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Morning Babbles: The Day After Wednesday: Setting New Life Intentions

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Morning Babbles: The Day After Wednesday: Setting New Life  Intentions
This was scary, but I made it!

 I have a confession to make: I love to babble, and I do not think that will ever change about me. This morning as I was talking with my husband over a quick breakfast before heading off to work. We were discussing Thursday's list of duties and a few new life intentions. The more we talked about things we both agreed life ain't that hard. We sometimes make things harder than they have to be. We were having such a lovely conversation that I have to share it with you guys. 
Today is one day after Wednesday, and my husband and I are sitting over an Acai bowl discussing the next few days schedule. And, I am not talking about that cookie-cutter stuff such as let's have drinks at a cute cafe either.
You know things like who is in charge of what tasks that will help our home run smoothly.  So this momma (me) can keep my sanity.
Yep, I need to know what the plans are for the next day and so forth.
Because our focus is more on living an intentional life that is fueled by peace, love, and joy.

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We live in a world where people want to use other people's lives to motivate and curate their lives.  Seriously, look at the social media outlets.

 It's daunting how people are not looking for real friendships or supportive relationships anymore. Everybody wants something even if it is a fake life.
Not to mention everybody wants to be motivated by some other human being as if they have more power than the person looking in the mirror.

What happened to a person motivating themselves and finding what brings true happiness in a world full of chaos.
This morning as I was talking with Rico, we both agree life for us is more comfortable when we simplify things down and lead a life with intentions.

Example: What are our plans for the Bell house. How are we going to live a life that is simplified and manageable? Honestly, that is life wrapped up in a nutshell by finding what works for us. 

Everybody's life is designed differently, and that can not be found in a book or blog post.  Don't get me wrong; we all can use social media,
magazines, and other outlets to inspire us. But, the end results come down to me finding what I want and need from this thing we call life.

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There is a method for living a good life, and the blueprints are different for everyone at the end of the day. I often share my story on how I broke living a life of poverty? But, even in my times of struggling and barely making it from week to week. I started living the good life once I learned the tools that would help me change my circumstances.
And my voice to the world will always be the same: my life changed when I decided I wanted and desired better for myself and my small kids. And that is a recipe for good living. #changingmymindAboutlife

Back in the day, there was no internet that I could use as a guide for my world. No one had the perfect social feed or curated life I could follow, because it doesn't exist.
I couldn't see it then, but I can see it now. I had to set real-life intentions and goals for myself.

Now, can you see where I am going this morning? Life back in the day was all about getting up and making sh*t happen. 
To be honest, it is still that way for most of us in the world. No matter how I want to be like  Beyonce, the singer, at the end of the night, I am still Tangie. 

A country southern eating gal from the south of Louisiana. And, I had to learn how to play up and dance to my own beat in life. And, my goodness, I think I finally have it.

When I look at myself in the mirror now, I ask myself three questions.

What is the goal today? Do I have any plans for my own business and self-improvements? Example: Did I budget enough money to buy hair products for my salon.? Then I ask how I can offer self-improvements to myself as well as to my clients.

 It is so easy for me to help another woman look good and feel good about her hair and outer looks. But what am I doing to self-improve myself? Often times, when we as women take care of others all the time. We will put our looks and desires to the side.

NOTE TO SELF: Not taking care of myself will often bring bitterness. And that is the real truth. My goals now are to take care of others and then add what I want in the mix. Because at the end of the day, I desire to be just as happy as the women I make feel beautiful when they sit in my salon chair.

Also, what are my plans for mom and wife duties? How many times am I cooking this week? Will there be money going toward activities and other things?

The truth is I run a tight ship with a large family of 6. And it is not practical to eat out every day but often times after work, I will run through the Chick-Fil-La drive-thru.  So by the end of the week, I have run through at least 120 dollars. #no joke
 Geez, I could have cooked a week's worth of meals. The moral of the is: Not having a simple plan causes me to waste time and money.

And, trust me, my household does not have it all together. But, my husband and I have been setting life goals with new intentions.

It feels so good to have plans and do stuff with our little funds. We are still learning to enjoy our version of living a perfect life. Even if struggle arises, it is always our method that will get things back on track. 

Most of my life I spent worrying about nonsense, now I want the things that are around me to make sense. 

You do not have to have a lot of money or a top executive job to live that life you were destined to live.

Once I realize some-thangs I was able to do some things. #realtalk

There is no good life, only the ones we piece together like a jigsaw puzzle.

It may be Thursday, but most of us still have time to plan out that crazy and fantastic weekend surrounded by family and friends. Just do not forget to sketch in a few minutes for yourself.

Those are our simple intentions to living life, and my story will never change. Because I am not where I used to be yet, I can clearly see there is more ahead of me.

What are your intentions for the rest of this week? #onedayatatime

No matter what it is: Live life with no regrets and unapologetically.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I choose to make every second count! There are new ventures that I am about to embark on and staying focused is the absolute motive!

  2. My intentions are to get my hair done #selfcare, heal my tooh, watch a bit of Netlix, and focus on things that bring me joy!

  3. I want some of the wisdom that you have 😔 I look over everyone's shoulder and can't help but wish I had what they have and as a grown woman it ends today


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