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Yes! Out Of The Woods Morning School Routine With My 2nd Grader

Image; Tangie Bell walking and talking with her daughter before school. Sharing a quick school morning routine
 Yes! Out Of The Woods Morning  School Routine With My 2nd Grader

We are finally out of the woods, and my entire house is off to school and work. Now, this momma can kick up some rocks. At least that is what I thought I was about to do until my alarm clock starting banging and clanking loud this morning.

I tried to hit the give me 5 more minutes of sleep, but Moriah was standing at the side of my bed, anticipating her first day of school. Hopefully, she will keep this enthusiasm throughout the whole year. 

Image: Tangie Bell combing her daughters hair as part of her school morning routine
 This is how our day really begins. Moriah starts super early because I have to walk her to school every morning. I've been blessed to live directly in front of her school. We are so close, and there is no need for anyone to drive her. But, I still have to get up and help her prepare for the day. 

5:45 A.M. Is bath time/ brushing her teeth. At that time, I am still sitting on the side of my bed, wondering if I should lay down five more minutes. Most of the time, I can never sneak any extra time in for myself before heading out for the day. If I have to go to work, then I will get all my clothes in the bathroom.
By 6:00 A.M., I will finally be enjoying a quick shower, teeth care, and skincare.

On this particular Monday, I scheduled clients to come in a little later. So, I can have a little extra time getting me, and Moriah dressed for the day.

Also, I mainly wear black with tennis shoes because I do hair and I stand on my feet all day. So, dressing up in any other color will be a waste of time for me.

Somewhere around 6:30 A.M., I am usually doing my daughter's hair for the day. I used to do her ponytails at night. But, putting a bonnet on to keep it neat was giving her headaches. So, I let her sleep like a wild child. So, in the morning, I have to do every inch of her messy space buns. And yes, I do this every single morning.

Image: Tangie Bell and Her daughter picking out her favorite oatmeal for breakfast
 Her haircare only takes me about 10 minutes at max.
6:40 A.M., I start to prep breakfast. To be honest, our big meals are on the weekends. On most school days, we all eat some type of cereal, fruit,/and or malt-o-meal. This morning Moriah wanted instant oatmeal; yes! I was happy about that. I love it when I can have an easy-breezy school morning.

Image" Tangie Bell and her daughter packing lunch for school lunches. Seen first on Bits and babbles blog
 Today I let her help pack her own lunch, which included: a honey ham sandwich with cheddar cheese cut in half, chips, fruit cup, snack cake, juice pouch, and water. And we also packed peanut butter crackers for an extra snack during her recess.

Image: Tangie Bell and Her daughter walking to school as part of her morning routine

7:15 A.M. We are off with our walk to her school. This is the time I use to chat it up with her by making sure she is feeling happy and ready for the day. 

Image: Tangie Bell walking her daughter to school as part of Bits and Babbles routine with her 2nd grader

 This is my real morning routine, and yes, it is really this simple. At this point, I may have 1 hour before heading off to work after dropping Moriah off at school. If it rains or snows, we do things a lot different. Since my other girls are much older, it's just easier to get Moriah dressed and out the door for school. 

Inconclusion: This week was very chaotic, but we made it out of the wood. I do not go by a strict schedule, but my household does have a plan that we keep in motion when it comes to getting up and out the door every day on time. That is our routine with no twists and turns:)

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie


  1. We finally have a routine that works for us! And im gonna check out your favorite blogger right now! :0)