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Gurl! I Tried To Do Everything Right This Weekend: Why Was It So Crazyyy Hard?

Image: Tangie Bell sharing her perfection weekend is over rated. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog
 Gurl! I Tried To Do Everything Right This Weekend: Why Was It So Crazyyy Hard?

Oh, How I love sharing those moments of being lazy and doing nothing. You know those moments of taking it slow, and life will be all peachy beachy. LOL:)
Ya'll, I tried to create those bits yesterday and today, but for some reason, the struggle was real. 
Yes, I thought my weekend was going to be all about me doing me. It took me 24 hours to wheel back in my own insanity, but I had to do it for the family.
I am more excited about my girls heading off to school this Monday than they are. This week has been nothing but last-minute shopping paying fees at school. Yes, I said fees, such as one of my girls is taking dance, cooking and, something else I've never heard of. But Ok, let's do this. #wesupporther

Lord! Please let me and my husband make it through all our daughters becoming grown-ups. I also want them to pay me 50% of their income for raising them. :)
 Back in the day, my mom said we owe her, so my kids owe me as well:} Thank You, Jesus.

Image: Tangie Bell and daughters cooking pancakes in the kitchen before the first day of school. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog

Today the girls and I decided to cook up some pancakes, bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns. That is how we roll in the kitchen, we eat and chat it up.

Image: Frying pancakes for the weekend. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog

Image: Tangie Bell and girls sharing laughs in the kitchen right before schools starts next week. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog
 Ok, so here's the deal I planned to sleep in late and be in bed all day looking ugly. LOL:)
(no pun intended) It only means I was not going to bathe until after 12 pm and not comb my hair for a whole day. Oh, and eat junk food in my bed. #sorrynotsorry #livingmybestlife
Seriously, that is my kinda relaxing and doing nothing day. 
Image: Tangie Bell cooking more pancakes and using aunt jemima syrup. Not sponsored
 But, as you can see by my pictures above, I did not get a chance to do what I wanted to do. So, my children came up with this idea, we should cook a big breakfast since we all are so busy throughout the week with school coming back up and all. Ugh, there goes my perfect plan of chilling this weekend.
Image: Cooking pancakes using whip cream. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog.

Image: Tangie and daughter cooking in the kitchen. Sharing the weekend meals. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog.
But, hey, I do try to be a cool mom, so I came up with my own idea. I would start the day early only if everybody gets up and help cook and clean. Sounds easy, right? 
No, because I really did not want to get up early at all, but I did it for the family.
Ha! Perfection is so overrated, and the truth is as a mom and outside working woman, my days and nights never stop.

Image: Tangie is sharing her breakfast: Bacon, hash browns, pancakes, whip cream and eggs
The truth is no matter what happens when we get in the kitchen, it becomes all fun. One person was on the bacon; another person cooked the hash browns, the other two boiled and peeled eggs, and I helped with the pancakes. Can we all agree teamwork makes the dream work?

Now here comes the kicker of my day. While sitting down, each one of my girls had another long list of things that have to be done. And guess what it includes money and lots of it.

I knew This weekend was going to be all about everybody else except me. Blah Blah Blah:) #thatslife
But, I also knew it was just too good for me to stuff my face with food and burp in peace. #igotkids

Image: Tangie Bell is looking for the sales at Joann's Craft store in Dallas Texas

Image: Tangie Bell is sharing her new Hildie and Jo Jewelry from the Craft store

No matter what happened, I was determined to etch a sketch one thing I wanted to do this weekend. My goal was to make a few jewelry pieces for church on Sunday. Of course, that got delayed, and I will be showing you guys that at a later date. But, can we focus on the Fall/Halloween stuff they have out already at the craft stores. 
Image: Tangie Is Sharing and shopping at the craft store in Frisco, Texas
The craft store had the cutest little Hildie And Jo pendants, and they were all 40 to 50% off. So, you know I had to grab myself a few.
Image: Tangie is sharing all the jewelry she has bought from the Craft Store
Before I knew it, three hours went by, and I was still in the Joanns crafts store looking for things to make for myself.
Image: Tangie Bell is shopping the craft sales at Joann's Craft store

The funny things are I love hanging out at any store that has stuff I can put together. Besides, I wanted some quiet time to find my happy place. Being in the store gave me instant joy because when I am not in wife and mommy mode.

