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Who Is Cooter Brown? Because Yall It Is Hot As Heck Down Here In The Big Tex!

Image:Woman wearing Red dress posing in outfit with balloon purse. Seen first on Bits Babbles by Tangie Bell- Judge my style
Who Is Cooter Brown? Because Yall It Is Hot As Heck Down Here In The Big Tex!

Who Is Cooter Brown? That has been my question for years. And it is one that I've never found the right answer too from my mom or nana. Back in the day when I was a little kid, it was not uncommon to sent outside at the crack of dawn to play. In fact, every parent in my neighborhood sent their kiddos out as well.

Image: Tangie Bell sharing her outfit deets in a red dress from H&M. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog. Also talks about the heat and Cooter Brown meanings. Fun post by Tangie Bell-Judge My Style

Now, I am originally from the deep south of Shreveport, Louisiana, and by 8 am, it was scorching hot. So, when I was out playing with the other children in the area, we would always sneak the water hose from outback the house so we could make mud pies. Ya'll, we were bored and hot as (bleep).
Who Is Cooter Brown? Because Yall It Is Hot As Heck Down Here In The Big Tex!

For some reason, we had to play out in 2,000-degree weather until supper time. But, when big momma and my momma came outside, it would never fail my ears. Someone would say Lawd Jesus it's hotter than cooter brown outside.

Now, I was a very nosey kid, but I never dared ask what a Cooter Brown was. I knew better because back then, old folk would slap you in the mouth and say get out of grown folk business.

Yall it was hot that day, and I did not feel like getting slapped into a deep sleep before having dinner. :) LOL ( those were some good ole'days now that I look back on it). #lifewassimplier

Every day at the same time, my sisters and I were sent outside to play. Without fail, the grown-up would come out and start the conversation off about how hot Cooter Brown was.
Image: Tangie Bell wearing a red dress and ordering a coke. Talking about Cooter Brown and its meanings. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog

I tried to listen, but somehow the conversation always switched to gossiping about somebody else.
I never could hear what all the gossip was about, so Cooter's name stayed in my head.

Now, I am in my forties, and I find myself saying the same thing almost daily. A week ago, Moriah asked me if she could talk to Cooter Brown as well. Because she too was super hot. Yall I fell out laughing. Then I told Moriah I don't know who that is myself. It is an old saying I heard my family say on the porch when drinking ice tea and using the church fans to stay calm. 

So, this week, I decided to do a quick google search. Because back in my day, there was no internet nor apps to look up stuff like our kids do today.

I couldn't find any real answer. Wiki says he was a drunk man. Who knows?
But, now I see restaurants going by the name Cooter Brown. One thing they have right is its a down south name, and they remain true to it. By selling cold brew, oysters, fried catfish, and anything wrestled from the swamp in the south.

But that still doesn't answer my question. Then I spoke to my mom, who thinks I am nuttier than two uncooked fruit cakes.

Ha! I may be. But who is Cooter Brown? I wanted to ask her was she creeping with him. But Yall I am 40 something, and my mama will still slap the swamp taste right out of my mouth. 

In one phrase, this is what she says:

Chile Cooter Brown only means its hot as Hell outside.

WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTT! Drop the mic. But, I thought he was a man you and my aunts thought were hot.

LOL: My mother burst out laughing and hung up the phone. Lol, She did call me back.

Yep, that's my life, and it is a true story.

Now that I am older, I find joy in the past things, and it is funny how everything in life comes back around.
Today, I was out and about, and I found myself laughing on the inside. Because it is 105 degrees in my hometown, and I remembered what my mom said. Always something loose cool and breezy because Girl feels hotter than Cooter Brown outside.

So, I am wearing a cool flowy red dress I got from H&M clearance rack.

My cute black rampage open toe shoes

And my balloon bag from the local boutique store. (pop up shop)

My earrings are from Tarjay.

Image: Tangie Bell wearing red dress and drinking a cola in the sun. Sharing her choldhood stories about the heat and Cooter Brown. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog

Last but not least. My mom told me how I should dress for Cooter so I wouldn't sweat nor get dehydrated. These are only my tips and shouldn't be used as facts. I will deny them if asked by the FBI. LOL:) #justjoking

Ok, here's the deal Rico (the hubs) wanted to take me out for lunch. You know somewhere non-fancy because it was on a Monday. Anywho really eats out on the first day of the week? Ok, we do, only because it's our off days.

But after checking the weather, it was already 103 by 10 am. 
Ugh, the humidity was going to snatch my hair with wetness from the heat,

So, I knew I did not want to overdress. So, you know I had to call my momma back. She reminded me how she dressed us as kids.

We wore shorts, tee shirts and lots of vaseline. What! Now that just explained why I was burning up outside, and my knee caps were lighter than my face.

UMM Ok Mom!

Yall know I did not listen to my momma. Besides, I look a hot mess in shorts, and I am not about to embarrass myself.

So, I grabbed my sunscreen and popped on my red off the shoulder dress. It was perfect, and it kept me cool.

Rico picked out a beautiful place that was surrounded around trees downtown, and we walked and talked. My make-up did not run one bit.
 Honestly, I think Cooter Brown was really on my side. Because my day date turned out perfectly.

These last few weeks of summer has been super hot and draining of energy when trying to go outside.

But, I am not going to let a little heat keep me from enjoying my time with my man.

I never got the right answer about Cooter, but I have to agree with my mom. It has been hotter than Cotter Brown in Texas. Now somebody, please bring me a glass of ice water.

I hope you guys are having a fantastic week thus far?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

Oh, did I mention I found my outfit from the sales or clearance racks?
Image: Sales at store : Red dress, yellow pillow, rampage shoes and handbag. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog. Written By Tangie Bell

Image Tangie Bell outfits worn for the blog post on Bits and Babbles Blog. Written by Tangie Bell. Who Is Cooter Brown? Because Yall It Is Hot As Heck Down Here In The Big Tex!


  1. You were absolutely rocking that dress! And yessss I’ve always wondered who cooter brown was! 😭 ALSO, I’m glad y’all enjoyed yourselves even though it was scorching! Great post!

    1. LOL now you know why I say that all the time:) Have a good day Carey!
      xo Tangie

  2. Well I guess we all know who Mr. Cooter Brown is now lol what a Beautiful dress btw


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