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Somebody Let The Dogs Out The Kennel: Ya Girl Just Found 3 New Winners!

Image:Soetimes I shop  Breaded Floral Handbag Beaded from Urban Outfitters. Bought by Tangie Bell to share on her Outfits
Somebody Let The Dogs Out The Kennel: Ya Girl Just Found 3 New Winners!
A post about shopping sometimes and possibly hauling some strange stuff as well!

Sweet Georgia peach cobbler, I can not believe it is now Sunday morning.  I feel as if I just clocked out at 6pm on Friday from work, and now I am here on the day before starting work again.

Oh, boy time flies like two chicken with their necks cut off. Yall don't be alarmed that's just country talk from my hometown in Louisiana.
This weekend I did do a little bit of shopping, and I found a few things that made me want to let the dogs out the kennel.

Now, I know you think I must be crazy, but please hear me out. Back in the day when my mom would find a good clothing sale from JCPenney. She would call her sisters if the purchase were too good to believe.
For example, if momma saw a regular dress priced 50 dollars marked down to maybe 10 bucks.

 Then the other person on the phone would say somebody let the dogs out the kennel, I am on my way to get me some of these winners.
Meaning good deals, and we used slang talk in the place of a curse word. #countryfolk
You know the one John Gotti says in the gangsta movies.
LOL:) I must admit my family is country and very dramatic, and I can't help but love them. 

Somebody Let The Dogs Out The Kennel: Ya Girl Just Found 3 New Winners!
I just realized I shop precisely like my mother did when we were younger. That woman could sniff out a deal on almost everything she found in the store. My mom had to shop with wisdom because she had five kids to dress, and she knew how to find the best at a bargain. I couldn't see it then, but my mom was a single mom, and she kept my siblings and me in the best she could.
OMG! I am turning into my mom. EEK. :) lol jk

Honestly, I am always telling my daughters just because you have the money doesn't mean you want to waste it. My mother was a firm believer that everything would go on sale, and she never purchased without checking the clearance items first. 
Anywho, that's my gone down memory lane story. Honey, I've come a long way, but not too far that I do not value my dollars and change-making sense. :)

In a past post, I shared where I buy a lot of my black clothing. But, with fall fast approaching, I do know the season will switch in the stores so quickly. And, it never fails if I do not buy my statement pieces early, it will be spring in the store when it should be winter.
The other day, I was out looking for a few accessories to add to my over 40 styles. 
Ok, I am lying. I was supposed to be school shopping for the kiddos, but I got side-tracked by the orange and yellow stickers at the store. You know those things that scream SALE ALERT!
Long story short, I was able to find the Brea Floral Bag in Black at Urban Outfitters for 10 bucks. I know impossible right,? It was a sidewalk sale, and I got it at a great price.

I just checked online it is back at 29 dollars, but when it first came out, they were 44.
Every week I checked online and in person, then finally, I was able to grab it on a one day sale.
Image: Mio Earrings Tangie Bought from Urban Outfitters to share on Bits and Babbles Blog
Now, I am not a big fan of metals as of yet, but I knew the Mia Colona earrings were a reasonable price at 9 dollars. I am in love with the heavyweight and nice silver feeling. They are giving me a Mick Jagger rocker vibe. I love shopping at Urban because they carry a variety of unique items.
Image: Snakeskin boots Tangie Bell Bought from Catos Fashion to share on her blog Bits and Babbles: Sometimes I shop

Do you remember a few blogs back when I saw the snakeskin booties at my favorite store, Francesca's? I did a price comparison and found the same booties at Catos Fashion for 39.00, which was a steal. The ones at Francesca's were 69.99, I also know they will go on sale, but I didn't want the take a chance they would have my size 10 available.

At the end of the day, I am collecting statement pieces that will be worn for years to come. 

There you have it a few new items I have gotten, I will be doing a full style later when I collect all the pieces. But, most everything I buy, it can be worn Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall.

What colors will you be adding to your style this upcoming season?

Well, Ya'll, thanks for stopping by, but I am about to sign off...Good morning and Happy Sunday!

Until Next Time See Ya in A Bit!
xo Tangie


  1. You sure did get those boots for a steal!! They are so cute! Can't wait to see you rocking em! Also, the colors ill be adding soon are maroon, green and navy! So cute! Happy Sunday!

  2. Those Snakeskin booties are giving me life right now! Are you selling them to me or nah lol jk Very cute indeed


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