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My Country Uncle Willie Chili With A Twist

 Image: My Country Uncle Willie Chili With A Twist: Tangie Bell is sharing her bowl with chili, corn bread and crackers. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog.
My Country Uncle Willie Chili With A Twist
I got the mess on my Uncle's recipe!

Whatchu l know about down-home chili cooking?  Me: Pretty much nothing!
I may not know everything that came from my country background, but I sure can eat up a mess hall jammed packed with food. 
That's right; I am no scaredy-cat when it comes to eating everything but the kitchen sink. 
So, today, I am sharing My Country, Uncle Willie Chili With A Twist. Yep, this is my crazy story about a recipe that I have no intention of following. #imsorryunclewillie
Image:My Country Uncle Willie Chili With A Twist. Items used is Ranch style beans, two alarm chili,bell peppers , onions. Not sponsored at all. Seen first on Bits and babbles Blog
Now that my family is back in school.  
I am determined to have a hot and warm meal on the table when they get home. The funny thing about that is I need quick meals that can almost cook themselves without spending hours in my kitchen. 
Back in the day, no matter how many hours my mom worked, that woman never missed a day where she cooked home-cooked meals. She prepared something different every two days. When my mom cooked, she would always make enough for us to eat off for two nights. 
You know I remember baked chicken, greens, snap peas, rice and gravy, smothered liver, sweet potatoes, and cornbread.  When I was growing up, cooking was what every family did. Going to Mcdonald's when I was a kid was not only a luxury, but it was done maybe once a month.
Because we believed in cooking everything and from scratch. 

No seriously, cornbread was mixed by using cornmeal, buttermilk, sugar, eggs, and some other ingredients I can't remember. And my mother never used a pan, she always pulled out a black cast iron skillet only she could pick up. 
Yep, those were the days, no matter how tired she was, there was always hot food ready when we got home.
But, one of my favorite meals was my Uncle Willie's Country Chili. Now I am going to attempt this old recipe, but mine will definitely have a few twists and turns.

Image: Mixing cornbread for chili recipe. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog

Image:My Country Uncle Willie Chili With A Twist. Pouring milk in cornbread for chili recipe. Seen first On Bits and Babbles
 For example, I am not making home bread from scratch. I am a 2019 momma, and I gotta put my meal together in a jiffy. So, I use a packaged cornmeal mix out of a pouch. I buy the one that only requires milk and sugar. Sometimes I buy the ones that need eggs, water,/and or milk. But the none dairy one is so good.
Image: Sour cream, Picante sauce, chopped onions and bell peppers for Uncle Willie Chili

Image: Added onions and bell peppers to the ground beef. Seen first on My Country Uncle Willie Chili With A Twist
 I also love to cut of onions, and yes, I add bell peppers to my version of Uncle Willies Chili. His  
Image: Added seasonings to the pot of ground beef .My Country Uncle Willie Chili With A Twist
 I can not tell a lie, I use all my seasonings from a box as well, such as the two-alarm which comes with the chili powder, cumin,  paprika, and other seasonings in the package. I scramble down my ground meat then add all the flavor seasonings to it. Do not worry, it will taste just like homemade. This method is much faster to fix and get to the dinner table when I am in a rush.
Image: Adding chili sauce to My Country Uncle Willie Chili With A Twist. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog

Image: Adding Beans to the chili. My Country Uncle Willie Chili With A Twist

Image: A pot showing how Tangie Bell made My Country Uncle Willie Chili With A Twist
 Also, Uncle Willie's Chili takes about 4 hours to cook, because he used red beans, that he let simmer for hours in a slow cooker. He did everything the long and old fashioned way. Oh, how I miss those days. 

Image: My Country Uncle Willie Chili With A Twist. Seen first on Bits and babbles blog . written by Tangie Bell
But as for me, I am ok with grabbing a couple of can beans to mix twisted version of traditional chili. When I am in a rush, a few cans of kidney or red beans will make a basic dinner tastes like my Uncle Willie drove from Louisiana and cooked it himself.
Image: Showing cornbread on My Country Uncle Willie Chili With A Twist
 Also, back in my time when my family cooked cornbread, any leftovers we ate with buttermilk. But, that is one meal I can not get my family to partake in. :)
Image: Big ole' bow of chili with corn bread, crackers, cheese, and other toppings, My Country Uncle Willie Chili With A Twist
 When I make chili, my house is torn between using crackers or cornbread, so I just use both. :) #pleasedontjudgeme
Image: This was a post about My Country Uncle Willie Chili With A Twist. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog;
Also, we love using sour cream, cheese, peppers, and Picante sauce as toppings. 

There you have it, my twisted version of my country, Uncle Willie's Chili.

In conclusion: Although I did not follow the family recipe, I did gather all the history from our dinners and made it my own. Sometimes life gets so busy that we can't always sit down a cook everything from scratch. But with a few tweaks of my own in the kitchen. I've learned how to make a quick meal taste, just like it did when I was a kid.

This first week of my family being back in school was very hectic with adjusting to new scheduling. That is why having something quick and easy to cook was the best remedy for my home. I can't do everything, but I sure can make sure my family has a full belly.

Yep,  this day shall go down into my journal, and maybe my daughters will share my twist to our chili recipe. #youneverknow

Quick Recipe:
I used three packages of cornbread mix: Use any kind you want

3 lbs. ground beef
one onion, one bell pepper
seasoning of choice

Add all ingredients, simmer and top with sour cream, cheese, etc.

Seriously, it is that easy, and it tastes so yummy! Everything I used is listed in pictures.

That's all for now folks:)

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie 


  1. I know that's right!!! The closest my kids get to cornbread, is toast 😂

  2. That chilli is ssooooo amazing! I just love it everytime you make it! I see you leaving us the answers to how you make it and I am DEF gonna write it down!

  3. That entire meal looks absolutely positively delicious. If only I knew how to cook lol


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