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This May Be Fun And Weird Or Maybe Too Embarrassing To Share!

Image: Woman ( Tangie Bell) shopping at the thrift store and sharing her fun and weird life.
This May Be Fun And Weird Or Maybe Too Embarrassing To Share!
I tried to be Modest:) Small Bits In Life

Sometimes I am an oversharer or, better yet, more of a babbler. Yep, that's me 100% of the time at home, work and at the local grocery store. I think I am truly living a forty-something lifestyle.
When I was younger, my mom always had to pop me in the mouth because I was always telling her business. You know that stuff kids do that will embarrass a parent. Example: My mom is wearing a wig can you tell? 

 I can finally admit it now. I was that babbling at the mouth child, that was continually getting into trouble. #momforgiveme
We can laugh about this over Christmas dinner this year. :}

Image: Handbags at the local thrift store. Tangie is shopping while sharing fun, weird and embarrassing things about herself
This year is all about living life on the edge and keeping things extra light in this space. Today, I am sharing a quick get to know me. Since I have new subscribers, I think it's about time to re-introduce myself.
Image: Woman Tangie Bell showing items at the thrift store. While sharing the fun, weird and embarrassing moments . Get to know me
  • My real name is Tangie, and I used to hate it. I preferred something more on the side of being named Priscilla. I am not kidding at all. Please do not tell my momma.   
  • I was born in the '70s, I am a Virgo, and I have a birthday coming up real soon. :)
  • My favorite food is soul food: Catfish, Cabbage, Fried Shrimp, Cornbread, Sweet Potatoes, and Sweet Lucy Kool-Aid.
  • I have five girls, but four live at home: Carey, Chloe, Mori, and a small toddler named Moriah. If anyone asks Moriah is my favorite:) lololololol 
  • Married to my best friend, Rico. He's younger!
  • Live somewhere in Texas.
  • I am an extrovert on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Those are my let loose have fun and enjoy people days. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I am an introvert. Those are my laid back, please don't bother me days. When I am at work, I keep the TV and hairdryer going, and I gossip only if it's about something juicy. 
  • I got my first tattoo at the age of 40, and I have at least 6 now. But I will share that on another post. The madness behind that is some serious.
  • My favorite movies are Marvels at the moment.
  • Got mad love for Hoda & Jenna talk show. Only because Hoda keeps a glass of wine in hand at all times.#somotivational
  • I collect old vintage and thrifted items. 
  • Making jewelry is my weakness.
  • Forget what I said earlier..because I really do live my life out loud.
  • If anyone asks, I am not a real blonde head. Me and Miss Clairol are best friends :)
  • Sometimes I snore
  • I plan to move to Arizona soon. 
  • Always planning something
  • Not afraid to start over and over and over. Girl! I got nothing but time.
  • Oh, did I mention, I collect shoes and handbags. I have a fetish with accessories.
  • I am no longer a dreamer. I try things even if I fail. #illbeback :) hint hint
  • I just recently started loving all my curves and dimples in my thighs. 
  • I do not take life so seriously anymore. I move negative things and people to the sideline.
  • And I've recently started living my life unapologetically. 
And life is that simple. When I started to live in my own truth no matter how good or bad that may be. I began to feel happy and find my own joy. The place in which I come from has a story, and I am finally embracing who I am and where I am going. Some people want the moon and the stars, and that is not real life. I want the right now joy, laughs, and real memories. Life is too short not to be enjoying every inch of it. I have so much to share, so go ahead and subscribe, so you want to miss all the things that are about to come. 

Sometimes I want to sit down and write out a fairy tale life, but I know that is not who I am.
My life was and is filled with fun, weird, and sometimes embarrassment. But, hey, I am cool with that because I am finally enjoying life and living in my own truth. 

That's my story and I these are my Bits and Babbles about it:)

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie


  1. Such a funp post! And my favorite food is shrimp and fish tooo!!!! We need to get that this weekend!!! Happy Wednesday!

  2. This is such a nice get to know me list! I love your blogs <3


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