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Midlife Notes: Why This Old Gal Stop Worrying About Having A Crisis

Image: Tangie Bell is having a cup of coffee with Betty Boop Face on it. She is also reading magazines and sharing on her blog Bits and Babbles. Midlife Notes: Why This Old Gal Stop Worrying About Having A Crisis
 Midlife Notes: Why This Old Gal Stop Worrying About Having A Crisis

Good morning Ya'll,  Come on in and grab a cuppa tea, coffee or wine. I hope you are having a great day thus far. I am up getting ready to dart out the door for the day. But, while I was putting on my make-up, I started to realize a few more things about this place in my life, I call midlife. So, I wanted to share a few bits from my Midlife Notes on why I stopped worrying about having a crisis in my life.

No matter how we all try not to talk about aging, eventually it will occur at some point in life, later or sooner.
Image: Tangie Bell is writing in her journal. Drinking coffee out of her Betty Boop cup. Sharing on her blog her story about being in midlife crisis. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog

Although I thought I had a lot of later times to come.
 You, know when you are in your twenties you feel as though time will keep things pulled up and looking young forever. At least I thought I was going to keep my small figure even after having children. Oh, and I believed my breast would stay perky even after years of breastfeeding.

It is possible if you get your tatas pulled up and botox injections at 60 years old. 
I mean it is easy to keep things up and looking perky when you have thousands to dish out as you age. 
No pun to anyone because at the end of the day I may be getting myself a few botox injections one day. So, I am not here to judge neither say what I will and want to do to my body as I go on up yonder in the field of aging gracefully. :)

It depends if my future money will allow that to happen. :)
Girl, that stuff has to be kept up regularly, and I ain't got time for that.
 Plus, I prefer shopping and enjoying real-life experiences that hold value. 

No one ever sees the body changes after having a baby or going through life changes in general.

In the real world, things change, and that is a fact I am learning to deal with. 
Image: Watermelon and Strawberries. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog. Tangie is sharing her breakfast while chatting about her experience having a Midlife crisis. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog
As I was prepping my morning and writing in my notebook.
I had an aha moment. 
I stopped taking life so seriously about a year ago when I felt as though I was trying to have a midlife crisis. 
Being in a slump is real, I was crying about every little thing. Not to mention, I hated everything about me, myself, and I. I went through every emotion a person can think of. Until I realized my Doctor wanted to medicate me and I tried to revert back to being twenty-something. Ugh at the time, my life sucked to me although I had the love and support from my family. 

After going to see a counselor, I soon realized I was acting out a bit. For one, my husband and kids catered to my life's shenanigans, and going to therapy really helped me. Yep, I was getting a lot of attention from everybody, but I almost fell into a deep depression.

Sitting down, talking to other women who went through something similar really shed light on my new Midlife path. 

After chatting about my feelings, I admitted I was kinda scared. Honestly, why was I acting as if time was going to stand still just for me?

Being apart of a group also helped me see how much of myself I needed to get over. My family and the world needs me to show and live life until the end really comes.

Ya'll I almost spent one year being sad and that is a big chunk of time I can not get back no matter how I try.
This is real talk, and most people run from this type of conversations. But, I am not afraid anymore, and I can shout that from any mountain top that I need to climb.

The truth is I had to learn a new way of looking at my life. So, what I never went to prom or got a chance drive to a two-seat car that happens to be red and can only fit me and my purse. #nokidsallowed

When I finished therapy, I realized I needed to move forward and live life at the moment.
Besides, life is not over who says, a person can't dress up from prom at 50 or drive a low top drop car at 80 years old.

Life is just getting started when you hit passed those 40's, and there is no need to cry and get sad about it.
Most people talk about the crisis in life, but no one really talks about the new way we need to adjust and start living a life full of hope, joy, fun, and peace.

As I am aging, I do not want to shrivel up and wait on my time clock to expire. Doing that causes loneliness, fear, and utter sadness. Not to mention getting angry at other people for living their life as if it is golden. Yep, that does happen.

After going through my own midlife crisis, I got up one day with a big ole' country smile and a brand new plan for myself.
I will share a few bits and pieces with you guys because the struggle is real and we have to get up and create the life we want to live.

  • I do not waste any amount of time doing the day. If I am off, I rest when needed. But, I get up to freshen up my bedroom and myself. Laying around, causing me to have feelings of anxiety and anxiousness. I can not explain why I have this type of behavior. But, I feel so much better when I get up and move my body. Sometimes, I may not leave the house, but I will go into another room or sit out on my porch. 
  • I had to let go of worrying. I fix what I can and the rest I do not take to bed with me. I am an over-thinker, which causes me to worry about small things that sometimes turn into big things. Therapy taught me that way of thinking was harming and aging me faster than ever. I learned to put the torch down when my flames become too high for me to handle. This is one thing I have to always practice doing. I really have stopped worrying about having a crisis or getting older in my life.
  • I have placed myself in rediscovery mode. Yes, that's right. I am discovering what brings me happiness and joy so I can spread that.
  • I have learned that I am more valuable now that ever. My family loves me, but I have to love myself.
  • Always be truthful to me and know a crisis could happen at any time. But, I need to address it quickly, by talking to someone and/or getting the help I need.
Once I realized I wasn't going to stop this aging process, I have decided to do me by any means necessary. In, other words start embracing and enjoying the small things around me. So, if I want to dye my hair ice- blonde and get lots of tattoos, I now know that is A-OK. #yolo
Because I know I am the captain of my ship and I can live life the way I want to within reason and responsibly. 
So, there is no need to cry and worry about my body falling down. I can fix that, walk, jog, or go join a gym. Yep, life is that simple. That is my story, and I am sticking to it. :)

In conclusion: I know everyone will go through something at different stages in life. I do not take that lightly at all, but this is how it happened for me, and I am sharing with you guys as I go on my ageless journey. No matter what happens in life put yourself and your health first at all times. #thatsreallife

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie


  1. Yeah you should never worry about a crisis, just live ya life SIS!!! Much LOVE

  2. I create the life I want to live by surrounding myself with positivity online and in real life! This post was so good and relateable! Were all on different journeys in life and all that matters is that we find happiness within ourselves!

    1. Now you know I know that is the truth!So true Carey:)
      xo tangie


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