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Yesterday Was A Story!

Image: Tangie Bell at Ruby's snow cone place in Dallas Texas. Sharing her yesterday was a story to inspire and motivate. Seen first on Bits and babbles blog. Morning Babbles
Yesterday Was A Story!

I am finally owning up to being a woman who loves to have a little bit of a morning babble. It may have come from my country roots, as a child. When I was a little girl, it was called being friendly when we stopped and talked to everybody we knew and didn't know. Whatever happened to hey how you doing and just being plum good ole' friendly folk. Over the years a lot has changed and we as people are not as kind as we used to be to one another. 
But, I thought yesterday's story was still a story, and I have to keep up my own traditions mixed with a little southern charm. At the end of the day, I realize life is not that serious, and I want to have fun in it while I can.
Image: Tangie Bell holding a snow cone sharing her story about yesterday. To inspire and motivate seen first on Bits and Babbles blog. Read it from Morning Babbles section
 Let's start today off with what really happened on yesterday that kept me sane. You know those parts of the day that can really set the tone for you having a good or bad day.

SideNote: I am intentionally trying to set up my days to playout happy, peace, love, and joy. #sorrynotsorry
Most of the time, it requires me to navigate my own personal space, by elevating what drains my energy from my mental status being fulfilled with all the things God have set in motion for me.

I used to think I had to have everything in life before being happy and content. Not to mention, I felt I needed to be perfect for everyone to accept me. But, now I realize that is and never will be my story. I am learning how to rewrite and captivate the life I want to live. 

Image: Sign from Oakcliff Dallas Texas off the streets. Used on bits and babbles blog for inspiration and motivation. For years I have tried to rearrange my yesteryears and change my thoughts to fit into a society that knew I was a bit strange. Can read more from the Morning Babbles Section

For years I have tried to rearrange my yesteryears and change my thoughts to fit into a society that knew I was a bit strange. 
 I never took the time to embrace the fun and the weird about my life until now. As I look back at my yesterday, there is no need to see failure nor sadness, because that day is gone. 
Besides, in a moment today will be tomorrow, which will someday become my yesterday.

Every day, I am looking for small enjoyments of life even if it is boring. It took me over 3 decades to realize there, or no boring lives, not even mine. 
Just people who don't know how to create the life experience they want to live. That crazy cool life story I want to live is not for someone else to tell it is for me to live and show my side of life's journey.

Ding-Ding and Ding again my Gosh I finally got it. 
I am looking at my time on this earth with a different set of eye goggles on. 

Yesterday, I wanted to stay in bed, but I saw the sun shining in my room from the window and decided to take advantage of such a beautiful day.
First, I slowly crawled out the comfort of my bed and washed my face, and I even did a quick moisturizing hydration mask. 
Then I pressed the start button on my coffee pot because, for some strange reason, the smell and sound of the brew press make me feel a sense of joy and happiness.

Honestly, I had no real plans, and I was cool with that. Besides, not having any pre-plans gave me time to sit down, enjoy my cup of jo and write out the rest of my work week.

That may sound small to some, but it is a big task for me to accomplish, and I am so glad I used my time wisely. 

Can you believe I did all my housework and laundry before 11 A.M and I got to see the Young and The Restless? Yep, I was winning at life, and that is how I am learning to celebrate small accomplishments.


Also, I noticed my girls were up and moving around early as well, we all started kicking down chores.
I noticed something just recently if I am lounging and relaxing my family will do the same. When I am up moving about cleaning and singing out loud, I noticed they start to move about happy as well. 

This a true story and I am not joking at all.

I was feeling the energy wake up and shift positively. 

After cleaning up my home, I went into my room and realized I didn't want to get back into bed because it was made up and everything looked so refreshed and pretty.

I applied a smitten of makeup and my usual pop of color red matte lipstick.

Grabbed my girls and we went to my same ole' favorite snowcone place where we laugh and relax now. 

Too, some people that may be no big deal, but it is when you learn how to enjoy life's small moments. A lot of sadness that I have endured in my personal life. May have been because I didn't understand how to propel forward by embracing my little bits of life. 

I got it now, and I can genuinely shout about it. Life doesn't have to be filled with big things to do daily. It should be piled up with the things that create an individual person's story. 

Later that night, I didn't cook one thing for dinner. Rico (the hubs) bought chick- fila home for dinner. Y'all know I was feeling golden by the end of my night.

While soaking in a bubble bath, I had to smile at my own self. In reality, I didn't do anything today that was so earth moving. But, I did find my way of relaxing and filling my own space with pure happiness.

I do not know what tomorrow holds, but I do know that yesterday's story is and will always be just as important as Today's.

Now there you have it a little bit about nothing that really is something. :) #getit

How is your day going?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. My day is going amazing! I woke up, had my coffee, and amazing breakfast and now am quietly working on my computer! It's the way I choose to relax today and I am loving it!

  2. What a beautiful story!


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