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Dallas, Texas City Diaries: Soul Food, Sweet Treats, And More!

Image: Menu At the wild detectives Coffee Shop In Oak Cliff Dallas Texas. Glass of coffee and tomato can used as decor. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog written by Tangie Bell. City Diaries
Dallas, Texas City Diaries: Soul Food, Sweet Treats, And More!

Hello, Friday it is so good to see Ya! I am finally here to share my newest bits on Dallas, Texas in my City Diaries. If you have been following me for a while, you already know how much I love food and hanging out. 
I must admit I am a Texas Bama by way of Louisiana. So, when it comes to my food and living like a real southern country gal. I must say hands down Louisiana has it all sowed up. No seriously, if you really want authentic Gumbo and fried catfish that will make you backhand slap something "You know," that down south of Louisiana is where it's at. 
But, since I live in the upper southern part of Texas, I guess I will share my experiences with the non-gator eaters. :) No pun I love Big Tex because it's true everything is bigger in this place I now call home.
One of my favorite spots in the big D town is The Wild Detectives Coffee House in Oak Cliff. I am a big coffee drinker, and I love when I can go into a place where it is quiet yet filled with a back in the day vibe. You know that place that has unique flavored drinks, books, and records that can be played in your ole' school record player. Yep, that place. 
Today's flavored cup of Jo was an ice-cold creamsicle, and on a scale of 1 to 10, it is a 9. #love 

Image: Wild Detectives Sign At Coffe Shop in Oak Cliff Bishop Arts District

Image: Tange Bell going through the records at The Wild Detectives Coffee Bar In Bishop Arts District Dallas Texas. Seen First On Bits and Babbles Blog. Written By Tangie Bell for the City Diaries Section.     Coffee Bar
I must admit I am a big fan of old music and records that can only be found at a vintage hub or discount store. So, going to this coffee snub place is definitely a winner with me. 
Image: Bookstore and Coffe shop The Wild Detectives located in Oak Cliff. Seen First On Bits and Babbles Blog written by Tangie Bell. Favorited in her City Diaries section
Honestly, I have no problem sitting down and enjoying a quiet drink with a friend, my daughters and/or Rico the hubby. I always lose a minimum of three hours every time I am sitting, chatting, and eating. Oh yes, did I mention they have the best sandwiches anyone can ask for, and I usually go for the ham or bacon tacos? Yummy and it comes with a side of chili sauce, so good. 

Now here comes the best part The Wild Detectives host live readings, music shows, and screenings. It really is a cool place to eat and chill. You can even have a can or glass of beer. 

Most of the times, you will find me chilling on the front porch enjoying the shade. 
This is my jam, and it is more than a coffee bar: 

Now, I spent a lot of my morning at the coffee bar before going home to dress for dinner. Ok, I will be honest it was date night. My family will tell you I only want to eat soul food 24/7 it's in my DNA and I just can't help it. 
Image: Sweet Georgia Brown Building in Oak Cliff . Seen First On Bits and Babbles Blog. Favored in The City Diaries Section
So, this week we slid in the front door of Sweet Georgia Brown. Now only the locals know about this place and the comedian Katt Williams. When he came to Dallas to do a show, he stopped there to eat, and he had quite a few jokes. Since I am not funny, I will only tell my side of the story. :)
Image: Sweet Georgia Brown Table and Cafe. Favored In The City Diaries. seen first on Bits and Babbles blog
The inside vibe is ole' school, and it has a friendly atmosphere. But, we all know the best greens, and butter cornbread comes from a hole in the wall. I usually stop by Sweet Georgia Browns on Catfish Friday, but I went on a regular Monday instead. 
Image: Inside the building of Sweet Georgia Brown. Having Date night with husband. Seen First On Bits and Babbles blog
Now the joke is they give you enough food to eat on for days. Well, I must tell you guys upfront that is not a joke. 
First off, I had a choice to eat in or take out both Rico, and I chose to get the white styrofoam plates to go. Although we knew we were going to be eating in and taking what's left back home.

Ok, now let's get down to the nitty-gritty, I ordered the beef tip, white rice, collard greens, sweet potatoes, and cornbread. Now I am no simp when it comes to eating dirty like this. Buy, Yall this food was big enough for me to share with my whole family. I was feeling defeated before I could even sit down at the table.

There was no way I was going to eat without praying first. Lol :) I thought my portions were large until I saw my husband's plate.
Image: Tangie Bell sitting down eating at sweet Georgia Browns Bar-B Que Place in Oak Cliff. seen First On Bits and Babbles Blog. City Diaries
You can barely see what he had because he sucked the meat right off the pork ribs. Don't judge us we a little country at heart.
Anyhoot Rico ordered a three rib plate with brisket, mac, and cheese, sweet potatoes, cornbread.
The sad part is neither myself nor Rico could finish our plates of food. 

