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Just A Mirror!

Image: Woman Tangie Bell trying on pink lipstick from Mac Beauty store. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog
Just A Mirror! 
It's about to get real. How do you see beauty when looking in the mirror?

OMG! Are we already on the second day of the week? Geez, there goes the time flying right by me and my pink plumped lips. (insert laughs right here)
This morning when I woke up, I decided to wear the same outfit I've worn all summer. Yes, it is clean, and besides, I want to wear all the things I've bought this summer until the thread runs out. After getting dressed, I proceeded to put on my make-up.
Image: Woman Tangie Bell sitting on sofa sharing her thoughts about make up and looking in the mirror.
 Honestly, I wanted to wear a different color lipstick, but after going through my things, I realized I have every color under the sun tossed in my drawer. Then I noticed I bought another new pink the other day from the Mac beauty store. 
The funny thing is I have never opened or worn it, not even once.
Then I went into Target for a few groceries and bought another pink lipstick. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Ok, here me out for a second. Maybelline just released a new super stay color ink crayon, and I wanted to try it. So, I grabbed the color, seek adventure #30, and a lip liner. Most likely, I will be wearing that color in the fall or winter.

Image: Woman Tangie Bell sharing how she plumps her lips while sharing her story about wearing makeup and looking in the mirror
So, I decided to do my usual lip plumping before adding my top color. I have to wait about three minutes in between applications while the sting from the plumper starts to work.
Don't worry, I use this method to make my thin lips look a little fuller. Besides, it is cheaper than getting botox, and the results are the same. My end results are bigger lips with a hint of pink added for luster.
Image: Woman Tangie Bell doing a swatch on her arms
But, this morning, something donned on me while looking into the mirror. How do I really see myself, and is it necessary for me to wear makeup or even dress up? This is a conversation I have with my daughters all the time. 
Image:Lipstick try on on arm. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog
Makeup and clothes do not make you or me a woman.
But, there is nothing wrong with wearing something that will make you feel even more beautiful.
The older I am becoming, the more I want to style my hair and wear pretty things, sometimes I wear too much.
But that is life, and it is ok to care about the way I look.

At one point in my life, I stopped fixing myself up because I had conditioned myself to take care of others.

I am a hairstylist, and my job is to make other women feel good about a new hairstyle, or a brow arch and sometimes being an underpaid counselor.
Yep, I hear and see it all from behind my style chair.

Not to mention my daughters think I am their personal stylist because they want the hair works every five days themselves.  And guess who has to do it? 
So, by the time I get to me, I am exhausted, and I just want to slick my hair down or slap on a wig. And, over time, I started to feel down about myself.

One day, I went to a stylist lecture, and against my will, I participated in a class about building your own personal style.

Truth be told, I only took that class for extra points toward a certificate.

Unknowing, it was about to change my whole outlook on gathering up my own self-esteem toward looking and feeling beautiful.
And it all came down to one little handheld mirror.

I usually sit towards the back when I attend style events or any type of seminar in general.
On this particular day, I sat right up front because the classroom only had ten of us who were willing to participate.
So, guess what, I was bound to be the guinea pig if they needed one.
And what do, you know they needed three participants, and I was 0ne of the targets.

Long story short, we had to take a mirror that was of any size and look into it for a few minutes.
Then I had to write down everything I wanted to polish up about myself.

For a few minutes, I felt like a kid, so I played along.
The first thing I wrote down was to change my hairstyle, I was always wearing a ponytail or kept my hair in a wrap.
Possibly a color change, and maybe wear something a bit more stylish to work.

Then I wrote down money, which had nothing to do with the assignment.
I figured no one was going to read it, but unfortunately, the instructor did read everything I put down on that paper out loud in the classroom.

The teacher keyed in on the fact I said more money.
I was so embarrassed until she said this: If you are a stylist, why would I pay you any money if you don't at least look the part?

Why would anybody take you seriously if you don't style your hair or even dress up? Women come to you for a hair makeover, but you look as if you need the makeover.

It was so funny and informational, that day changed the way I looked at myself in the mirror. Honestly, I used to feel bad, making everybody else look pretty, and by the end of the day, I was too tired for myself.

One thing that stood out to me, and it changed my life forever.

If you want to make money doing hair, then you need to look the part.

WOW! #gamechanger

It doesn't mean you have to be the prettiest thing on the block or wear expensive clothes. But you do need to take care of yourself, so you can take care of others.

When you feel and look good. It is easier to make another woman look and feel even better. Not to mention, it wins their trust, and you just may get more clients, which will equal more money.

I also got more tips about earning more money, but that's another story for another event.

Last, but not least, I learned to recite positive affirmations over my life. As a stylist, I am always telling women about the latest styles and how beautiful they look. But, who tells us even when we are feeling pretty and well- put together.

The mirror assignment was all about reinforcing what is already there.

On my way home, I stopped at TJMAX and got myself a matte mirror. Every time I put on makeup, I remind myself I am beautiful, confident, and I am ready to help my clients feel the same.

Now when I look in the mirror, I see a woman with purpose, and the mirror is just a mirror.

How do you see yourself?

Now, I hope I can break the habit of buying lipsticks.

In conclusion: Wearing making and buying clothes does not dictate a woman being a woman. But, how she feels about herself is the only thing that matters. That's my story, and I am sticking to it.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I see myself as happy, chipper and confident! I used to be shy to wear no makeup in publicbut now I shine with my blemishes and all!!

  2. That's a pretty shade of pink!! I should invest

  3. PINK looks absolutely gorgeous on you! Your skin tone is beautiful for it as well!


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