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Morning Dump From The Streets: Getting In A Good Mood

Image: Meter picture taken by Tangie Bell on Bits and Babbles blog ,
Morning Dump From The Streets: Getting In A Good Mood

Me: Jumps out of bed almost late for my morning walk. Thank goodness it is Friday and the sun is not yet beaming hot here in Texas. 
Yippie this is already about to be a good day.
Who else gets up early for a morning dump outside before starting their day? You know that self-talk that puts you in a good mood so you can deal with the person that may cut you off in traffic or that mean and hateful boss. 
Yea those are morning dumps, and I love to get up and have myself a good ole' chant while walking down my street.

Image: Sign outside and taken by Tangie Bell to use as motivation on Bits and Babbles blog.
One of my favorite things to do now is walk and look in clothing store windows on the street. The community in which I live I can walk in the park or on the streets. 
Everything is close enough even if I want to slide into a cafe for coffee. I used to get up every day and go to the gym until I realized that it was boring to me and I wasn't getting complete satisfaction.

Once I realized I wasn't trying to lose weight, I proceeded to look for something more stimulating and enjoyable. 
And the weird thing is I can see a slight difference in my body just from doing my morning walks and enjoying the fresh air from outside.

Also, I have found other things to enjoy in my own neighborhood because most times, I go to work and home. On the weekends, we leave the house and go do something else in the city. 

Since I have been using walking as my new form of exercising, I have found a new coffee brew spot, yoga place, and corner store right under my nose. 

SideNote: That means I am too busy to notice the small things around me. #makingchangesnow

After a few times of getting up and hitting the streets, that is when I noticed my mental status and mood started to change. I know this may sound strange to some, but I find it helps when I walk and talk to myself. I could never do that on a treadmill at the gym because people are always looking.

My morning dumps on the streets have helped me see the beauty of the things that are already around me.

Morning dumps consist of the things I am going to say out loud to self motivate my inner being.

  1. Today I am going to speak highly of myself and of someone else
  2. I am going to be on time for work, so I am not having road rage (seriously this works)
  3. I am blessed and not stressed
  4. Today is a good day, and I am in control of my own feelings
  5. I will excel at all I do
  6. I can do amazing things in life
  7. It's not too late to start a new adventure
  8. It's never too late to break bad habits
  9. I will be applying for a higher position at work
  10. I am a good mom, wife, friend, etc
Most of my time alone on the streets revolve around me-self, encouraging myself. I am at a point in my life where I can't wait for someone else to inspire or motivate me. 
Life is moving fast, and there are things in my life; I am just catching onto, such as how to use the internet, changing career paths, and more. 
 I never thought  I would still be learning new things every day at forty-something, but hey, that's life. Right?
Yep, I was one of those dumb kids who couldn't wait to become a grown-up because I just knew I knew it all. 
Only to discover I knew nothing and I will forever be learning until the day I leave this earth.

In conclusion: Morning dumps may not work for everybody, but I promise it sure does relax the mind. So, try it one time and let me know what you think. Anyhoo that's my story, and I am sticking o it.
Image: Tangie Bell showing off her shoes for work. And sharing her morning motivation on Bits and Babbles blog

I have so much I can share, but it is time for me to get dressed up for work. Since I am doing hair all day, I think I shall wear my black and white converse tennis and a slip-on black smock dress. You know I have to be extra comfortable because it helps my day go smoothly.

Do you self talk or motivate yourself?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I motivate myself EVERY single day! Sometimes you have to remind yourself that better days are coming and that this too shall pass!

  2. Im not too fond of going to the gym and I would MUCH rather walk around ast the park or do somthing I enjoy like taking a ballet class or yoga! I find it is more fun and makes me feel better about myself!

    1. Me too,,,that is where I am right now in life...#doingme
      xo tangie

  3. I'm glad to have found someone who recognized that just waking up and breathing is a blessing, we must never forget that someone else might not have woke up this morning. Much blessings to you💕

  4. Staying in a good mood is always the best!!

    1. Yes ...that is the only way to a good life!
      xo tangie


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