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Skipping Sunday Service!

Image: Tangie Bell sitting on sofa watching TV with family. Sharing her Skipping Sunday Service! blog post on Bits and babbles. Morning Babbles
Skipping Sunday Service!
Oh, Hello, sunny side up Sunday morning. It feels so good to be burping, stretching, and yarning while my feet hit the floor.

I know it is around 7 am and all I want is a cup of hot vanilla coffee. Usually, I am up getting ready for church, but not today. Is that really a sin? I hope not because my plans are as follows.
This week snatched my wig to the left side of my head. And the funny part is I do not even wear a wig, this is my real hair colored with blonde hair dye.
 Although, I am thinking about getting a long wig for the fall/winter. Should I do it?
Of course, it will be brown because 22 inches of fake long blonde hair will only make me look like a Dolly Parton knock off.
No pun intended I love Mrs. Dollywood. #dollypartonfan
I would like to visit the Dolly Parton museum, and that will happen soon.
Image: Woman (Tangie Bell in grey robe prepping to do her morning skincare. Shared on Bits and Babbles .Morning Babbles
Anyhoot, I will be chroming our church services at 11 am on TV so the whole family can watch. Now, I bet this will be the service all my friends will say I should have attended because the preacher tore down the house.
Why every time I miss church, the house gets torn down? :)

 Sometimes I think my fellow friends are just shady Katies. You know those friends that act as if the party was lit on the one time you didn't show up.
But no matter what happens I'm skipping Sunday service today. But don't worry, I am praying at home and watching it when it comes on.
Whew chile, I may need to go ahead and go because I am feeling some type of guilt. You know that feeling when you stay out all night until 6 am in the morning. But be the first one at church singing at the 7 am choir service. Yep, that's how I am feeling. #justawful

LOl Yall know I am pulling your leg, right?

I am only joking around and acting a big ole' clown.
Honestly, I am just going to lounge around and do absolutely nothing but reset myself up for the long week ahead.

Image: Woman showing products she will be using in her skincare this morning. honey, egg , water, and african clay
I will be in my head wrap all day, and I might do a little last-minute cleaning up if I feel like it. But, if I do not do it today, I will tackle it tomorrow. 
Yep, it is one of those days, put off today and do it later. #nowthatsmotivation

The most I will do is shower and do my regular skincare regimen. It has been something in the air, and today, my skin feels dry and dull. So, I will be doing a quick at-home mud mask with egg and honey. If you have not seen how I do that, please click the link below and read it. You will thank me at some point in your life. :) #noworlater
my at home morning mask

After I mix that up, I will leave on my face for about ten minutes, rinse and then moisturize. It is that quick, and my skin feels cleansed and rejuvenated. So, my morning skincare is definitely a must on this stay at home day.

Image: Woman showing her morning breakfast on Bits ad Babbles blog
We barely eat out on a Sunday, because I can't stand fighting with the crowd. Most restaurants are packed on the weekends anyway, if not the food probably isn't good. My mamma always said, pay attention to the parking lot. If it has at least three cars that don't belong to the employees, then we will go in. If there are no cars out front or back then we would drive right on by. 
So, guess what that woman cooked every Sunday and now I am doing the same thing.
Image: French Toast cooking on skillet seen first on Bits and Babbles blog
On Sunday's I will go all out and cook everything that Paula Deen would love at my house. Hands down, I cook the best croissant french toast, topped with pecans, bananas, whip cream, and hot syrup. 
Image: Orange juice, watermelon for breakfast . seen on Bits and Babbles blog
Then I pile on crispy bacon with a side of hard fried eggs. Oh, and I always have cut up fruit to make us all feel fancy from eating like country folk.
Image: Woman sharing breakfast ...french toast. Skipping Sunday Service!
Oh, those are the days, when you get good preaching at church. Then come home cook a big brunch and possibly sleep the rest of the day. Owee! That's some good living.
Yall do know food keeps families together. I may need to stop cooking so at least three of my kiddos will jump the coop. :) lol jk. They can stay as long as they need too. 
I am in the kitchen right now, and it is smelling all types of yummy up in here. I wish yall good smell the butter mixed with nutmeg and that bacon sizzling in my oven. 

But, Ya'll can't because you better be at church. :)

Well, I am about to relax and watch cartoons with Moriah until everything gets ready.  Why does the smallest child always get up when I am moving around in the kitchen? 
But everyone in the house else gets up when I yell the food ready come and eat?
Ahhh but that's the feeling of living a good life.

In conclusion: Although I am not leaving this house today. I am thankful to be here and able to cook for my family. I am praying for peace in the world with all that is happening. And I am also prayerful that you (the reader) is feeling blessed and highly favored upon today. So, no matter what is happening around you, Do not allow anything to steal your peace.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie

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  1. A little Sunday self pamper, is always needed it is indeed a blessed day and requires Jesus and Rest!

    1. Hello and thanks. Have a great week!
      xo tangie

  2. Aweeee nice relaxing vibes! How cute💕

  3. I am thankful for today too! Sometimes you need a day to completely rest and relax so that you can be in a better place for the upcoming week!

  4. Sometimes we all need a relaxing Sunday to reboot and prepare for an upcoming week. That French toast looks amazing!!

    1. Yes and is vital to living a Happy life! :) Have a good day.
      xo Tangie


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