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Weekend Snaps: Celebrations, Buys And New Shrimp Tries

Image: From Truck Yard In Colony Texas. Taken By Tangie Bell. Seen first on Buts and Babbles blog
Weekend Snaps: Celebrations, Buys And New Shrimp Tries

OH My Goodness Hello Monday! It is so good to be back from the weekend. If only this sun would turn down the heat. Ya'll it's hotter than popcorn pop pop popping in the microwave. Anyhoot, I am here to share a few weekend snaps that helped me get through these last two hot days.
Image: Kamoriae: Tangie Bell's daughter. Celebrating her birthday at truck yard in the colony. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog

Today my daughter Kamoriae turned 23 years old and honey she wanted this whole day to be about her. Ha! I think she gets it from her momma. #me 

Image: Tangie Bells daughters : Kamoriae: Shacarey Martin: Moriah at birthday party in Truck Yard at the colony. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog
Today we kept it lowkey and quiet since we celebrated on a Sunday. Whew, chile! I am so glad I have older kids because money and a little bit of shopping make them happy. Back in my day, we worried our parents about having a party every year. Honey, I wanted a block party so I could be seen by all the neighbors. 
Image: Colorful chairs at the truck yard in Colony Texas
Although it was super duper hot, we played pool and ate street burgers.
Image: Tangie Bell daughters at the truck yard in the colony

I tried to take a boat ride, but the dock was closed off due to the high heat and humidity. So, I know we will retry taking that trip in a couple of weeks. You know around Fall or even Christmas. LOL:)
Image: Tangie Bell and her daughters ordering food at the truck yard in the colony. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog
I think I am over the outside activities until further notice. But, it may have been scorching it didn't stop my girls from taking pictures and eating lots of food.

Image: Neon shoes Tangie Bell bought at a sale

Also, we did a little birthday shopping with Komariae. And I know it wasn't my day I couldn't help but pick myself up a few bits that were priced for my liking. 
Yep, I found the cutest little running lime shoes. Most, likely I will be styling these with a cute little jacket and a denim jacket. I am not a big fan of the color, but for 5 dollars I will make it work. #styleonfleek
Image: Polka dot shades Tangie bought from a sales rack
While my girls were shopping, I was finding sales all over the place. Today I found another pair of polka dot shades. I have a pair of cat-eye ones I got offline at Amazon. But, I lost them, so I was glad when I found a pair at Wally World for 3 dollars. 
Ha! It may not have been my birthday, but I was finding some useful gifts. 

Image: Essence eyebrow gel. seen first on Bits and Babbles blog
Also, I picked up two more Essence make me brows from Ulta beauty supply. Because my eyebrows always need a little bit of help. Ok, I need a lot, so I use the make me brow to make my eyebrows appear thick and full.
Image: Coconut bowls
Last, week Rico and I went to breakfast, and we both shared an acai bowl. The restaurant sold a limited amount of coconut bowls for 4.50, and I had to buy them. Unfortunately, they only had two left, so I  have been looking online for more. They are perfect for ice-cream and making your own smoothie bowls. Now, I did do a quick google search, and I found them on Amazon as well. I may be ordering a few more real soon
Image: Tangie Bell making shrimp tacos
Since we ate earlier in the day, when we got home, I made some quick shrimp tacos. I used three pounds of medium shrimp. This recipe is very simple, just sautee meat of choice. Chop up some bell peppers, and onions. My family loves corn tortillas, so we filled them with tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream, and cheese. This meal took 20 minutes, prep cook and done. 

Image: Tangie Bell about go bake some brownies, using cookies  for a birthday party
For Kamoriae's birthday, we stopped years ago buying cakes, so we all pitched in and make her favorite chocolate chip cookie brownies with a side of vanilla ice- cream and cool-whip.

Image : Cookies spread in pan before baking
I have a confession to make. My weakness is sweets, and I love fixing something sweet to eat after most of our nightly meals.

Image: chocolate chips used to make brownie cake.
 No matter what I prepare, I want it to be a quick fix.
Weekend Snaps: Celebrations, Buys And New Shrimp Tries
Here is my quick recipe: Crumble a package of choco chip cookies onto a greased pan. Preferably glass: Sprinkle chocolate morsels all on top.
Image: Tangie mixing brownie batter, using eggs and mix. Cookie in pan
Mix up brownie mix according to package, then pour on top of cookie batter and chips.

Image: Tangie Bell finished product of Chocolate cookie brownies
The most prolonged process is the slow baking at 325 degrees for one hour.
Image: Icream in coconut bowls. seen first on Bits and babbles blog
But, oh boy,  it was worth the wait because my family ate almost the whole thing in one evening.
Image:Ice cream , brownies and whip cream in a bowl.
There you have it a few snaps from our weekend. You know life is to short not to be enjoying the small and simple things that make up a good life.
Once I realized no one was going to give me anything in life, it has become my sole purpose to create the lifestyle I want to live. Even if that means living slow and steady.

I am the captain of me, and I have the power within that helps me steer toward the good of this world.

In conclusion: No matter what happens in life find a path and steer your boat toward all things, peace, love, and joy.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Happy Birthday sissy! We glad you enjoyed the day! Also, those cookie brownies turned out AHHHMAZING!

    1. Hay Carey Thankssssssssssssssssssss love!
      xo Tangie

  2. Whew that sounded like an Awesome productive week! I hope you and your family enjoyed your daughters birthday


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