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When The Weird Stuff Is Calling My Name!

Image: Tea pot, cake and pictures at a vintage coffee house in Bossier City Louisiana.Visits and pictures taken by Tangie Bell. seen First on Bits and Babbles blog
When The Weird Stuff Is Calling My Name!

I try to act bougie and uppity sometimes, but honey, when that weird stuff calls my name. I can get all country and thangs without even knowing I just changed my stripes. You know how Tammi from the neighborhood trailer down the street. Yeah, that's me. :)
Trust me, I am not joking at all. I have no class when it comes to shuffling through towers of bins looking for a rare necklace or cute scarf.
Let me tell Yall, I know two old ladies from my neck of the woods that are vicious. Every time I see these two Betty Boop knockoffs, they always watching to see what I am buying. 
And it never fails if I am looking at something for too long, one of them will still go behind me and pick it up. 
Ugh, and we all know if you snooze, you lose. 
Last, week Thursday, I heard there was going to be a few booths and street vintage vendors selling items for three days in our town.
So, this morning, I got up early had a quick bowl of cheerios so I could be on the trolley when it comes through. 
Image: Trolley ride Tangie Took while in Dallas Texas for a vintage vendors sale.
 Since I did not have my coffee this morning, I opted for a sit down with my daughter over tea and conversation. Who at the last minute couldn't make it? She better be lucky work comes before having fun with momma. :) lol
But, I do prefer to have someone tag along because it helps to have a second pair of eyes looking for the good stuff I may miss by accident when vintage sale snooping. 
Image: Street signs at the vintage shops and stops in the Dallas area. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog. Written by Tangie Bell
I must say shopping through people's old things have to be an acquired taste because I can't count the times I've bought something and hated it later when I got home. But this time, I am up and ready to dig through without making any mistakes.
Image: Tangie bell shopping the vendor shops for jewelry and handbags. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog
Most everybody knows when I come and start looking for something, it is mainly towards the jewelry section and shoes. Now, when it comes to buying old vintage shoes, it is tough to find them in size 10. But, when I do, I will buy them on the spot if the price is right. Oh, and I always find some of the cutest handbags. And, I hope I hit the jackpot this go around.

Image: Rings and Things at the vintage vendors shopping place. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog. By Tangie Bell
I love hearing the stories and finding out the history behind necklaces, scarves, and even clothing from the vendors. 
Now, I must admit my daughter Carey can find some cute old fashion clothes. But, as for me, I struggle because no one really sells my size from the 1940's era. I have been lucky to find a few pieces here and there, such as my black lace dress. I will be bringing that back into my fall season wear, although I can wear it at any time of the year. Only because I have this unwritten rule for myself. I will not ever dress in season, I wear what I want even if it's freezing outside. Seriously, I can take a summer dress, pop a cool jacket on and some leggings. Talk about transformation on a budget, Yep that's me.
Image: Vintage sign that were sold at the vendors event. Seen first on Bits and babbles blog. Written By Tangie Bell
 Today turned out to be a fun day all by myself, and it is always a lot of laughs when I see vendors who sell outrageous stuff.

Image: Elvis Presley Pictures that were being sold at a Vintage market in Dallas, Texas
One thing I always see and find is something that has Elvis Presley's name or picture all over it. I think back in the day, everybody has some type of memorabilia that has the King of Rock & Roll on it.

Image: Vintage items seen at bought by Tangie Bell from Bucees gas station. Clock shared on Bits and Babbles Blog.
Now, I know I went out for some finds that I could restore and re-wear. But, this time, I found myself some good ole' stuff, such as a clock, some knee-high sock, and necklaces.

Image: Vintage Clock Tangie Bell bought from a local vendor in Dallas Texas. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog.
 Now, I know my clock find was not totally vintage, but for 10 dollars, it was old enough. I am in the process of adding a few antique pieces to our bedroom at home. 
So, when I saw the clock that is pictured above. I knew it would add a  set back in time vibe.
Image: Black rope necklace Tangie Bell bought from a local vintage vendor in Dallas Texas
 It is no secret I am a sucker for neckline necklaces. For some reason, I never wear skinny necklaces, but I will wear ropes and tweed necklaces.
My day was complete when I saw a tweed rope style necklace that was in perfect condition. There was no price on it at first, so I automatically thought it would cost 50 dollars. To my surprise, it was 12.99. Boom who winning? 
Image: White faux necklace bought by Tangie Bell from a local vintage vendor in the city.
 Then I stumbled across a thin necklace made with white pearls. Yes, I had to add that one to my list of buys as well.
I know they are faux pearls, and I was cool with, but the 5 dollar price tag made it worth the purchase.
Image: Blue faux necklace bought by Tangie Bell and Hauled to be seen on Bits and Babbles Blog.
One of my favorite finds was a blue faux pearl necklace. It was a little twisted, but being the DIY that I am, I can quickly fix it for me. 
And for some strange reason, if I can't repair it, I will wear it just the way it is. I know that may sound weird, but to me, it was a great buy, and it actually looks pretty twisted. I can not wait to rock this one piece.

That is how life is sometimes all twisted and mixed up. But, that is when I figure out how I can make something beautiful out of something unrepairable.

I didn't get to shop with my daughter today, neither did I get to see those two old Betty Boop ladies.

But, when the weird stuff is calling my name, I have to get up and head out. But, I hope Carey (my daughter) can make the next trip with me.

That's my story, and I am sticking to it. :)

Do you think I got some good stuff?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie

P.S. Life is too short not to living and enjoying all the weird and beauty in this world. Today was a good day, and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. #lovinglife


  1. Ouuuuuweeee that is alot of vintage! I am going to start calling you the 'VINTAGE QUEEN' lol

    P.S. Nice post I love your style

  2. Honey I think you got some AMAZING stuff! I just need you to hand over them navy blue pearls! Theyre so cute!!


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