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Gotta Love Life In The Kitchen+Finally Teaching My Adult Daughters How To Cook: YIKES!

Image: Family In The Kitchen learning how to cook together:Two daughters, Dad, Mom
Gotta Love Life In The Kitchen+Finally Teaching My Adult Daughters How To Cook: YIKES!

Sweet Jesus, Ya'll my adult daughters, can't even make buttermilk biscuits from a can. 

One of my biggest regrets in life is not teaching my adult daughters how to cook. But, there is a reason, so please hear me out.

Honestly, there is nothing more fun than getting in the kitchen tossing pans and teaching your children how to cook a good ole' family meal.
 But unfortunately and shamefully, I've taught my daughters how to cook anything other than ramen noodles. 
Oh, trust me, I realize that has been one of my biggest mistakes as a mother. But, now they are all grown up, and I must step up with a little motherly truth.

Image: Mom teaching daughters how to saute onions, and bell peppers in the kitchen. Cooking Lessons
When I was a kid, I think I was pushing a chair up to the stove cooking and washing dishes. My mom was in school, and she worked full time most of my entire childhood.

So, I had no choice but to learn how to cook large dinners for my sisters and myself. When I was a youngster, that was no big deal, and it was apart of life. Back in the day, families pulled together, even the smallest had to pull their weight. 
Image: Husband and wife helping each other get eveyrting needed for the girls to cook
By the time I was 11, I knew how to mix cornbread, pick worms from collard greens and make sweet Lucy kool-aid. I just knew my life was over because I actually hated cooking, and I didn't realize at that time my mom needed my help. Also, I took for granted she had to work so she could make a better life for my siblings and me. 

Image: Mom showing the seasoning and sauces she will use in her tacos
Yep, but I was the kid who complained about being in the kitchen and doing my chores. Yep, I was that kid who wanted to go outside and play in the mud and basically do nothing in life.

Image: Saute onions and bell peppers in a skillet to make tacos for dinner. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog
But, I knew if I didn't do my part in the house, momma was gonna get my backside. LOL:) I can laugh about it now because I am a mom, and I surely appreciate what my mother tried and did teach me.
Although, as a child, I didn't understand everything I had to do at such a young age. Yet, I can plainly see it now.
Image:Mom at the stove showing daughters how to open packs of seasonings for cooking.
 But, somewhere back in my mind when I was younger, I vowed not to allow my kids to cook, or do simple house cleaning. I can not explain my reasonings, because when I look back over my past life, families were supposed to stick together and share cooking and housework. My mom had to work, so as the oldest, I needed to step up and help out without pulling against the grain, and that was life back in my day.
Image: Mom teaching daughters how to prep for cooking

Honestly, way back and I mean way back in the day kids did more to help out the family than they do now. The new generation is spoiled to all the latest gadgets and technology, including my daughters.
I did not realize until just recently how I have been hindering my daughters as young adult women. Not intentionally, so hear me out. I have two daughters in college, one(Carey) is working on her degree to become a teacher, and Kamoriae is in school to become a physical therapist. 

: Mom is allowing the smallest child to get involved
Somewhere in the back of my brain, I told them as little kids, they would never have to cook or anything. I am going to take care of them just as I did with my sisters. I do not know how and why I did that to my daughters. Now do not get me wrong my kids help out a lot around the house and they pull their own weight. 
Image:Mom helping daughter pour water into the food for simmering
But, when it comes to cooking large meals, no matter how tired I am, I will do it and have been their entire adult life. I once hated cooking, and I thought I was going to be a drive-thru Mcdonald's mother forever. I love cooking for my husband and my girls, but I realize I am not helping my girls by not teaching them how to cook.
I know they will be moving out soon, and I have never taught them how to cook real soul-food like my mama and grandmother taught me. Yes, they can prepare the basics, but neither one of my daughters can meal a meal for their husband and future children. 
Image: Mom showing daughters how to set up table for finished product
I meant well because I wanted to protect my girls from what I didn't like about growing up, but I am so ashamed of myself. Although I love my family raving about my good food and cooking, I am giving them a disservice by not teaching them something as simple as cooking. I guess I wanted everybody to come back home and eat my food even when I am 80 years old. LOL:) that is just crazy, it's time for these gals how to cook up some good food.
You know this was very painful for me to admit, but I am free, and I know I had the best intentions, just as my mom did when I was younger. So, now it is time to get these gals to the kitchen.
Image Mom shows how to pour saute onions and bell peppers into simmering meat
After sitting down and talking with my girls, we all laughed at how things were then vs. now. It's funny my girls thought it was ok, I cooked the big meals, because that's what moms do. LOL: I guess, I said.
Image: Mom shows daughters how to chop and scramble chicken
After telling the family, my plans to teach the two oldest two girls how to cook a good meal. It wasn't long before the whole family wanted to get involved. So, we all decided to make something easy, like maybe Tacos. Yeah, I thought that was going to be easy peasy. It was more fun than learning how to cook.
Ya'll, it was a mess yet enjoyable to have all my girls and Rico in the kitchen at one time. 

