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City Diaries:Moving To Dallas, Texas: How We Did It!

Image: Tangie and Rico Bell sharing their story and bits on how they moved to Dallas Texas. Tips included Seen first on Bits and Babbles. Written by Tangie Bell
City Diaries: Moving To Dallas, Texas: How We Did It!

I've had a few people ask me how we moved to Dallas, Texas. Today is the day I will share a few bits

 from our city diaries journey to moving, living, and raising our family in Dallas.
Image: Tangie and Rico Bell sharing how and why they moved their family to Dallas Texas, Written in City Diaries : Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog. Written By Tangie Bell

First, I must add Rico, and I met in college and were from a small town in Louisiana. Yep, we real southern and country folk. You can read more here Blended Family

Image: Tangie and Rico Bell gives their story, tips and ideas to why they moved To Dallas Texas. City Diaries. Seen first on Bits and Babbles blog. Written by Tangie Bell
So, I will not give you guys the drawn-out version of how we moved to Dallas, Texas. I will say we prayed, prepped, and jumped right on the road. Rico and I talked about moving away from our hometown the day we met. Although we knew a lot of people who had taken the leap, we were still scared out of our wits. 

And we should have been because we were newly married, but we had four small children to think about.

In my opinion, I think it is easier for a single couple to move away than it is when small children are involved. Rico and I both have a small amount of family station in different areas of Texas, but we knew our move could not be based on worrying family members.

So, making it work in another state had to be a big part of the plans and our goals. So, here is how we did it. 

For one year we drove down and scouted out the area we wanted to raise our kids in. The focus was deeply rooted around school districts and the ability to catch a bus if we needed too. Trust me those are vital factors every person need to consider when relocating. Try to find a place within bus riding or walking.

We have a truck but when moving far, always stay close to moving transportation. Yes, there are Lyft and Uber services, but that may get pricey. (Just being honest)

In other words, good transportation is a must here in Dallas because everything is so far apart. We did a lot of research before we moved and I so so glad we did.

Let's dive right on into the good stuff: JOB SEARCH! I am a licensed hairstylist, so I was able to transfer my license over to Texas. Upon my first interview, I landed myself an excellent job at Regis salon (hired by Rosie). That was the best place, and I made long-lasting friends. Rico is in the Resturant business, his first interview hired on the spot. He is there 9 years later. Can we say job security?

Both jobs gave us two weeks to get fully relocated. The clock started ticking the moment we came back to Louisiana.

Before that, we're already closing down bank accounts, transferring insurance plans, and buying out of our current lease. We had a lot to do, but it wasn't that hard at all.

I made a list of everything essential to make this move go as smooth as possible. 

Things needed: School records, shot records. The schools sent everything when requested by the Texas school. But, I got extra to keep for my records.

We sold our home two years before moving, so we had a nice little nest egg. 
Top Secret: The number one thing we did was pay our leasing up once we secured a place in Dallas for 6 months. That was a lifesaver, and till this day I know that is why we never got behind on anything. We kept ourselves ahead on bills because we knew we had no one to ask for help even if we needed. So, being responsible had to be our number one priority.

Back, when we made our move, we didn't have a lot of internet resources like we do now. So, Rico and I did a massive amount of driving back and forth before the actual move.

The Big Move: Our move was a little expensive, but it was so worth it. The U-haul and setting up the bills were a bit high. But, on average, it came out to be the same as living in our hometown if we had to move. 

When it came to renting the U-Haul, I had to make sure I told them I was moving out of state. #important The rates are different, and I was able to leave the truck in Texas. 

Important Note: We only took what was needed and wanted. The day of our move, we had no one to help load the truck, so it was me Rico and our girls. So, getting to Texas, I knew there would be a strain unloading.

But, God showed up and showed out, the office in which we moved in sent two men to help my husband. Once, the truck got unloaded, we crashed that night.

The next morning we dropped the U-Haul off at the nearest location. The place we moved gave us all the numbers before the move-in date. So, we were able to turn on the electricity and any other bills that were needed before we arrived. Yes, it was that easy. 

We still had one week left before starting our new jobs. So, we gassed up our Yukon GMC truck and road around the city. We got lost over 100 times before we learned Dallas Texas is just a big ole' circle. But, as a family, we were determined to learn our way through this new city.

Other Things That Made Moving To Dallas, Easy!

Most, people that ask why we moved really want to know, was it easy to leave family and friends and why did we do it?

Yes, it was easy to leave family and friends. Most of the people we knew were moving to new places as well. But, Rico and I were more interested in getting our children to a place of opportunity and better schools. We wanted them to have a better start in life by seeing and doing something different. And trust me it has paid off for us. 

What We Love About Living In Dallas, Texas!

This city is diverse, and there is always something to do and get involved in. Living in a big city has definitely kept us extremely busy. Don't get me wrong living here is more work than fun. But, at the end of the day, it is a lot of fun living here and raising our little family.

Artsy: Dallas is full of hidden gems from museums to outdoor concerts. So, for the wild and free person, there is always something to do. I also love the things that are available for families of all sizes.

Outdoorsy: I love being able to choose my own adventure. Such as hiking, bike riding, fishing, etc. My family and I have gotten involved in some activities that we only did in Texas. I was never an outdoor kind of girl until now. So, you know my next trip will be camping. 

Food: Now, I am a little bias when it comes to food. I am a real southern gal from Louisiana, and we know soul food. But, I must admit Texas has no shortage when it comes to food. They think they specialize in BBQ, old fashioned burgers, and seafood. You can find a cafe and a restaurant in every corner of the block. But, I will say this is the place for all Brunch Queens who like to brunch on the daily.

Family Things To Do:  Hands down Dallas is an excellent place for families. They have resorts, hotels, theatres, and performing arts. Special exhibits and old town history. There are always events going on, ad we are home of the world's largest State Fair. Not to mention the place where people come for miles to visit 6 Flags.

At the end of the day, Dallas has plenty of things to do, places to stay, and drinks to slay.

Last but not least. Moving in town or out of town was a big decision. I will admit there were times I was homesick. But, Rico always reminds me this Dallas is now our new home, and we have to set up our own traditions. It took some time, but we made it work. So, if I could give any advice about relocating it would be. There will never be a perfect time. But, pray, plan, and then execute the movement. So, go for it, especially if it will bring prosperity and change for you and your family.

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Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


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