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Back Down Memory Lane: Kinda Sorta!

Image: Christmas Tree with a doll and hair roller trimmings. Shared by Tangie Bell on Bits and Babbles Blog. Back Down Memory Lane
Back Down Memory Lane: Kinda Sorta!

Can anyone remember when life was simple? You know less chaotic.
 Well, come, join me back down memory lane.
Last week, I was having a little stroll around the neighborhood with my daughters. We were laughing about being kids now v.s my day.

Honestly,  my girls think their life is better than in my time. To them, us older folk haven't been through anything.
Ha! I spent three hours schooling them on the real deal about living and enjoying the way things were back in the day #neverforgetthepast

You know our conversation had to start by talking about the phones.

 Oh, how I miss those days of not having phones at our beck and call. I wonder if house phones will come back in style? It probably wouldn't help because my kiddos will still call me from their I-Phones. :) I do not know how we got on the subject of Christmas Trees. But, that conversation went all the way back down to my families history.
 Every year I put up a big tree with all the trimmings that cost an insane amount of money. In which I will NOT be doing this year. My family is going to be so shocked when I pull out last years holly decor. Although we were talking about old family stuff, I found it gave us a day full of laughs and cracking jokes about one another. It was so embarrassing, but I will be happy to share my memories with you guys. Starting with:

Christmas Lane
When I was little, my mom put up a Xmas tree every holiday season. But the trimmings were whatever we could afford. It was trimmed with peppermints, our school art, shingles, and lights. And I thought that was the cutest thing ever. There were some years our Tree was sown right naked and bare, but as a child, we appreciated those moments. We made hot cocoa without marshmallows and told stories while waiting on Santa to show up. Those were the good ole' days filled with joy and happiness.

Now, I can't walk in a store without seeing Christmas tree choices stemming from themes, colors, tall, short, wiggly, and jiggly ones. Oh and going to watch the lights in the city were FREE in my day.
My mom would bundle us up in snow coats and pile every child in the car. So, we could ride through the neighborhoods and watch all the flashing lights.  Although things have changed so much, it was fun sharing those stories with my girls. Moving Onto:

Beauty Shop Lane

One of my best career moves was when I became a hairstylist. What I learned in beauty school helped me create beautiful hairstyles and color on women. But, I can't say I loved every minute of the process. My first practice doll was how I learned how to do pin curls. Not mention I used 90 cans of Aqua Net hairspray to do a Texas tease. In those days women wanted hair bigger and teased higher than Tina Turner and Chaka Kahn. And darling even then I was praying for a change in the way my friends and I wore our hair.
Yes, hairstyles have changed, but it is so refreshing to share my back in the day hair drama.

Image: Tangie Bell looking in window at a beauty school doll. Sharing on Bits and Babbles Blog Back Down Memory Lane: Kinda Sorta!.

The Way We Dressed Up Lane
The way my mom dressed us as kids I think was the best hands down. As a younging in my day, we were tights, Polly dresses, and baby doll socks. 
Image: Vintage Hat. Shared on Bits and Babbles Blog. Back Down Memory Lane: Kinda Sorta!

Oh, and I had a hat to match every outfit with white gloves. Now my style is all over the place with my daughters. I did kinda sorta hate my childhood clothing.
Image: Vintage dolls and clothing shared by Tangie Bell. On Bits and Babbles Blog. Back Down Memory Lane: Kinda Sorta!
But, lowkey I am getting back into buying and wearing old clothes from a past time. 
Last But Not Least:

Family Game Time
It was our families tradition to have game nights, especially on the weekends. I think that is how I became so competitive when playing favorite connect 4.
Image: Game Night shared by Tangie Bell on Bits and Babbles Blog. Back Down Memory Lane: Kinda Sorta!

I can't stand to lose a game, and I will play until I win against everybody. Yes, there have been times I've cheated, but hey my opponent never knew. #Sorry Granny :) Nonetheless, game night was all about collecting memories. 

Now, we have so many gadgets, it's hard to keep up. But that's ok. I am happy to share my golden day life with my kids. Because I know one day they will be sharing these same ole' country memories with their families.

There you have it a little bit going back down memory lane.

What are some of your childhood memories?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. You def ALWAYS cheat during the games! Ha! Thats where Moriah gets that from lol! Some of my favorite childdhood memories are game night, playing "the floor is lava" and long nights in the corner! ha!

  2. That was the sweetest thing ever sometimes I just wish those times were still here!? At that point in time life was a tad bit simpler lol

    1. Yes I matter what happens in life try to do it for yourself:) thanks for commenting

      xo Tangie

  3. I Love your blog, so relatable and stylish

    1. Hey thank you so much...have a good day!
      xo Tangie


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