My week was so hectic, and I just wanted a place to have a bit of downtime. Can you believe looking for trinkets can be so relaxing?

Since my girls start school in less than 24 hours, it feels good to finally be caught up on housework, shopping, and cooking for today.
Before going to the jewelry store, I did make a pop in at Whole Foods to grab a few odds and ends.
Image:Tangie Bell buys natural bee soap from Whole Foods Grocery store.
It would be really cool if I could sit on my sofa and write in my journal. Ha Ha, but my week was a hot mess. Truthfully I really want to crawl under my bed with a glass of wine. How about that?
For some reason, I was having a bit of dry skin, so I had to buy a few bars of natural honey bark soaps.
Image: Woman Tangie Bell buys Black Seed Oil from Whole Foods grocery store.
Also, I grabbed a bottle of Black seed oil, I use this stuff for inflammation that occurs on my skin during eczema breakouts. Recently I ran out, and I needed to grab those things for myself. I am not a doctor, so I will not delve into all the benefits. But a quick google will tell you why I am so in love with this stuff.
Image: Woman buys box of tea from Whole Foods
This time when I went to the store, it was all about me finally. :) Ya, girl needs some rest, and I am grabbing the last bit of things I need from the local grocery store.
One of my most recent favorite teas is the Heath Heather Organic Green Tea with Coconut.

Image: All the items Tangie Bell bought from Whole Foods. She hauled on Bits and Babbles Blog: cranberry juice, black seed oil, soap, tea, bread

All I add is a teaspoon of honey; it tastes so heavenly. Not to mention the aroma coming from the cup smells of coconuts. Yummy, so good. I can't tell a lie I had to splurge and get myself a bag of chocolate croissant french bread.

Image: Tangie Bell bought chocolate french bread from Whole foods bakery

This stuff pairs well with a hot cup of tea.
Image:Tangie Bell setting up tea, movie for late night snack.
My last stop may have been inWhole Foods picking up stuff I needed. But, I am glad I made it through this long weekend. Yep, the kids are ready, and I am prepared to see them off in the morning.

It is about 6 pm on a Sunday by the time I post this. As of now, I am sitting down laughing, drinking this tea, and watching The Avengers End Game with my family.

The funny thing about it is I wouldn't have it no other way. Without struggle, there will be no progress. I have learned how to do things when I get overwhelmed by life. My job as a woman and mom is too keep going, and I am mastering that every day. #takingsmallsteps

The truth is we all get tired, but a cup of hot tea and chocolate french bread will help sometimes. 

I wonder how I will feel when my house is empty for the 8 hours everyone will be at school. :)

Last, but not least, I wanted everything to be perfect for my daughters even if I was tiring myself out. 
I am focused on the excitement of everything that is all around me.
And, now that I am sitting down, I can clearly see my weekend was a bit crazy, but I made it. :) 
That's my story, and I am sticking to it:) #wemadeit

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

How was your weekend? Please share! :)


  1. That is amazing! Cooking with the family as well as handling a bit of business on the side. That is what true parenting is all about , MULTITASKING!!!

    1. LOL I know right...I was trying to do 90 things. #fail lol I made it:)
      Thanks for commenting!
      xo Tangie

  2. It was def a good loonnnnnnng weekend!!!!!!! Glad we enjoyed ourselves!!! Also those pancakes turned out yummy!!

  3. My kids defiantly owe me their other leg as soon as their able to finally stand on their two feet and get out lol😁 and also natural honey works very good On my sensitive skin !! Who knew? Thanks alot 💕


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