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One Colorful New Thing

Image: Tangie Bell wearing her new rainbow earrings and showing them first on Bits and Babbles Blog
 One Colorful New Thing

I ordered one colorful new thing for my ears, and it took nearly two weeks to arrive. With everything right at my fingertips when it comes to online shopping, I want it faster than Superman chasing a locomotive. 
Ha, the only place I can find something that fast is when I use my Amazon Prime. 

Image: Tangie Bell showing whee she ordered her rainbow earrings from Amazon. Seen first on Bits and Babbles
Speaking of Prime, I went on Amazon and ordered myself the new Edify rainbow earrings. Yesterday I did an unboxing and try on haul on my Instagram if you would like to see. You can click the corner link to view. 

My order was not available to be delivered by the next day because these rainbow earrings are made to order. Of course, I had no real problem with that, but I thought it would be at least one week. And honey, it took three sponge Bob years of eternity, at least it felt that way.

Image: Colorful earrings by New Edify on Amazon. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog
When my order did arrive, I was very excited, and I wanted to wear them right away. After getting the package, I opened it to find this beautiful piece of art. No, seriously, these colorful earrings are gorgeous. The colors are pink, blue, red, and yellow, made of a dry texture yarn wrapped around a wooden type of box match.
The feel is very lightweight, and I could see myself wearing them all summer long.
Most of you know I love my ear candy, but this purchase was one of a kind. 
The look and style are bright and airy, and of course, they made my weekend bits and favorites list.

I just wanted to pop in and show you this beautiful new find. 

Would you wear these earrings?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie