: Woman in yellow dress try on leopard black and white booties for Fall. Shopping vlog seen first on Bits and Babbles blog.
 I know this Fall I will be going with black and white, so I must start now gathering my items. Trust me in August, the stores will be selling full winter items, and I do not want to miss out. 
Image:Woman in yellow dress try on black and white leopard shoes for a perfect fit. seen first on Bits and Babbles blog
 I must admit, I had to grab this black hat because it is soft and has an oversized look to it. Y'all I love wearing hats toward the end of the year because they really look fabulous when styled correctly.
Side Note: the correct way to wear a hat is the way you want to wear it. 
LOL:) I am not fashioning, and at the end of the day, I never match anyways. 
So, I never understood why people ask me about my style? #iamboring
I just dress and leave the house. That's the fun in personal style, besides no one person has all the answers anyway. #realtruth #doingme

 When I find a boot that fits my big ole' feet, I have to grab them and run as fast as I can. I wear a size 9 but buy a size 10. But, the struggle is real because I can never ever find my size in anything cute. So, when I do, I have to purchase right then and there.
Do you think I bought these little snakeskin booties? Hint: They were an exact fit and size 10. Stay tuned!
Image: Leopard shoes from Francescas Store. Tangie showing her Fall style. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog
 Ok, here's the deal I am going to share my Fall style chart with you all also. It is so easy to follow and affordable as well. So far, I am leaning all the way to black leopard, cheetah, and solid prints that are black/white, brown, and beige.  Yes, I know that sounds summery, but that is the point. Most of the summer clothes are going on sale right now.

So, my strategy is to but all the cute summer sales, then pop on denim jackets, cardigans, and tights. Ok, can you see where I am going with this?
So, if it's on sale or discounted, I will grab it. Girl, we gotta save those coins. I am still shopping but with a budget and common sense attached to my thinking.

Image: Woman shopping for her Fall clothes and accessories. seen first on Bits and Babbles blog. Written by Tangie Bell
 So far, on this shopping trip, I hit the jackpot and bought some really cool stuff that will make my Fall style look cool.  

Image: Woman show off her new sale find of white earrings from Francescas Store in Frisco Texas mall.

Right before I left, I found a pretty pair of flower earrings I have eyeing for a long time. And guess what they were all white with a center of gold. Yep, I had to cop those bad boys, and they were only 10 dollars with a discounted off the price. I bought so much it was hard to keep up with my sale items.

Also, can you see where I am going with my fall season's style? 
Last Question: I found one thing cheaper at another store, can you guess which one it was? So, pay close attention to the three items I have in hand.
Trust me, it was the exact item at half the price.

I will be posting on another day. Please leave comments below. I would love to know your answer.

Have a great weekend.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. That Yellow Dress and those Snakeskin shoes are EVERYTHING!!!

  2. This post has me READY for some FALL Shoppping! Oweeee Im loving those boots!

    1. you know I had to copy them:)
      xo tangie


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