Side Note: Sweet Georgia Browns was packed with people on a Monday, but the line moves fast with orders. 
Con: I couldn't finish all my food, and it looked as if I didn't put a dent in any of it.
Image: Enjoying Dessert at Sweet Georgia Browns Restaurant. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog.
Now I am an honest person Sweet Browns has some tasty desserts. I often go for the strawberry cake or the banana pudding. Both of those were sold out on that day, but my husband enjoyed the german chocolate cake. 

Image: Packing up food to go from Sweet Georgia Brown Cafe in Oak cliff
Now, I have to admit we had so much food leftover we had to have two bags to carry everything out. #noshame
We barely had enough room to drink down our peach crush soda. Besides I knew later on that evening, I was going to want something a little lighter for my nightcap. 

  • If you try Sweet Georgia good luck with eating all your food. :)

Later on that night, I had to have myself a cooldown treat, and I promise you may see me here.

Image: Picole Ice Pos in Oak Cliff. Tried by Tangie Bell and shared On Bits and Babbles Blog. Favored in City Diaries
Did I mention my husband and I are both sweet mouths? Yep, we usually have something right after din-din. But this go-round we opted for something refreshing and crisp since we stopped by the house and grabbed the girls.
Image: Inside Picole Ice Pops In Oak Cliff
Picole is definitely kid and family-friendly. 
Image: Woman making ice pops for people. Seen first on City Diaries
Every time we go, I love the fact I get to choose, and the staff decorates with any of the items you want. Hands down the experience was absolutely amazing, and I go mainly because the team is the friendliest. Oh, and the fruit bars are the world's best, in my opinion.
Image: Ice Pops at Picole in Oak Cliff  Seen First On Bits and Babbles Blog
My flavor of choice is the cheesecake filled pop with white chocolate drizzle and sprinkles. 
Image: Woman holding ice pops at Picole in Oak Cliff. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog

wPicole pops are the snack treat you would want on a hot summer day. It is cream-filled but with the right amount of crunch that satisfied your sweet tooth cravings.
Pro: Very Affordable
Con: None Available
The Best Treat Everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Image: Street Art from Bishop Arts District
One of my favorite things to do in the city is to have a walk, talk and sightsee stuff with my family.

Image: Art on the streets Oak Cloff
It doesn't matter where you go in Dallas you can find murals, art and people painting on the streets. It may sound ugly, but it is pure beauty. And it is a creative lifestyle that I have come to love about living in Dallas, Texas.
I always find inspiration and motivation on our evening walks. Although my kids are growing up, we still find things we can do as a unit. 
Image: Murals and art in Oak Cliff Dallas Texas.

There is nothing more relaxing than stories, hopes, and dreams with the ones you love. Oakcliff has a lot of cultural arts and creative things the whole family can get off into. Just park your car, get out, and walk around.

Now, Yall Know I can't end this post without sharing my earrings with you guys.
Image: Picture of Tangie Bell showing off her earrings from Amazon. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog . Shared on City Diaries
If someone tells you there is a dress code in Texas, do not believe them. The style code is wearing what interest you. Dallas is like being in New York; it is full of talent and gifted and unique individuals. 
Image: Tangie Bell walking down the street showing off her Outfit of the day. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog. Favored on the City Diaries Post

You can dress up or down and still strut around town. 

Image: Tangie Bell sharing her outfit and earrings of the day as inspiration. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog
There I chose to dress somewhere in my own land. I mostly wear the same thing, but most people can never tell. I love clothes, but I prefer something that is a slip on and off. The re-wear items I will always buy two or three if I really like it.
Image: Tangie Bell sharing her shoe fits on Bits and Babbles

Today I am enjoying my time about the town in my black jumper from Old Navy.
My handbag is thrifted.
Shoes from Buckle
Moon & Sun Earrings are from the Buckle.
Although I can wear what I want, I do dress comfortably when I have a lot of walking to do. 

There you have it a full day with my City Diaries and me.

Do you want more?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

P.S. All opinions are from me, and if you try any of the places I frequent, please be mindful, you may or may not like them. Use this as a guide of inspo :) 


  1. Absolutely enjoyed the picture collage and also seeing you engage in your city!
    Keep up the good work.

  2. OMG This was sooo good! Yes I want more of your city diaries!!! And that outfit looks super comfy! I need to find me a black jumper ASAP! And that popsicle looked super yummy, its the perfect summer treat! Awesome post! Love it!


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