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My Anti-Aging Skincare Empties And One Un-Possibility

Image: Used up detox mask in bathroom. Tangie Bell is sharing her skincare empties on Bits and Babbles blog.
My Anti-Aging Skincare Empties And One Un-Possibility

Hey, Guys, the weekend has already come and gone. The first part of my two days off consisted of me cleaning and tossing out old skincare empties. I planned to clean out my bathroom cabinets, but I ended up tossing out things that were just laying around in my bathroom beauty bag. Since I am getting rid of only 5 items this go-round I've decided to share the ones I will have on repeat and the one thing that will never touch my skin again. 

Image: Empty Clinque skincare facial bottle. Tangie Bell is sharing her  skincare empties on Bits and Babbles blog for inspiration

I am such a girly girl, and I love using products that feel velvety smooth with barely any lather. I am one woman who believes products with lots of lather and soap can be drying. I have no proof, but it is my own personal theory. Nonetheless, I have been using Clinique as my go-to facial wash. My grandmother and my mom used it, and now I am using it to keep my skin rejuvenated and healthy.
I will be tossing it out only because it is empty and I will be using another product for the summer months.
Image: Empty Clinque Moisture Surge . Tangie Bell is sharing her skincare empties to motivate and inspire
 The next product that will not return until the winter as well as the Clinique moisture surge. Yes, I love this boost of goodness in a jar. But, doing the summer, I want to turn down the moist effects and amp up the hydration in my skin. So, I will be using another facial wash and moisturizer. SideNote: Thus far, these first two products will definitely be back in my bathroom doing fall and winter.
 When it comes to giving my face and forehead, a little botox feel. Then the hyaluronic Serum from Trader Joe's is my peanut butter and jam. This the one serum I use all year round, and it goes on after my facial cleanser and before applying the moisturizer. No matter the brand at all, Hyralornic stays on my daily face regimen.
 I love the way it plumps my forehead and cheeks, it gives me the feeling of having my own botox in a bottle. Yes, this is my summer favorite and will be picking myself another a bottle. Oh, and did I mention I pay only 8.99  for the serum sold in the picture. But, do your own research because plumping and smoothing serums are sold everywhere. 

Image: Cervae oil in Bathroom, Tangie Bell is sharing her skincare empties on Bits and Babbles blog
 I have always been a fan of the Cervae products due to my sporadic episodes of Ecezemz. But, over the Christmas holiday's I started using the renewing oil, and I fell madly in love. Doing the winter months, I have to keep my skin super moisturized, and this little bottle did the trick.

I am finally all out of it, and I will not be using it doing the summer because my skin has a nice amount of oil built up. My face doesn't get dry doing the summer months. So, I usually fall back on any products that help produce more unwanted shine to my nose and cheeks. But, as soon as the colder months hit the city, I will be putting this one back into my beauty bag.
Image: Empty Charcoal mask, shown first on Bits and Babbles Blog. Tangie Bell is sharing her skincare empties from the month as an inspiration to other women
 Last but not least, I am a firm believer in using a good mask. Although, I had to learn what worked for me and what did not. So, a month back, I bought a charcoal mask offline, and that was my biggest mistake. First, I noticed on my skin from day one, super dry, with a slightly cloudy pale residue left behind. 
Image: Empty Charcoal mask used up. Tangie Bell is sharing her empties on skincare as inspiration on Bits and babbles blog

It was after my first use, I realized I purchased a detoxifying mask. Meaning it was going to remove, most if not all the oil, dirt and pollution from my face. It turned out to be the wrong clay mask for my skin, so this one will never be coming back into my beauty bar.
My two oldest daughters were able to finish it off because they have oily skin and hair all year round, and it worked great for them. 

So, I will be using another store-bought masks or home remedies when possible.

In conclusion, it has taken me years to learn what works for my skin and what doesn't. Finding out my skin journey has been long, and I am still in the process of learning new things as I am aging. I guess I will never stop finding new ways to take care of this body in the middle of life.
There you have it all the things I will continue to use and the one un-possibility. 

Have you tried any of these skincare products I've used?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Great skincare tips! I need to do a little switcharoo as well

  2. Thank you and I hope you find some time just for yourself:)
    xo tangie

  3. That Hyalauronic Moisture Boost Serum from Trader Joe's IS THE BUSINESS! I love that stuff!!!!


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