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Snow Cone Etiquette In The City!

Image: Tangie and daughters enjoying laughter and fun at Ruby's snow cone
 Snow Cone Etiquette In The City!

It is officially summer, and I am so ready to take a bit of time off to kick up the sand and eat junk food. Yes, I said junk and food in the same sentence. And today starts all the madness, by heading over to one of my favorite snow cones places in the city. But, first, I must admit my daughters have never really eaten a fluffy ice cone, and I realize I need to teach them a little snow cone etiquette. You know that kind of thing mama says when ordering your food. 
It goes something like this: No matter what you order, please eat like a lady. Hahahahaha :) Naw, I am not that mama at all. We country folk!
Image: Picture taken at Ruby's snow cone place in oak cliff dallas texas
I know it may be shameful to say this: I've never slurped a colorful ice cup filled with sweet and sour kool-aid with my family at all. Today all that will change, and I am here for the madness.

But that is what makes summer so fun, there are no rules and no age limit on enjoying the simple life.
So, today, I am loading up the fam except for the hubs. He had to work, but I know he wishes a fun-filled day. Honey, the party has to go on and forward.:) 

Image: Snow Cone sign with all the flavors from Ruby's

Now when it comes to eating a fluff ball, it has to come from the right location, and it has to be big, juicy, and well worth the money. 
You know back in the day snow cones used to be 50 cents now it cost at least the amount of getting a cheesecake from the cheesecake factory. 
Ok, I must admit I am one who goes overboard with the toppings, and I mean way over the bridge and back.

Image: Snow cone piled high with pickles, gummy bears, seen first on bits and babbles blog
Before leaving home, I gave my girls the snowcone etiquette talk, but they still got to Ruby's and ordered the basic cones. You know the ones that come with one flavor and a spoon.
But, not me, I got myself a large sour apple, grape flavor with sliced pickles, gummy bears, and hot lime sprinkles.
Image: Tangie Bell and Her Daughters at the snow cone place in Dallas Texas. Seen first on Bits and Babbles
And my girls got cotton candy, tiger's blood, with condensed milk. What! Who orders that simple stuff and call it a snow cone.
Image: Tangie and Two daughters laughing and eating snow cones
Even Moriah, who is 7 years old, didn't want to try a crazy flavor from the wild side of the menu.

Image: Woman Tangie Bell and daughters enjoy snow cones at Ruby's in Dallas Texas . seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog
It didn't matter if anyone of my girls liked their snow cones because I was only here for the laughs and the mommy bonding. 
But I wasn't going to let no one back in my car until they tried my pickled snow cone. 
Image: Three girls chatting and eating snow cones at Ruby's in Dallas Texas
This summer has already started off with living our life just as we know it. Most of the midlifer's children are grown and have moved away from home, but not mine. So, it gives me great joy to find and do things as a family that will cause us to laugh, reminisce, and enjoy small bits of life.
Image: Family enjoying snow cones at Ruby's in Dallas Texas

Image: Mom and Daughter enjoying and talking at Ruby's snow cones in Dallas Texas
 The funny part about living life is doing it on my own terms. To be honest, there is no such thing as having snow cones rules or etiquette to follow. I believe it's ok to act up and have fun, show off those colored tongues, and stained teeth. 
By the end of our journey for the day, my girls and I were sweating from the sun and high off the sugar from the cones. But in the end, it was all worth it to have love, laughter, and jokes we told today.

Image: Mom and Daughter posing for pictures at Ruby's snow cone place in Dallas Texas

At the end of the day, I want all the laughs and snow cones I can enjoy in my life. If I had to have a little etiquette, it would probably go a little something like this.
  • Order something safe: You know, like the wedding cake flavor.
  • Use a napkin to wipe any sauce off the face.
  • Eat with a spoon, no licking, or slurping.
  • Eat poised someone may be watching.
  • Don't laugh with your mouth open.
Blah Blah and Blah. That was and is not a reality for my family or me. We laughed, dropped snow on the ground, slurped and licked our ice cones burped and belched. It was indeed a family affair, and I loved every minute of it. Although life can be hectic, I am determined to start collecting more of those moments that keep our life happy and whole. Besides, this may have been the cheapest family date we've had in a long time.

Summer Days are here, and no matter how we all spend it, let it be filled with everything that makes you happy!

That's how we do snow cone etiquettes in the city!

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!


  1. Ouuuuweee I could go for a sno cone right now! It is one hot Summer and it has just begun!

    1. IKR it is hot outside! Have a good day,,,xo tangie

  2. You have a beautiful family💕 glad y'all had fun

  3. We sure did have fun! I feel like i had the best flavor though!!!!!