Image Mom shows how to season fajita chicken for taco night
Moriah, who is 7, wanted to help with everything, and Chloe, who is 17, jumped right on in chopping and cutting up stuff. So, I was ultimately showing all my children how to maneuver their way through my kitchen. Lol :)

Gotta Love Life In The Kitchen+Finally Teaching My Adult Daughters How To Cook: YIKES!
You know I was beating myself up about nothing because my family got in the kitchen and cooked up a good ole' meal without too much of my help.
But, Yall know I had to show off my know it all skills, but my family didn't mind one bit.
Image: Mom and Dad sharing their prayers and grace over a night of cooking food
Now, we always sit down and eat dinner together at least three times a week. But, it was something different about this day and when we said our prayers of grace. I felt a sense of relief and a small amount of happiness on the inside. I did it, we all did it, and we did it as a family.
Image: Image: Family sets the table for a feast
My pictures may not be Instagram worthy, but honey, it was so good.
Image: Family sets the table for a feast , laughter and talking

We set the kitchen island with all the food and the trimmings, and we walked around, putting all our favorite toppings on. The little one loved doing that part, she felt like a big girl. That is what she said to me. 
Image: Family at the round table talking and fixing their plates
I am kinda glad we did tacos because it was more fun than snatching worms off mustard greens. Lol :) honestly, I wouldn't change those childhood memories for nothing in the world.

Image: Two sisters fix each others palte
Last but not least: Today's cooking lesson consists of How to properly cut up veggies for tonight's dinner.
I showed them how to saute the onion, bell peppers, and how to add them safely to the meats. We also made fire-roasted corn and refried beans.
Image: Two daughters fix their own tacos
Everybody cut up lettuce, tomatoes, and carrots, yep, we love that crunch with our Mexican dinner nights. 
Image: Mom poring a glass of minute maid grape juice

In the end, I really wanted a glass of wine, but I opted to share a glass of grape minute maid juice with the fam. It was the perfect knight of cooking, and family bliss at it's finest.
Image: Mom sharing ingredients to their taco and fajita night
In conclusion: My mama and my granny cooked a lot back in my day. But they also had every child in the house, either working or watching how to do something. It was all about a family pulling together and making things work. We had to do it. Now I have to continue teaching my adult daughters and my small ones how to cook it up in the kitchen.
I am happy about my life at this moment in time because we all will start and end each one of our legacies differently. Also, my daughters can cook simple things, but I want to show them how to prepare meals for families and how to fix soul food just as my mother taught me. 

There you have it straight from my kitchen, that's my story, and I am sticking to it. Bye

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

Can anyone else relate to my truth?


  1. That TACO NIGHT looked extremely FUN!! Also, a nice meal to do as a family,..

  2. Family time is the best time!!💯💕

  3. You know I am simple betty when it comes to cooking but I am glad you are helping me expand my horizons!!!! These tacos were soooo amazing and I am glad that they stretchd for 3 days in a row! Ha!

    1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thanks and I am so happy to call you daughter:)

      Yep, them tacos were so good!
      xo Tangie